Land's End - John o'Groats

Route Distance: ~730 nm / 1352 km
Prevailing direction: S >> N
Record: 2013 - 32
Solo: 2
Team: 2


Glyn Brackenbury


As the crow flies it is over 600 nm from Land's End to John O'Groats, but factor in all the wiggly bits and it is considerably further. This is an interesting record route as it can vary between salt and/or freshwater, as the paddler sees fit. The rules are simple; start at Sennen Cove and finish at John O'Groats (or go in 'reverse') paddling a continuous route between. Open water or Inland - sea, rivers, lochs or canals - that's up to you. Of course you could also close the loop with a cycle ride back home...

Note: UK Circumnav trips are not shown here.

Multi-Day: Land's End - John o'Groats


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1K1MGlyn Brackenbury3220-May-13Sennen CoveJohn o'GroatsMega Viking
2K1MRoy Beal5620-Jul-21John o'GroatsSennen CoveYakaYak Fulmar (Ply)
--RouteN >> S

2 solo paddlers


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1K1MNick Arding6525-Jul-13Sennen CoveJohn o'GroatsRockpool Taran 18
--team to solo*Facebook
2K1MAndy Murphy9115-Jul-19Sennen CoveJohn o'GroatsNDK Explorer
--team to solo*

2 Teams -- 2 Paddlers


Nick Arding (25-Jul-13)
team to solo*.
Nick originally set off from Totnes with Lee Pooley, with an aim to circumnavigate the UK. Unfortunately Lee had to withdraw through injury. Nick continued solo to North Wales where he was joined by his intrepid wife, Phillipa; Nick and Phillipa then continued to John o'Groats. From the start the Team had been undertaking beach cleans, raising awareness of pollution along the UK Coastline, they continued this as they made their way to John o'Groats. Note: Where Glyn B made use of various waterways on his attempt, Nick (and Phillipa) stuck to open water for the most part (other than the Crinan Canal) - a distance of around 900 nm.

Glyn Brackenbury (20-May-13)
Glyn Brackenbury initiated the benchmark trip from Land's End to John o'Groats using an interesting route that mixed inland canals and rivers with the open sea, as well as crossing Scotland via the Caledonian Canal.

Andy Murphy (15-Jul-19)
team to solo*.
Originally Andy Murphy set out with Steve Watts. Steve retired 6th June. Andy's trip was completed on salt-water throughout - no canals.


Multi-Day: Land's End - John o'Groats

Solo paddlers: 2
Team paddlers: 2
Teams: 2

Recorded Start Points:
    • John o'Groats (1)
    • Sennen Cove (3)

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