Bamburgh Castle

Farne Islands Loop

An intriguing challenge from North East paddlers Ollie Jay and Brian Turnbull. From Brian: "I find this a fascinating challenge - not a terribly long one and at something in the order of 20km is suitable for a Sunday morning foray - but trying to work out the tidal streams around the Islands and the tidal gate on the outside of the archepeligo is something of an enigma! Start and finish point (which must be the same) can be anywhere between Seahouses and Bamburgh, it's up to the paddler to decide."

Brian adds: " to whatever the North sea is sending this way, this can also be quite an intimidating place to be for the solo paddler."  Contact Ollie Jay at Active4Seasons for details.

Image: Bamburgh Castle
Note: These are open water time-trials along an exposed stretch of tidal coastline - do not underestimate them.


Farne Islands Loop

Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 Brian Turnbull K1M 01:42:06 06-Jul-14 Rockpool Taran 18
2 Brian Turnbull K1M 01:44:40 27-Jul-14 Rockpool Taran 18
3 Brian Turnbull K1M 01:50:59 26-May-12 Point 65 XP18
4 Neil Turnbull K1M 01:56:00 12-Jul-14 Rockpool GT
5(1) Roswitha Wagenknecht K1W 02:05:00 25-Jun-14 Valley Nordkapp LV
6 Brian Turnbull K1M 02:09:20 20-Nov-11 Tiderace Xplore

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Total Number of Runs: 6

Farne Islands Loop

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