PSK Circumnavs Summary

There's something 'tidy' about a circumnavigation; it's satisfying to see your start point come into view once more, knowing you've covered the distance entirely under your own steam.

There are a many islands dotted around the UK coastline that provide an obvious appeal to sea kayakers. There are some that provide a 'because it's there' challenge, an achievement just to complete the distance. And there are others that provide a draw for those looking to beat the tides with an eye on the clock. There are a good number that seem almost to have been purpose built for a sub-24 hr challenge - Anglesey, Isle of Man, Isle of Mull and Isle of Wight being the more popular and the more challenging.

The challenge of the circumnavigation revolves mainly around using the tides to the optimum as the distance often dictates paddling over more than one tide phase. When you combine the complicated tidal flows with committing coastlines, open crossings and tide race/overfalls it can take some serious planning along with some demanding paddling to complete a circumnav.

2024 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of ArranPhil Smith K1M24-Apr_2427:06:41 85.2 km

21Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeStuart Marshall Team18-Jan-2428:20:39 57.4 km
32Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeChris Wade Team18-Jan-2428:20:39 57.4 km
43Circumnavigation: Isle of ButePhil Smith K1M25-Apr-2410:16:17 57.4 km

51Circumnavigation: Great IslandAnthony Debesne K1M19-Jan-2403:05:16 24.1 km
62Circumnavigation: Great IslandCormac Ó Bric K1M19-Jan-2403:18:43 24.1 km

71Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith K1M15-Jan-2403:07:36 20.4 km
82Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith K1M28-Jan-2403:19:59 20.4 km
93Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandSimon Palmer K1M10-Feb-2402:20:07 20.4 km
104Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandMike Lambert K1M_Ski24-Apr-2401:51:51 20.4 km

111Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRhys Hunt Team13-Jan-2412:16:53 88.9 km
122Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPaul Barrett Team13-Jan-2412:16:53 88.9 km
133Circumnavigation: Isle of WightSimon Margot K1M11-May-2410:06:11 88.9 km

141Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandBilly Butler K1M_Ski15-Feb-2401:29:09 18.5 km

151Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPhil Smith K1M16-Jan-2403:32:12 20.4 km
162Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPhil Smith K1M18-Jan-2403:06:21 20.4 km
173Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPhil Smith K1M28-Jan-2403:21:13 20.4 km
184Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPhil Smith K1M24-Apr-2403:04:32 20.4 km

191Circumnavigation: Walney IslandChris Wade K1M11-Mar-2402:56:56 31.5 km
Total = 785.2 km / 424.0 nm

2023 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy K1M07-Apr-2312:39:37 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy K1M16-Aug-2310:28:26 120.4 km
33Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyNick Cunliffe Team01-Sep-2311:13:25 120.4 km
44Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyGiles Hudson Team01-Sep-2311:13:25 120.4 km
55Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyTim Haines K1M03-Sep-2340:50:18 120.4 km
66Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy K1M25-Oct-2311:44:33 120.4 km

71Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeGlenn Sutcliffe Team02-Jun-2349:24:29 57.4 km
82Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeCharlotte Webb Team02-Jun-2349:24:29 57.4 km
93Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeBryan Dickinson Team04-Sep-2308:19:03 57.4 km
104Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeJenny Wong Team04-Sep-2308:19:03 57.4 km

111Circumnavigation: Great IslandSimon Champ K1M21-Jun-2302:46:46 24.1 km

121Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandAndy Hartley Team22-Jan-2302:30:22 20.4 km
132Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandSimon Palmer Team22-Jan-2302:30:22 20.4 km
143Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith Team05-Apr-2304:15:34 20.4 km
154Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPeter Gater Team24-Apr-2304:36:22 20.4 km
165Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandAndy Ironside Team24-Apr-2304:36:22 20.4 km
176Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPeter Miller Team24-Apr-2304:36:22 20.4 km
187Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandNeal Ricketts K1M07-Jul-2302:53:15 20.4 km
198Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandTom Holland K2_Ski11-Jul-2301:53:55 20.4 km
209Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandAlex Sheppy K2_Ski11-Jul-2301:53:55 20.4 km
2110Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPeter Gater K1M10-Aug-2303:46:47 20.4 km
2211Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPeter Gater K1M16-Aug-2303:26:16 20.4 km
2312Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandFred Curtin-Sewell Team22-Aug-2303:09:14 20.4 km
2413Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith Team22-Aug-2303:09:14 20.4 km
2514Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith K1M29-Aug-2302:37:01 20.4 km
2615Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPeter Gater K1M30-Aug-2304:00:35 20.4 km
2716Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPeter Gater Team06-Sep-2304:50:04 20.4 km
2817Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandJon Needham K1M07-Sep-2303:19:12 20.4 km
2918Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith K1M11-Sep-2303:08:54 20.4 km
3019Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandSteve Wood K1M12-Sep-2302:35:53 20.4 km
3120Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith Team13-Sep-2304:16:47 20.4 km
3221Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandBilly Butler K2_Ski15-Oct-2301:43:29 20.4 km
3322Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandGiles Hudson K2_Ski15-Oct-2301:43:29 20.4 km
3423Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandSteve Wood K1M15-Oct-2302:30:11 20.4 km

351Circumnavigation: Holy IslandJohn Willacy K1M28-Jan-2303:28:02 33.3 km
362Circumnavigation: Holy IslandJames Gerrie Team31-Aug-2306:09:58 33.3 km
373Circumnavigation: Holy IslandEamon Hanlon Team31-Aug-2306:09:58 33.3 km
384Circumnavigation: Holy IslandRoger Simmons Team31-Aug-2306:09:58 33.3 km
395Circumnavigation: Holy IslandGary Edwards Team15-Oct-2305:35:17 33.3 km
406Circumnavigation: Holy IslandThomas Edwards Team15-Oct-2305:35:17 33.3 km

411Circumnavigation: Isle of WightMike Ellicock Row_CCM102-Sep-2309:39:35 88.9 km
422Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPhil Smith Team15-Sep-2313:08:28 88.9 km
433Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPeter Miller Team15-Sep-2313:08:28 88.9 km
444Circumnavigation: Isle of WightAndy Ironside Team15-Sep-2313:08:28 88.9 km
455Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPhil Smith K1M30-Sep-2309:52:54 88.9 km
466Circumnavigation: Isle of WightBilly Butler K1M_Ski02-Oct-2306:28:31 88.9 km
477Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRhys Hunt Team02-Oct-2307:23:50 88.9 km
488Circumnavigation: Isle of WightGiles Hudson Team02-Oct-2307:23:50 88.9 km

491Circumnavigation: JuraGlenn Sutcliffe Team16-Jun-2351:41:52 103.7 km
502Circumnavigation: JuraChris Wade Team16-Jun-2351:41:52 103.7 km

511Circumnavigation: Isle of KerreraSteven Whipp K1M26-May-2302:21:22 18.5 km
522Circumnavigation: Isle of KerreraBryan Dickinson K1M22-Jun-2302:16:27 18.5 km
533Circumnavigation: Isle of KerreraJenny Wong K1W22-Jun-2302:20:36 18.5 km
544Circumnavigation: Isle of KerreraChris Wade K1M24-Jul-2302:05:43 18.5 km
555Circumnavigation: Isle of KerreraChris Wade K1M14-Aug-2301:52:46 18.5 km

561Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandDoug Herbert K1M_Ski30-Sep-2301:51:25 18.5 km

571Circumnavigation: Isle of MullChris Wade K1M18-May-2354:29:09 148.2 km
582Circumnavigation: Isle of MullMargarita Felixberger Team19-May-239 days 148.2 km
593Circumnavigation: Isle of MullLaura Hau Team19-May-239 days 148.2 km
604Circumnavigation: Isle of MullTavi Murray Team19-May-239 days 148.2 km
615Circumnavigation: Isle of MullIan Tindall K1M31-May-23~52:55:30 148.2 km
626Circumnavigation: Isle of MullBryan Dickinson Team19-Jun-235 days 148.2 km
637Circumnavigation: Isle of MullJenny Wong Team19-Jun-235 days 148.2 km

641Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandJon Needham K1M25-Jan-2302:43:15 20.4 km
652Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPhil Smith K1M28-Jan-2303:14:35 20.4 km
663Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandJon Needham K1M09-Feb-2302:40:59 20.4 km
674Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandJon Needham K1M23-Feb-2302:38:00 20.4 km
685Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPeter Gater K1M16-Aug-2303:47:32 20.4 km
696Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPhil Smith K1M16-Aug-2303:20:26 20.4 km
707Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandFred Curtin-Sewell Team22-Aug-2303:07:43 20.4 km
718Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPhil Smith Team22-Aug-2303:07:43 20.4 km
729Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandJon Needham K1M07-Sep-2306:14:20 20.4 km
7310Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPhil Smith K1M11-Sep-2303:05:53 20.4 km

741Circumnavigation: Isle of RaasayChris Wade K1W22-Jul-2343:12:42 50.0 km

751Circumnavigation: Walney IslandChris Wade K1M25-Feb-2303:26:34 31.5 km
762Circumnavigation: Walney IslandSue Couling K1M05-Mar-2304:12:50 31.5 km
773Circumnavigation: Walney IslandIan Cooke SUP_M22-Apr-2304:16:35 31.5 km
784Circumnavigation: Walney IslandJohn Willacy K1M03-Jun-2302:52:07 31.5 km
Total = 4,091.1 km / 2,209.0 nm

2022 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy K1M28-Mar-2211:10:55 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyMike Conroy K1M02-May-2218:53:21 120.4 km
33Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyGiles Hudson K1M11-Aug-2212:08:50 120.4 km
44Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy K1M14-Aug-2210:04:17 120.4 km
55Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyDan Sandham K1M26-Aug-2266:56:03 120.4 km

61Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeGlenn Sutcliffe K1M31-Mar-2226:22:00 57.4 km
72Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeDan McGonigle K1M01-Jun-2207:21:41 57.4 km
83Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeFred Curtin-Sewell Team19-Oct-2230:54:11 57.4 km
94Circumnavigation: Isle of ButePhil Smith Team19-Oct-2230:54:11 57.4 km

101Circumnavigation: Great IslandSimon Champ K1M09-Apr-2203:13:34 24.1 km
112Circumnavigation: Great IslandSimon Champ K1M08-May-2203:34:06 24.1 km
123Circumnavigation: Great IslandMichael O_Farrell K1M10-May-2205:03:29 24.1 km
134Circumnavigation: Great IslandSimon Champ K1M15-May-2202:53:45 24.1 km
145Circumnavigation: Great IslandCiarán Usher K1M29-May-2203:42:51 24.1 km
156Circumnavigation: Great IslandEddie Murray K1M30-May-2203:39:37 24.1 km
167Circumnavigation: Great IslandMichael O_Farrell K1M13-Jul-2202:31:32 24.1 km
178Circumnavigation: Great IslandSimon Champ K1M17-Jul-2202:44:29 24.1 km
189Circumnavigation: Great IslandMick O_Meara K1M13-Aug-2202:14:15 24.1 km

191Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandJon Needham K1M03-Apr-2202:24:44 20.4 km
202Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandJon Needham K1M18-Apr-2202:17:31 20.4 km
213Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPaul Barrett Team23-Apr-2204:06:48 20.4 km
224Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandRhys Hunt Team23-Apr-2204:06:48 20.4 km
235Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandBen Cowans Team25-Apr-2203:07:28 20.4 km
246Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandFred Curtin-Sewell Team25-Apr-2203:07:28 20.4 km
257Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPeter Miller Team25-Apr-2203:07:28 20.4 km
268Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith Team25-Apr-2203:07:28 20.4 km
279Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandBen Cowans Team30-Apr-2204:31:56 20.4 km
2810Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandChris Turner Team30-Apr-2204:31:56 20.4 km
2911Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandJon Needham K1M02-May-2202:15:44 20.4 km
3012Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandJon Needham K1M14-May-2202:14:33 20.4 km
3113Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandAndy Ironside K1M20-May-2203:22:40 20.4 km
3214Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandJon Needham K1M22-May-2202:19:24 20.4 km
3315Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandBen Cowans Team29-May-2204:42:43 20.4 km
3416Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith Team29-May-2204:55:21 20.4 km
3517Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPeter Miller K1M13-Jun-2203:19:40 20.4 km
3618Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandMarcus Redfern K1M20-Jun-2203:37:45 20.4 km
3719Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandAndy Ironside K1M26-Jul-2203:29:44 20.4 km
3820Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith Team27-Jul-2205:02:42 20.4 km
3921Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandRussell Meyer K1M_Ski08-Aug-2201:59:33 20.4 km
4022Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandChris Hitchings K1M20-Aug-2202:56:20 20.4 km
4123Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPeter Miller K1M24-Aug-2202:54:29 20.4 km
4224Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPeter Miller K1M26-Aug-2204:24:19 20.4 km
4325Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandJon Needham K1M29-Aug-2204:13:24 20.4 km
4426Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandJames Southern K1M11-Sep-2202:17:09 20.4 km
4527Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith K1M13-Sep-2202:31:39 20.4 km
4628Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandAndy Ironside Team25-Oct-2203:51:20 20.4 km
4729Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith Team25-Oct-2203:51:20 20.4 km
4830Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith K1M14-Nov-2203:06:19 20.4 km
4931Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith K1M02-Dec-2202:43:02 20.4 km
5032Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandRhys Hunt K1M27-Dec-2203:40:28 20.4 km

511Circumnavigation: Holy IslandJames Gerrie Team14-Jul-2207:10:02 33.3 km
522Circumnavigation: Holy Island_ unnamed group Team14-Jul-2207:10:02 33.3 km

531Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPaul Barrett Team22-Jan-2211:30:02 88.9 km
542Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRhys Hunt Team22-Jan-2211:30:02 88.9 km
553Circumnavigation: Isle of WightFred Curtin-Sewell Team19-Apr-2210:25:38 88.9 km
564Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPhil Smith Team19-Apr-2210:25:38 88.9 km
575Circumnavigation: Isle of WightBen Cowans Team02-May-2211:54:39 88.9 km
586Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPhil Smith Team02-May-2211:54:39 88.9 km
597Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRhys Hunt Team14-Jun-2207:39:34 88.9 km
608Circumnavigation: Isle of WightGiles Hudson Team14-Jun-2207:39:34 88.9 km
619Circumnavigation: Isle of WightChris Hitchings K1M15-Jul-2213:52:18 88.9 km
6210Circumnavigation: Isle of WightSimon Turnbull K1M16-Jul-2209:22:10 88.9 km
6311Circumnavigation: Isle of WightJon Needham K1M21-Jul-2209:18:09 88.9 km
6412Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPaul Barrett Team29-Jul-2211:56:11 88.9 km
6513Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRhys Hunt Team29-Jul-2211:56:11 88.9 km
6614Circumnavigation: Isle of WightDan Sandham K1M13-Aug-2208:53:49 88.9 km
6715Circumnavigation: Isle of WightSimon Palmer K1M27-Aug-2210:25:55 88.9 km
6816Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPaul Barrett Team28-Aug-223 days 88.9 km
6917Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRhys Hunt Team28-Aug-223 days 88.9 km
7018Circumnavigation: Isle of Wight_ unnamed group Team28-Aug-223 days 88.9 km
7119Circumnavigation: Isle of WightMike Conroy K1M11-Sep-2208:10:51 88.9 km
7220Circumnavigation: Isle of WightSimon Palmer K1M11-Sep-2208:58:43 88.9 km
7321Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPaul Barrett Team10-Dec-2212:29:20 88.9 km
7422Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRhys Hunt Team10-Dec-2212:29:20 88.9 km

751Circumnavigation: Isle of IslayJohn Willacy K1M22-Jul-2212:40:36 116.7 km

761Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon K1W21-Mar-2202:55:34 18.5 km
772Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon K1W16-Apr-2204:36:20 18.5 km
783Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon K1W14-Jun-2203:39:39 18.5 km
794Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon K1W29-Jul-2204:21:32 18.5 km
805Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon K1W29-Sep-2202:30:58 18.5 km
816Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon K1W11-Oct-2202:24:10 18.5 km

821Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandJon Needham Team16-Apr-2202:23:14 20.4 km
832Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandDave Phillips Team16-Apr-2202:23:14 20.4 km
843Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandBen Cowans Team25-Apr-2203:43:37 20.4 km
854Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandFred Curtin-Sewell Team25-Apr-2203:43:37 20.4 km
865Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPhil Smith Team25-Apr-2203:43:37 20.4 km
876Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPeter Miller Team05-May-2204:34:26 20.4 km
887Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandAndy Ironside Team05-May-2204:34:26 20.4 km
898Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandAndy Ironside K1M14-Jun-2203:31:30 20.4 km
909Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandJon Needham K1M16-Jun-2202:43:50 20.4 km
9110Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandJon Needham K1M08-Jul-2202:22:13 20.4 km
9211Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandJon Needham K1M13-Jul-2202:17:52 20.4 km
9312Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPeter Miller K1M24-Aug-2203:49:36 20.4 km
9413Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandBen Cowans Team20-Sep-2206:19:29 20.4 km
9514Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPhil Smith Team20-Sep-2206:19:29 20.4 km
9615Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandChris Turner Team20-Sep-2206:19:29 20.4 km
9716Circumnavigation: Portsea Island_ unnamed group Team20-Sep-2206:19:29 20.4 km
9817Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPaul Barrett Team04-Dec-2204:15:33 20.4 km
9918Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandRhys Hunt Team04-Dec-2204:15:33 20.4 km
10019Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPhil Smith K1M13-Dec-2202:54:33 20.4 km
10120Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPhil Smith K1M17-Dec-2202:57:11 20.4 km
10221Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPaul Barrett Team27-Dec-2203:51:17 20.4 km
10322Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandRhys Hunt Team27-Dec-2203:51:17 20.4 km

1041Circumnavigation: Isle of RaasayGlenn Sutcliffe K1M01-Mar-2208:37:04 50.0 km

1051Circumnavigation: Isle of SheppeyPaul Barrett Team15-Apr-2207:24:59 42.6 km
1062Circumnavigation: Isle of SheppeyRhys Hunt Team15-Apr-2207:24:59 42.6 km

1071Circumnavigation: Isle of SkyePaul Barrett Team23-Sep-226 days 214.8 km
1082Circumnavigation: Isle of SkyeSteve Bickerton Team23-Sep-226 days 214.8 km
1093Circumnavigation: Isle of SkyeRhys Hunt Team23-Sep-226 days 214.8 km

1101Circumnavigation: Walney IslandChris Wade K1M16-Apr-2203:23:38 31.5 km
1112Circumnavigation: Walney IslandPascale Eichenmuller K1W29-Apr-2203:21:23 31.5 km
1123Circumnavigation: Walney IslandJohn Willacy K1M29-Apr-2202:50:32 31.5 km
1134Circumnavigation: Walney IslandGlenn Sutcliffe K1M02-May-2203:48:26 31.5 km
1145Circumnavigation: Walney IslandJames Gerrie Team11-Jul-2207:24:07 31.5 km
1156Circumnavigation: Walney Island_ unnamed group Team11-Jul-2207:24:07 31.5 km
Total = 5,367.1 km / 2,898.0 nm

2021 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy K1M31-Mar-2110:12:15 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyElliot Goddard K1M16-Jul-2112:46:53 120.4 km
33Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyEdward Doherty Team20-Sep-2117:09:20 120.4 km
44Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJames Doherty Team20-Sep-2117:09:20 120.4 km

51Circumnavigation: Isle of ArranBryan Dickinson Team02-Aug-2113:39:14 85.2 km
62Circumnavigation: Isle of ArranJenny Wong Team02-Aug-2113:39:14 85.2 km

71Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeGraham Bell K1M_Ski01-Jul-2106:59:32 57.4 km
82Circumnavigation: Isle of ButePascale Eichenmuller Team13-Nov-2106:46:02 57.4 km
93Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeJohn Willacy Team13-Nov-2106:46:02 57.4 km

101Circumnavigation: Great IslandMichael O_Farrell K1M11-Jun-2103:42:00 24.1 km

111Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith Team02-Jan-2104:00:04 20.4 km
122Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandSimon Waller Team02-Jan-2104:00:04 20.4 km
133Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandFred Curtin-Sewell Team22-Aug-2104:41:40 20.4 km
144Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandBen Cowans Team22-Aug-2104:41:40 20.4 km
155Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandFred Curtin-Sewell K1M24-Aug-2102:47:08 20.4 km
166Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith Team06-Sep-2104:21:06 20.4 km
177Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandJohn Willacy K1M12-Sep-2102:00:56 20.4 km
188Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandBrendan Reese K1M_Ski17-Sep-2101:57:50 20.4 km
199Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith Team19-Sep-2104:51:38 20.4 km
2010Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandFred Curtin-Sewell Team18-Oct-2104:30:00 20.4 km
2111Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandBen Cowans Team18-Oct-2104:30:00 20.4 km
2212Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith Team18-Oct-2104:30:00 20.4 km
2313Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandFred Curtin-Sewell Team18-Nov-2102:30:23 20.4 km
2414Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith Team18-Nov-2102:30:23 20.4 km
2515Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith Team19-Dec-2103:46:20 20.4 km
2616Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandSimon Waller Team19-Dec-2103:46:20 20.4 km
2717Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPhil Smith K1M25-Dec-2104:09:31 20.4 km

281Circumnavigation: Holy IslandSteve Miles Team11-Apr-2106:51:42 33.3 km
292Circumnavigation: Holy Island? ? Team11-Apr-2106:51:42 33.3 km
303Circumnavigation: Holy IslandPascale Eichenmuller Team07-May-2103:50:54 33.3 km
314Circumnavigation: Holy IslandJohn Willacy Team07-May-2103:50:54 33.3 km
325Circumnavigation: Holy IslandBryan Dickinson Team10-Jul-2105:03:52 33.3 km
336Circumnavigation: Holy IslandJenny Wong Team10-Jul-2105:03:52 33.3 km
347Circumnavigation: Holy IslandJohn Willacy K1M14-Jul-2103:03:20 33.3 km
358Circumnavigation: Holy IslandRichard Griffiths Hughes K1M22-Jul-2103:53:33 33.3 km
369Circumnavigation: Holy IslandJohn Willacy K1M22-Jul-2103:18:37 33.3 km

371Circumnavigation: Isle of ManSteve Watt K1M24-Aug-21~15:22:17 114.8 km

381Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRhys Hunt K1M15-Jan-2108:30:58 88.9 km
392Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRhys Hunt K1M30-Mar-2107:31:25 88.9 km
403Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRhys Hunt Team08-Apr-2114:59:44 88.9 km
414Circumnavigation: Isle of WightNeil Lutas Team08-Apr-2114:59:44 88.9 km
425Circumnavigation: Isle of WightJames Doherty K1M27-Apr-2109:02:07 88.9 km
436Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRhys Hunt K1M27-Apr-2107:31:50 88.9 km
447Circumnavigation: Isle of WightMichal Madera K1M27-May-2107:57:10 88.9 km
458Circumnavigation: Isle of WightMichal Madera K1M28-May-2112:21:54 88.9 km
469Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPhil Smith Team07-Aug-2120:57:55 88.9 km
4710Circumnavigation: Isle of WightBen Cowans Team07-Aug-2120:57:55 88.9 km
4811Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPetr Major K1M_Ski11-Aug-2110:58:58 88.9 km
4912Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPhil Smith Team11-Aug-2112:23:13 88.9 km
5013Circumnavigation: Isle of WightSimon Waller Team11-Aug-2112:23:13 88.9 km
5114Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRoy Beal Team24-Aug-2115:33:12 88.9 km
5215Circumnavigation: Isle of WightGiles Hudson K1M08-Oct-2107:50:57 88.9 km
5316Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRhys Hunt K1M08-Oct-2107:20:57 88.9 km
5417Circumnavigation: Isle of WightJohn Willacy K1M09-Oct-2107:02:24 88.9 km
5518Circumnavigation: Isle of WightJames Doherty K1M05-Nov-2108:56:36 88.9 km

561Circumnavigation: JuraRichard Astridge K1M14-Sep-2175:53:2 103.7 km

571Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon Team10-Jun-2104:16:27 18.5 km
582Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon K1W22-Jul-2103:05:45 18.5 km
593Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon Team23-Aug-2103:40:19 18.5 km
604Circumnavigation: Mersea Island_ unnamed group Team23-Aug-2103:40:19 18.5 km
615Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon K1W24-Aug-2103:58:02 18.5 km
626Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon K1W27-Aug-2103:05:19 18.5 km
637Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon K1W07-Oct-2104:04:10 18.5 km
648Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon K1W08-Oct-2104:18:59 18.5 km
659Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon K1W18-Oct-2102:55:33 18.5 km
6610Circumnavigation: Mersea IslandElizabeth Cannon Team17-Dec-2104:36:35 18.5 km
6711Circumnavigation: Mersea Island_ unnamed group Team17-Dec-2104:36:35 18.5 km

681Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandFred Curtin-Sewell K1M24-Jan-2103:23:52 20.4 km
692Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandJon Needham K1M28-Feb-2102:41:21 20.4 km
703Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandPaul Barrett Team02-Apr-2104:34:23 20.4 km
714Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandRhys Hunt Team02-Apr-2104:34:23 20.4 km
725Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandBrendan Reese K1M05-Nov-2102:22:57 20.4 km
736Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandBrendan Reese K1M_Ski10-Nov-2101:58:08 20.4 km

741Circumnavigation: Isle of RaasayKate Duffus K1W03-Mar-2107:57:48 50.0 km

751Circumnavigation: Scolt Head IslandFrank Harradence K1M14-Jun-2102:48:52 16.7 km

761Circumnavigation: Isle of SheppeyElizabeth Cannon Team15-Oct-2108:51:33 42.6 km
772Circumnavigation: Isle of SheppeyBarry Iszard Team15-Oct-2108:51:33 42.6 km
783Circumnavigation: Isle of SheppeyEstelle Kemp Team15-Oct-2108:51:33 42.6 km

791Circumnavigation: Isle of SkyeKate Duffus K1W23-Apr-2163:34:12 214.8 km
802Circumnavigation: Isle of SkyeJohn Willacy K1M20-Jun-2154:22:10 214.8 km
813Circumnavigation: Isle of SkyeEd Loffill K1M21-Jun-215 days (~99 hrs) 214.8 km

821Circumnavigation: Walney IslandJohn Willacy K1M26-Apr-2102:51:56 31.5 km
832Circumnavigation: Walney IslandPascale Eichenmuller Team_Mx30-Apr-2103:08:54 31.5 km
843Circumnavigation: Walney IslandJohn Willacy Team_Mx30-Apr-2103:08:54 31.5 km
Total = 4,572.6 km / 2,469.0 nm

2020 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy K1M17-Aug-2012:19:38 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy K1M17-Oct-2011:12:41 120.4 km

31Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeIan Cooke K1M15-Aug-2008:03:16 57.4 km

41Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandSimon Waller K1M_Ski31-Mar-2102:16:48 20.4 km
52Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandMark Spruce K1M08-Jun-2002:09:18 20.4 km
63Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandTom Turcan K1M20-Sep-2002:12:21 20.4 km
74Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandGiles Hudson K1M18-Oct-2002:01:03 20.4 km
85Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandMatt Parton K1M18-Oct-2002:06:17 20.4 km

91Circumnavigation: Isle of WightJon Needham K1M10-Jun-2009:51:23 88.9 km
102Circumnavigation: Isle of WightMichal Madera K1M22-Jul-2008:25:57 88.9 km
113Circumnavigation: Isle of WightJames Doherty K1M31-Aug-2011:02:19 88.9 km
124Circumnavigation: Isle of WightGiles Hudson K1M06-Sep-2010:08:47 88.9 km
135Circumnavigation: Isle of WightJames Doherty K1M16-Sep-2010:05:39 88.9 km
146Circumnavigation: Isle of WightGiles Hudson Team21-Sep-2008:22:52 88.9 km
157Circumnavigation: Isle of WightMatt Parton Team21-Sep-2008:22:52 88.9 km
168Circumnavigation: Isle of WightSimon Alderdice Team18-Oct-2007:25:41 88.9 km
179Circumnavigation: Isle of WightJoe Langham Team18-Oct-2007:25:41 88.9 km

181Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandDavid Copp Team13-Sep-2002:31:56 20.4 km
192Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandGiles Hudson Team13-Sep-2002:31:56 20.4 km

201Circumnavigation: Isle of SheppeySimon Alderdice Team31-Aug-2005:49:56 42.6 km
212Circumnavigation: Isle of SheppeyDavid Johnson Team31-Aug-2005:49:56 42.6 km
223Circumnavigation: Isle of SheppeyJoe Langham Team31-Aug-2005:49:56 42.6 km
234Circumnavigation: Isle of SheppeyTom Turcan Team31-Aug-2005:49:56 42.6 km

241Circumnavigation: Walney IslandIan Cooke K1M20-Sep-2003:05:13 31.5 km
252Circumnavigation: Walney IslandJohn Willacy K1M23-Sep-2002:53:09 31.5 km
Total = 1,474.2 km / 796.0 nm

2019 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyNick Arding Team03-Aug-1912:57:37 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyPetr Major Team03-Aug-1912:57:37 120.4 km
33Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyNorbert Ziober Team03-Aug-1912:57:37 120.4 km
44Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseySarah Horton Team_Mx02-Dec-193yrs 187 days 120.4 km
55Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyGeth Roberts Team_Mx02-Dec-193yrs 187 days 120.4 km

61Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeJohn Niven K1M30-Jul-1907:53:42 57.4 km

71Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandFred Curtin-Sewell Team15-Sep-1905:02:13 20.4 km

81Circumnavigation: Holy IslandPascale Eichenmuller Team26-Aug-1903:29:57 33.3 km
92Circumnavigation: Holy IslandJohn Willacy Team26-Aug-1903:29:57 33.3 km

101Circumnavigation: Isle of ManJohn Willacy K1M18-Sep-1912:16:03 114.8 km

111Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPhilip Plume SUP_M13-Jul-1914:25:52 88.9 km
122Circumnavigation: Isle of WightTim Wiggins K1M27-Jul-1911:53:02 88.9 km

131Circumnavigation: Isle of MullEd Loffill K1M24-Aug-194 days 148.2 km

141Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandJon Needham Team29-Dec-1902:33:02 20.4 km
152Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandDave Phillips Team29-Dec-1902:33:02 20.4 km

161Circumnavigation: Scolt Head IslandFrank Harradence K1M25-Feb-1902:01:39 16.7 km
Total = 1,244.5 km / 672.0 nm

2018 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyBryan Dickinson Team_Mx24-Jun-1835:00:00 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJenny Wong Team_Mx24-Jun-1835:00:00 120.4 km

31Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandMark Spruce K2 Ski22-May-1802:03:49 20.4 km
42Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandFred Taylor K2 Ski22-May-1802:03:49 20.4 km

51Circumnavigation: Isle of ManDaniel Shimmin K1M18-May-1811:36:18 114.8 km

61Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRich Holt Team18-May-1809:42:40 88.9 km
72Circumnavigation: Isle of WightMatt Parton Team18-May-1809:42:40 88.9 km

81Circumnavigation: Portsea IslandRalph Baker K1M_Ski17-Oct-1801:59:40 20.4 km

91Circumnavigation: Scolt Head IslandFrank Harradence K1M05-Jul-1801:54:27 16.7 km
Total = 611.2 km / 330.0 nm

2017 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandAde Butt K1M_Ski31-May-1702:00:45 20.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandGuy Holmes K1M_Ski31-May-1702:03:20 20.4 km
33Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandRichard Kent K1M_Ski31-May-1702:01:30 20.4 km

41Circumnavigation: Isle of ManSteve Watt K1M10-May-1717:01:05 114.8 km

51Circumnavigation: Isle of WightJames Forward Team02-Apr-1711:42:15 88.9 km
62Circumnavigation: Isle of WightJulian Haines Team02-Apr-1711:42:15 88.9 km
73Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRich Holt Team02-Apr-1711:27:00 88.9 km
84Circumnavigation: Isle of WightMatt Parton Team02-Apr-1711:27:00 88.9 km

91Circumnavigation: Isle of IslayNorbert Ziober K1M05-Jul-1718:54:02 116.7 km

101Circumnavigation: JuraJohn Willacy K1M25-Mar-1709:55:40 103.7 km

111Circumnavigation: Scolt Head IslandFrank Harradence K1M14-Jun1701:55:48 16.7 km
Total = 768.6 km / 415.0 nm

2016 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyBryan Dickinson K1M06-Jun-1614:32:00 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyDan McGonigle Team23-Jun-1613:14:00 120.4 km
33Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJonny Eldridge Team23-Jun-1613:14:00 120.4 km
44Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyEila Wilkinson K1W18-Sep-1612:18:41 120.4 km
55Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyDan McGonigle K1M20-Sep-1611:20:18 120.4 km

61Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeRichard Peevor Team11-Jun-1608:31:11 57.4 km
72Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeKamala Sen Team11-Jun-1608:31:11 57.4 km
83Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeDean Dunbar Team27-Aug-1608:54:46 57.4 km
94Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeAllistair Swinsco Team27-Aug-1608:54:46 57.4 km

101Circumnavigation: Jura Infinity Loop (Scarba and Jura)Norbert Ziober K1M29-May-1618:02:39 0.0 km

111Circumnavigation: Isle of ManJohn Willacy K1M24-Aug-1610:32:58 114.8 km

121Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRichie Couzens K211-Jun-1610:25:59 88.9 km
132Circumnavigation: Isle of WightHari Budha Magar K211-Jun-1610:25:59 88.9 km
143Circumnavigation: Isle of WightJon Needham Team27-Aug-1611:46:00 88.9 km
154Circumnavigation: Isle of WightDave Phillips Team27-Aug-1611:46:00 88.9 km

161Circumnavigation: JuraNorbert Ziober K1M17-Mar-1614:52:00 103.7 km

171Circumnavigation: ScarbaNorbert Ziober K1M28-Feb-1601:58:00 14.8 km
182Circumnavigation: ScarbaJohn Willacy K1M11-Oct-1601:32:05 14.8 km

191Circumnavigation: Scolt Head IslandFrank Harradence K1M07-Sep-1602:03:04 16.7 km
Total = 1,452.0 km / 784.0 nm

2015 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyColin Skeath Team_C206-Jun-15~39:00:00 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyKatrina Skeath Team_C206-Jun-15~39:00:00 120.4 km

31Circumnavigation: Isle of ArranJohn Willacy K1M13-Oct-1509:14:54 85.2 km

41Circumnavigation: Holy IslandNick Cunliffe Team10-Sep-1504:50:06 33.3 km
52Circumnavigation: Holy IslandKamala Sen Team10-Sep-1504:50:06 33.3 km

61Circumnavigation: Isle of WightJohn Willacy K1M23-Mar-1507:19:46 88.9 km

71Circumnavigation: JuraNorbert Ziober K1M09-Jul-1515:57:00 103.7 km

81Circumnavigation: Isle of RaasayIan Dring Team12-Jun-1510:12:00 50.0 km
92Circumnavigation: Isle of RaasayZoe Newsam Team12-Jun-1510:12:00 50.0 km

101Circumnavigation: ScarbaNorbert Ziober K1M27-Jun-1501:49:00 14.8 km

111Circumnavigation: Scolt Head IslandFrank Harradence K1M24-Apr-1502:18:02 16.7 km
122Circumnavigation: Scolt Head IslandSally Harradence K1W11-Jul-1502:47:10 16.7 km
Total = 733.4 km / 396.0 nm

2014 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyNick Arding K1M17-Jul-1412:30:30 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyMatt Hawkins Team08-Sep-1416:30:00 120.4 km
33Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyMark_'Baggy' Richards Team08-Sep-1416:30:00 120.4 km
44Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseySteve Miles K1M11-Sep-1412:23:00 120.4 km
55Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy K1M11-Sep-1409:24:12 120.4 km
66Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyAxel Schoevers K1M28-Sep-1415:10:00 120.4 km

71Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeJohn Willacy K1M19-Apr-1405:33:59 57.4 km

81Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPaul Krysik K1M_Ski08-Jun-1402:06:38 20.4 km
92Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPaul Krysik K1M24-Nov-1402:01:33 20.4 km

101Circumnavigation: Holy IslandJohn Willacy K1M13-Jun-1402:55:45 33.3 km

111Circumnavigation: Isle of WightChris Buckton Team_Ski16-May-1412:22:45 88.9 km
122Circumnavigation: Isle of WightBarry Robson Team_Ski16-May-1412:22:45 88.9 km
133Circumnavigation: Isle of WightIan Smith Team_Ski16-May-1412:22:45 88.9 km
144Circumnavigation: Isle of WightMark Rainsley K1M31-May-1409:28:00 88.9 km
155Circumnavigation: Isle of WightAndy Hiscock K1M13-Sep-1409:27:00 88.9 km

161Circumnavigation: Isle of MullJonny Hawkins K1M31-Jul-20144 days 148.2 km
172Circumnavigation: Isle of MullWill Herman TeamSep-144 days 148.2 km
183Circumnavigation: Isle of MullTim Pearson TeamSep-144 days 148.2 km
Total = 1,742.7 km / 941.0 nm

2013 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJustine Curgenven K1W22-Jul-1310:08:47 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyElan Winter Team09-Sep-1313:05:35 120.4 km
33Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyStuart Yendle Team09-Sep-1313:05:35 120.4 km

41Circumnavigation: Isle of ArranBrian Turnbull K1M28-Sep-1310:21:36 85.2 km

51Circumnavigation: Isle of ButePaul Edmonson Team17-Feb-133 days 57.4 km
62Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeMalcolm Stubbs Team17-Feb-133 days 57.4 km
73Circumnavigation: Isle of ButeBrian Turnbull K1M09-Jun-1306:15:58 57.4 km

81Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandPaul Krysik K1M07-Jul-1302:21:56 20.4 km

91Circumnavigation: Holy IslandPete Evans Team12-Feb-1305:00:00 33.3 km
102Circumnavigation: Holy IslandSteve Miles Team12-Feb-1305:00:00 33.3 km
113Circumnavigation: Holy IslandDavid Attenborough K1M04-Dec-1304:18:39 33.3 km

121Circumnavigation: Isle of ManKim Tastagh K1M10-Jul-1313:07:00 114.8 km
132Circumnavigation: Isle of ManGeorge Shaw K1M15-Jul-1311:43:35 114.8 km

141Circumnavigation: Isle of WightGlyn Brackenbury K1M05-Jan-1312:03:14 88.9 km
152Circumnavigation: Isle of WightAndy Morton K202-Mar-1311:50:00 88.9 km
163Circumnavigation: Isle of WightJane Morton K202-Mar-1311:50:00 88.9 km
174Circumnavigation: Isle of WightVictor Copeland Team13-Jul-1311:10:00 88.9 km
185Circumnavigation: Isle of WightVivien Nicholls Team13-Jul-1311:10:00 88.9 km
196Circumnavigation: Isle of WightVictor Copeland K1MJul-1309:00:00 88.9 km
207Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRichi Oliver K1M_Ski21-Sep-1311:21:41 88.9 km
218Circumnavigation: Isle of WightVictor Copeland K1M22-Sep-1308:22:14 88.9 km

221Circumnavigation: Isle of SkyePete Evans K1M24-Jun-138 days 214.8 km

231Circumnavigation: Walney IslandChris Drew Team02-Feb-1303:57:42 31.5 km
242Circumnavigation: Walney IslandWill Herman Team02-Feb-1303:57:42 31.5 km
253Circumnavigation: Walney IslandPeter Hart K219-Jul-1303:21:58 31.5 km
264Circumnavigation: Walney IslandKeith Longney K219-Jul-1303:21:58 31.5 km
Total = 2,020.5 km / 1,091.0 nm

2012 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyGuy Slater K1M06-May-1216:09:00 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyGuy Slater K1M 04-Jun-1213:58:00 120.4 km
33Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyPaul Griffiths K1M18-Aug-123yrs 355 days 120.4 km
44Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy K1M14-Oct-1210:28:38 120.4 km

51Circumnavigation: Isle of ManGeorge Shaw K1M27-Mar-1213:33:00 114.8 km

61Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRob Tew K1M04-Sep-1211:03:21 88.9 km

71Circumnavigation: Isle of SkyeMike Martin K1M2012?8 days 214.8 km

81Circumnavigation: Walney IslandJohn Willacy K1M18-Dec-1203:10:00 31.5 km
Total = 931.6 km / 503.0 nm

2011 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy K1M18-Apr-1109:54:48 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJames Stevenson K1M02-Jun-1113:25:00 120.4 km

31Circumnavigation: Hayling IslandBrendan Reese K1M21-Apr-1102:05:53 20.4 km

41Circumnavigation: Isle of ManIan Smith(?) K1M26-Mar-112 days 114.8 km

51Circumnavigation: Isle of WightBrendan Reese K1M28-Jul-1107:59:00 88.9 km
62Circumnavigation: Isle of WightMartin Scott K1M30-Aug-1108:21:00 88.9 km

71Circumnavigation: JuraNorbert Ziober K1M29-May-1618:02:39 103.7 km

81Circumnavigation: Isle of MullJohn Willacy K1M05-Jun-1119:34:00 148.2 km
92Circumnavigation: Isle of MullSteve Porter K1MAug-20113 days 148.2 km

101Circumnavigation: Isle of SkyeWill Herman TeamAug-116 days 214.8 km
112Circumnavigation: Isle of SkyeTim Pearson TeamAug-116 days 214.8 km

121Circumnavigation: Walney Island_ O.A.G. Team06-Aug-11~07:00:00 31.5 km
Total = 1,414.9 km / 764.0 nm

2010 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyKate Duffus K1W15-Apr-1013:08:00 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyEila Wilkinson K1W09-Sep-1012:24:00 120.4 km

31Circumnavigation: Isle of ManJohn Willacy K1M12-Jul-1012:38:03 114.8 km
42Circumnavigation: Isle of ManEila Wilkinson K1W26-Sep-1015:15:00 114.8 km

51Circumnavigation: Isle of WightKate Duffus K1W17-Feb-1012:50:00 88.9 km
62Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPeter Mansell K1M16-Apr-1023:00:00 88.9 km
73Circumnavigation: Isle of WightClaire Cheong-Leen Team17-Apr-1013:50:00 88.9 km
84Circumnavigation: Isle of WightSimon Edwards Team17-Apr-1013:50:00 88.9 km
95Circumnavigation: Isle of WightAndy Hiscock Team14-Jun-1009:24:00 88.9 km
106Circumnavigation: Isle of WightMartin Scott Team14-Jun-1009:24:00 88.9 km
117Circumnavigation: Isle of WightChloe Bunnett Team_Ski18-Aug-1008:36:24 88.9 km
128Circumnavigation: Isle of WightIvan Lawler Team_Ski18-Aug-1008:36:24 88.9 km
139Circumnavigation: Isle of WightPeter Molnar Team_Ski18-Aug-1008:36:24 88.9 km
1410Circumnavigation: Isle of WightMichal Madera K1M31-Dec-1011:55:00 88.9 km
Total = 1,359.4 km / 734.0 nm

2009 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy K1M22-Aug-0910:24:54 120.4 km
Total = 120.4 km / 65.0 nm

2008 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyEila Wilkinson K1W16-Sep-0814:40:00 120.4 km
Total = 120.4 km / 65.0 nm

2007 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Holy IslandSteve Ahearne Team15-Sep-0707:05:00 33.3 km
22Circumnavigation: Holy IslandJohn Willacy Team15-Sep-0707:05:00 33.3 km
Total = 66.7 km / 36.0 nm

2006 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy K1M10-Sep-0610:45:40 120.4 km

21Circumnavigation: Isle of ManJoe Leach K1M2006-- 114.8 km
32Circumnavigation: Isle of ManFreya Hoffmeister K1W?-Sep-0614:07:00 114.8 km
Total = 350.0 km / 189.0 nm

2005 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy K1M20-Sep-0511:30:00 120.4 km

21Circumnavigation: Holy IslandJohn Willacy K1M21-Nov-0504:28:00 33.3 km
Total = 153.7 km / 83.0 nm

2004 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJim Krawiecki K2?-May-0413:30:00 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyPeter Roscoe K2?-May-0413:30:00 120.4 km
33Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyMike Chandler Team30-Jul-042 days 120.4 km
44Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJohn Willacy Team30-Jul-042 days 120.4 km

51Circumnavigation: Isle of WightGraham Beckram Team19-Jun-0417:30:00 88.9 km
62Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRoger Hiley Team19-Jun-0417:30:00 88.9 km
73Circumnavigation: Isle of WightRoger Wiltshire Team19-Jun-0417:30:00 88.9 km
84Circumnavigation: Isle of WightM. Scott Team19-Jun-0417:30:00 88.9 km
Total = 837.1 km / 452.0 nm

2003 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyBarry Shaw K1M12-Aug-0313:36:00 120.4 km
Total = 120.4 km / 65.0 nm

2002 Circumnavs2


11Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyJustine Curgenven Team?-Mar-0214:30:00 120.4 km
22Circumnavigation: Isle of AngleseyFiona Whitehead Team?-Mar-0214:30:00 120.4 km
Total = 240.8 km / 130.0 nm

2001 Circumnavs2

Total = 0.0 km / 0.0 nm

2000 Circumnavs2

Total = 0.0 km / 0.0 nm

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