Irish Sea - Anglesey / Dublin

Route Distance: ~53 nm / 98.2 km
Prevailing direction: E >> W
Record: 2012 - 10:22:00
Solo: 4
Team: 13


Brian Fanning
Mick O'Meara
John Willacy
Nick Cunliffe
Justine Curgenven
John Willacy
Barry Shaw
Harry Whelan
John Chamberlin
Tim Oldrini
Martin Bell
Adam Waller
Dave Bland
Nick Gough
Derek Mayes

Image: Brian Fanning + Mick O'Meara (and Team) 2012 Crossing

The crossing of the Irish Sea by sea kayak is an impressive undertaking by whichever route; however the line between Dublin and Anglesey is seen as the the Blue Riband route, viewed by many as the ultimate of UK-based crossings.

This is a long crossing with ferry lanes to avoid and significant tidal flows along the coastline at either end, which challenge the best of planning and fitness at the close of a long day.

However it is the sheer distance (over 53 nm) which is the most dominating factor on this one. This route demands good planning, good navigation, determination and a fair dose of self reliance.

Crossing: Irish Sea - Anglesey / Dublin


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1K1MJohn Willacy11:19:5901-Oct-11Soldiers' PointHowthRockpool Taran 18
2K1MJohn Willacy13:45:0024-Aug-07Dun LaoghairePorth DafarchNelo Inuk
3K1MJim Savege17:00:0022-Jul-06HolyheadDun LaoghaireNelo Inuk
4K1MHarry Whelan?2008HolyheadDun Laoghaire--

4 solo paddlers


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1TeamBrian Fanning
Mick O'Meara
10:22:0028-Jul-12BrayPorth DafarchRockpool Taran 18
Rockpool Taran 18
2TeamNick Cunliffe
Justine Curgenven
11:45:0013-May-09Soldiers' PointColiemore Hbr.Valley Nordkapp LV
SKUK Explorer
3TeamSean Cahill
Ciaran Cooke
Don O Brien
13:10:0015-Jul-13Bullock HarbourPort DafarchRockpool Taran 18
Sipre ?
Kayak Pro Nemo
4TeamBarry Shaw
Harry Whelan
14:34:0025-Aug-03Porth DafarchDun LaoghaireSKUK Explorer
SKUK Explorer
5TeamJonny Eldridge
Dan McGonigle
15:48:1610-Aug-20Porth DafarchBullock HarbourRockpool Taran 18
Rockpool Taran 16
6TeamJohn Chamberlin
Tim Oldrini
16:13:0014-Jun-96Soldiers' PointDun LaoghaireP+H Outlander
P+H Capella
7K2Ray Goodwin /
Terry Storrey
16:30:00?-?-1996HolyheadDun Laoghaire

8K2Leo Hoare /
Olly Sanders

9K2Martin Bell /
Adam Waller
~18:00:0011-Apr-94Soldier's Point?HowthValley Aleut 2

10TeamDavid Attenborough
Roger Chandler
Steve Miles
James Stevenson
~19:00:0013-Mar-14Rhoscolyn Dun LaoghaireP+H Quest
SKUK Explorer
Rockpool Taran 16

11TeamGeorge Arnison
Rob Cunliffe
19:55:005/6-Aug-02Porth DafarchDun LaoghaireValley Nordkapp HM
P+H Sirius
12TeamDave Bland
Nick Gough
Derek Mayes
20:15:0029-Jun-69Dun LaoghaireHolyheadStreamlyte KW7
Streamlyte KW7

13K2Alan Creedon /
Mike Alexander
~22:00:0015-May-16Porth Dafarch Dun LaoghairePerception Horizon


13 Teams -- 30 Paddlers


Martin Bell / Adam Waller (11-Apr-94)

Dave Bland / Nick Gough / Derek Mayes (29-Jun-69)
Read the PSK article for more details.

John Chamberlin / Tim Oldrini (14-Jun-96)
From John: "I believe I might possibly have been the first person to do three, and 'all three', crossings; south, north, central?"

Nick Cunliffe / Justine Curgenven (13-May-09)
From Nick: "Throughout the crossing the wind varied between E4-5, occasionally more ENE. It had been blowing from the east for a few days, so we had a good moderate sea mid-crossing – downhill paddling all the way. The sea state settled once we crossed the Kish Bank, especially as the wind was no more than E4 for the last couple of hours. On a personal note, it was also my 42nd birthday and I fancied a big day out to celebrate - I certainly got one! Justine didn’t know until we arrived. We hadn’t gone out to set a “record”, just to get it over with as quick as possible and to enjoy the conditions. The Guinness tasted good in Dun Laoghaire! "

Jonny Eldridge / Dan McGonigle (10-Aug-20)
Overnight Crossing.

Brian Fanning / Mick O'Meara (28-Jul-12)
Every now and then a record comes along that looks as if it may stand for a good while, this is probably one of them. Brian and Mick smashed the 11 hour barrrier - on a day when the conditions were a good way from perfect.
Ray Goodwin / Terry Storrey (?-?-1996)
Ray has also sailed this crossing with Dave Howie in open canoe, in 1994 I believe.


Crossing: Irish Sea - Anglesey / Dublin

Solo paddlers: 4
Team paddlers: 30
Teams: 13

Recorded Start Points:
    • Bray (1)
    • Bullock Harbour (1)
    • Dun Laoghaire (2)
    • Holyhead (4)
    • Porth Dafarch (3)
    • Porth Dafarch (1)
    • Rhoscolyn (1)
    • Soldier's Point? (1)
    • Soldiers' Point (3)

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