English Channel - UK South Coast - Brittany/Normandy

Route Distance: ~58 nm / 107.4 km
Prevailing direction: N >> S
Record: 2005 - 14:25:00
Solo: 2
Team: 3


Mark Stocker

Image: Mark Stocker, Arrival at Cherbourg

While the 'usual' crossing of the 'English Channel' cuts across the Dover Strait, the crossings here reflect longer routes between the coastline of the south of England and the French coast, lying to the south. These crossings cover much greater distances - challenging and impressive undertakings.

Crossing: English Channel - UK South Coast - Brittany/Normandy


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1K1MMark Stocker14:25:0013-Jul-05PooleCherbourgPrijon Barracuda
2K1MBody Pemberton~50:45:0020-May-19Percuil
L'Aber Wrac'h
--Positive Bones

2 solo paddlers


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1Team K2_ Royal Marines 1664 Chall. /36:0022-May-14Port-en-BessinSouthsea
2Team K2_ Normandy Klepper Challenge /37:25?20-Jun-14PortlandArromanches

2 Teams -- 2 Paddlers

+Teams Various

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--TeamChris Buckton
Mike Harding
Barry Robson
Ian Smith
Mike Stroud
19:21:2922-Jul-2014SwanageAlderneySki/SOT - various


1 Team -- 5 Paddlers


Chris Buckton / Mike Harding / Barry Robson / Ian Smith / Mike Stroud (22-Jul-2014)
Note: This was a crossing from UK South Coast to the Isle of Alderney, rather than to France.
An ambitous attempt to take a team of 5 across from Dorset to the Isle of Alderney - a crossing of 50+ nm. The route crossed a rather busy shipping channel before encountering significant tidal flows towards the latter stages.
From the Team Organiser: "As far as I know this is the first ever Channel crossing to Alderney on Sit-on-top kayaks." - can't argue with that.
Also -" You'll be amazed to hear that one of the team (who is in remission from Cancer) did it on a Hobie! A mixture of paddling and peddling... Anyway, all members of the team safe and well and over £5k raised for charity."
Use of escort boat.

Body Pemberton (20-May-19)
From Body : "I set off on Monday the 20th at 1300hrs from Percuil which is up the river from St Mawes, opposite Falmouth. I had to spent 12 hours abourd the support boat on the Monday night due to a bit of weather which we had anticipated. Kicked off again at 0800 on the Tuesday morning, paddled for five hours then had a 45 minute break, then another five hours and another 45 minute break and then I paddled anouther six and a half hours through the shipping lanes before getting aboard the support boat for a few hours kip. I restarted at 0600hrs and paddled eight and a half hours until we reached the outer cardinal mark off L'AberWrac'h. A half hour break and a brew while we waited for the tide to turn and then up the river to L'AberWrac'h marina arriving at approximately 15:45 on Wednesday afternoon. The total distance was 110 nautical miles (126.5miles)."

_ Royal Marines 1664 Chall. (22-May-14)
The 1664 Team completed using a combination of Klepper folding doubles and conventional composite double sea kayaks. The 1664 Challenge is a fundraising event that "demonstrates the epitome of Commando Spirit and will be part of a wide ranging celebration of the 350th anniversary of the formation of Her Majesty's Royal Marines." All proceeds go to the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund who provide crucial support that directly enhances the lives of injured comrades.

Mark Stocker (13-Jul-05)
Mark's partner dropped out before the start, so he decided to do the crossing on his own. On the way he experienced extensive mist and some chop. So much so that his safety team wanted him to retire on a number of occasions, thinking that the mist made the crossing too dangerous. Needless to say he carried on. In a better boat with slightly better weather Mark thinks he could shave the time by at least 25%.


Crossing: English Channel - UK South Coast - Brittany/Normandy

Solo paddlers: 2
Team paddlers: 7
Teams: 3

Recorded Start Points:
    • Percuil, Cornwall (1)
    • Poole (1)
    • Port-en-Bessin (1)
    • Portland (1)
    • Swanage (1)

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