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PSK Distance Challenge
The 100k Day

From: 1st Jan 2021

The 100k Day - it's simple: can you paddle an unsupported 100 km in 24 hours?

Paddle a minimum of 100km in a 24 hour period to add your name to the PSK Distance Challenge 100k Day.

** Make sure your GPS can handle the 100k too - Optimising Your GPS **

Part of the PSK Distance Challenge

* updated 04-Mar-2021 *

The PSK Distance Challenge + is an unsupervised standing challenge.

PSK Distance Challenge -- 100k

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1K1MMichal Madera

Tiderace Pace 17 Tour

190.71 km
(103.0 nm)
2K1MMichal Madera

(Isle of Dogs)
Tiderace Pace 17 Tour

162.87 km
(87.9 nm)
3K1MShane Young

Rockpool Taran
151.85 km
(82.0 nm)
4K1MJohn Willacy

(Menai Bridge)
SeaRockpool Taran
142.76 km
(77.1 nm)
5K1MMichal Madera

(Isle of Dogs)
Tiderace Pace 17 Tour

140.91 km
(76.1 nm)
6K1M_ErgoJohn Willacy

(Menai Bridge)
ErgoErgo - KPc 39@0
126.36 km
(68.2 nm)
7K1MMike Conroy

SeaTiderace Pace 17 Tour
123.61 km
(66.7 nm)
8TeamEdward Doherty
James Doherty
(Porth Dafarch)
SeaCape Falcon F1
Rockpool Taran
123.15 km
(66.5 nm)
9K1MJohn Willacy

(Puffin Sound)
SeaRockpool Taran
120.24 km
(64.9 nm)
10K1M_ErgoJohn Willacy

(Menai Bridge)
ErgoErgo - KPc var.
111.04 km
(60.0 nm)
11K1MNigel Warren

SeaRockpool Taran

106.03 km
(57.3 nm)
12K1MJames Doherty

(Alum Bay)
SeaRockpool Taran

104.42 km
(56.4 nm)
13K1M_ErgoNigel Warren

ErgoErgo - KPc
100.99 km
(54.5 nm)
14TeamBen Cowans
Phil Smith
SeaPerception Essence 17
Perception Essence 17
100.69 km
(54.4 nm)
15K1MIan Cooke

(Humber Bridge)
Rockpool Taran

100.66 km
(54.4 nm)
16TeamCyrille Ellmark
Stefan Lidman
Johan Wagner
(Önnereds Bryggväg)
100.12 km
(54.1 nm)
17K1MMike Conroy

EstuaryTiderace Pace 17 Tour
100.07 km
(54.0 nm)

PSK Distance Challenge -- 100k
Runs: 17
Paddlers: 21
  Solo: 14
  Team: 7 (in 3 teams)
Distance: 2,106.5 km

PSK 100K Day Info

Info updated 04-Mar-2021

  • 100k Day Challenge is part of the PSK Distance Challenge. 100k Day figures are included in the Distance Challenge Totals Table
  • You must paddle a minimum of 100km in 24 hours to qualify. Distances of less than 100km are not eligible.
  • You have 24 hours to complete the 100 km distance.
  • Structure your paddle as you want - all in one go, in blocks with rest between or whatever. It's up to you.
  • The clock starts when you do, and ends when you call it a day (or reach 24 hours) - the clock continues to run during rest/breaks/stops etc.
  • Each paddling leg MUST be recorded on GPS. Plan your battery life or charge, memory use etc. to allow for this. (Optimising Your GPS)
  • Choice of venue is up to you - sea, river, lake, canal etc.
  • No boat change allowed during a 100k Day Challenge attempt. The boat you paddle at the start is the one you use throughout the 24 hrs.
  • 'Doubling-up' from/to other PSK pages is allowed.
  • Paddles from organised 3rd party events/commercial coaching or guiding are NOT eligible.
  • No external support or assistance is allowed between clock start and finish.
  • Send in your circumnav via email or Messenger:
  • Please send in the GPS track file in .gpx format (or .fit or .tcx). The GPS file please - No links or screengrabs!
  • Remaining rules/guidance as per PSK Distance Challenge +

  • Any craft paddled should be specifically designed to be suitable for the chosen venue and conditions. It must be in a seaworthy and safe condition.

Ergo Entries
  • Ergo distances are eligible for the 100k, but they will not count towards the Distance Challenge Totals Table.
  • Before you start, set your resistance setting and then calibrate your ergo drag for that setting. Resistance and Drag Cal Figures are required for each entry.
  • Photographic (or app) proof of distance covered is required for any and all paddling legs. No proof - no total.
  • We may add a separate 100k Ergo page.

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