PSK Distance Challenge

Paddle as far as you can in 1 hour on your kayak ergo.

Part of the PSK Distance Challenge

The PSK Distance Challenge + is an unsupervised standing challenge.

PSK Distance Challenge -- Ergo

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1K1M_ErgoJohn Willacy

11-May-21Menai BridgeKP Compact55802:2812.2 kph
12,162 m
2K1M_ErgoJohn Willacy

10-Mar-21Menai BridgeKP Compact4.55402:2912.1 kph
12,077 m
3K1M_ErgoBob Perry

08-Mar-21Te AnauStroke2Max8.25?02:3112.0 kph
11,960 m
4K1M_ErgoJohn Willacy

02-Mar-21Menai BridgeKP Compact45302:3111.9 kph
11,931 m
5K1M_ErgoJohn Willacy

01-Oct-21Menai BridgeKP Compact66002:3111.9 kph
11,888 m
6K1M_ErgoBob Perry

23-Feb-21Te AnauStroke2Max8.25?02:3311.8 kph
11,770 m
7K1M_ErgoBob Perry

09-Feb-21Te AnauStroke2Max7.7?02:3311.8 kph
11,750 m
8K1M_ErgoJohn Willacy

28-Jan-22Menai BridgeKP Compact66402:3311.7 kph
11,729 m
9K1M_ErgoJohn Willacy

13-Feb-21Menai BridgeKP Compact25202:3411.7 kph
11,697 m
10K1M_ErgoJohn Willacy

04-Jul-21Menai BridgeKP Compact55702:3511.6 kph
11,622 m
11K1M_ErgoJohn Willacy

24-Sep-23Menai BridgeKP Compact55502:3911.3 kph
11,325 m
12K1M_ErgoJohn Willacy

04-Mar-21Menai BridgeKP Compact55802:4311.0 kph
11,047 m
13(1)K1W_ErgoClare Sharp

31-Jan-21--KP Compact2.5?02:4311.0 kph
11,032 m
14K1M_ErgoNigel Warren

11-May-21SaltashKP Compact77302:4810.7 kph
10,685 m
15K1M_ErgoJohn Willacy

25-Feb-21Menai BridgeKP Compact1.54602:5010.6 kph
10,589 m
16K1M_ErgoNigel Warren

13-Feb-21SaltashKP Compact77302:5110.5 kph
10,499 m
17K1M_ErgoJohn Willacy

11-Feb-21Menai BridgeKP Compact3902:5910.0 kph
10,033 m
18K1M_ErgoNigel Warren

09-Feb-21SaltashKP Compact23903:019.9 kph
9,928 m
19(2)K1W_ErgoPascale Eichenmuller

02-Mar-21Menai BridgeKP Compact3203:288.6 kph
8,643 m
20(3)K1W_ErgoPascale Eichenmuller

09-Feb-22Menai BridgeKP Compact0003:368.3 kph
8,333 m
21(4)K1W_ErgoPascale Eichenmuller

24-Sep-23Menai BridgeKP Compact003203:438.1 kph
8,061 m

PSK Distance Challenge -- Ergo
Runs: 21
Paddlers: 21
  Solo: 21
  Team: 0 (in 0 teams)
Distance: 228.8 km

PSK Distance Challenge  Info

Info updated 27-Feb-2021

  • Open to solo paddlers, teams and K2/Doubles.
  • Distance to be recorded by GPS.
  • Distances displayed on individual leg tables (Ergo, 1, 3, 5 hrs and 100k Day)
  • The Totals Table displays the best distance from each of the 4 component legs.
  • Repeated attempts on same stretch of water are allowed For entries from 1st Jan 2021).
  • Don't worry if you forget to stop your GPS. Just send it in, we'll find the best distance for you.
  • Enter as often as you like.
  • 100k Day Challenge - see the 100k Day page for details.
  • Kayak ergo distances are eligible in the Ergo Challenge - a 1hr distance paddle on a kayak ergo, and the 100k Day Challenge.
  • Ergo distances do not count towards the Totals Table.
  • Send in your circumnav via email or Messenger: (A guide how to download a .gpx file from STRAVA here).

  • Craft
  • Any craft paddled should be specifically designed to be suitable for the chosen venue and conditions and should be in a seaworthy and safe condition.
  • Any suitable craft can now be used on any run.

  • Assistance
  • No sails, motors etc. - human paddle power only.
  • Wash-hanging only from other members within the paddling team.
  • No assistance from outside the paddling team.
  • No paddles from organised 3rd party events.

  • Safety
  • The paddler(s) must undertake an assessment of risk, for their chosen route, venue and conditions.
  • The management of any risk is entirely the responsibility of the paddler(s).
  • Ensure you/your group is capable of handling any conditions or hazards possible on your chosen route.
  • Paddlers must wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) at all times whilst on the water.
  • Helmets and Leashes should be worn where appropriate (helmets on moving water - leashes on Skis, SUP's etc on open water).
  • All craft must be rendered unsinkable, either by manufacturer design (bulkheads etc.) or via extra buoyancy devices (fitted airbags etc.)
  • Safety equipment such as VHF radio, PLB, flares, mobile phone, map, compass, shelter etc. should be carried as deemed appropriate.
  • Leave details of your route and time of return with a shore party and inform HM Coastguard as appropriate.
  • If you choose to paddle solo be aware of the significant extra risks involved.
  • If you have any doubts - THEN DO NOT GO!

Submit a time.

Safety - Info Page