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The monthly Llyn Padarn 5km timetrial is held on the 3rd Sunday of each month (Sep to Mar), dates below.

The approx. 5km course runs along the east side of the lake, start and finish by the Slate Museum.
Either meet at the Snowdonia Watersports pontoon at 10:15, for a 10 min warmup paddle across to the start - or park and get on at the end of the Slate Museum car park. First boat starts at 11:00.

It is a handicap race, based on previous times and alleged form! All abilities are welcome. Times vary from about 28 to 40 mins with a variety of boats taking part: sprint K1s, sea kayaks, skis, WWR boats, fast tourers, etc.

This TT is organised by Dyffryn Conwy Paddlers. PSK display the results.
Alternatively you can self-time an 'Open' run and submit your time to PSK.

Snowdonia Watersports

Event Dates for 2022_2023

1 - 18-Sep-222 - 16-Oct-223 - 20-Nov-22
4 - 18-Dec-225 - 22-Jan-236 - 19-Feb-22
7 - 19-Mar-22


Llyn Padarn Time Trial - PB List

PB List - (Race runs only)

PBs: 79

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Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Boat Note Date
1Jared HumphriesK1M23:34K1race_12022-09-18
2gdpr reqd.K1M24:182020-01-19gd
3John Willacy
/Pascale Eichenmuller
K2Rockpool Kayaks25:42K2race_12017-09-24
4gdpr reqd.K225:482017-09-24gd
5John WillacyK1MRockpool Kayaks25:50K1 Talonrace_52019-01-20
6gdpr reqd.K226:072018-09-23gd
7gdpr reqd.K1M26:282017-11-19gd
8gdpr reqd.K226:302021-09-19gd
9gdpr reqd.K1M27:182018-10-21gd
10Alan ColeK1M27:40Skirace_22019-10-20
11gdpr reqd.K1M27:412022-09-18gd
12James WingfieldK1MD.C.P.28:00K1race_32016-12-17
131Pascale EichenmullerK1WRockpool Kayaks28:10K1 Etarace_22020-10-18
14gdpr reqd.K228:152019-09-15gd
15Harry VenessK1M28:21K1race_12022-09-18
16Jeff ParkerK1MTrentham CC28:24Skirace_22018-10-21
17gdpr reqd.K228:282019-09-15gd
17Mark WilliamsK1M_SkiChester C.C.28:28Stellar Searace_12022-09-18
19Jane Parker
/Jeff Parker
K2Trentham CC28:37Sipre Tsunamirace_12017-09-24
20gdpr reqd.K1M28:452019-10-20gd
21gdpr reqd.K1M28:562015-11-21gd
22Petr MajorK1MSKUK29:16Skirace72019-01-20
23Paul GallagherK1M_Ski29:24Stellar SR G2race_12022-09-18
24gdpr reqd.K229:272017-12-17gd
25Kevin ColemanK1MD.C.P.30:33Talonrace_72023-03-19
26gdpr reqd.K1M29:352022-11-20gd
272gdpr reqd.K1W29:402016-11-19gd
28gdpr reqd.K229:472019-09-15gd
29gdpr reqd.K1M29:502016-12-17gd
30gdpr reqd.SUP_M30:202017-11-19gd
30gdpr reqd.K1M30:202020-10-18gd
32Chris Gash
/Bryan Dickinson
32Chris GashK1MD.C.P.30:28Trimmerrace_32022-11-20
34gdpr reqd.K1M30:322016-01-16gd
34gdpr reqd.K1M30:322017-11-19gd
36gdpr reqd.K1M30:352023-03-19gd
37gdpr reqd.K1M30:392019-01-20gd
38Bryan DickinsonK1MSnowdonia CC30:47Rockpool Taran 16race_52019-01-20
39gdpr reqd.K1M31:002017-11-19gd
40gdpr reqd.K1M31:052019-01-20gd
41gdpr reqd.K1M31:082016-12-17gd
423gdpr reqd.K1W31:182016-03-19gd
423Penny WingfieldK1WD.C.P.31:18Trimmerrace_72023-03-19
44gdpr reqd.K1M31:412018-12-16gd
45gdpr reqd.SUP_M31:492017-11-19gd
46gdpr reqd.K1M31:562022-11-20gd
47Penny Wingfield
/Kamala Sen
48gdpr reqd.K1M32:062017-01-21gd
49gdpr reqd.K1M32:102017-12-17gd
505gdpr reqd.K1W32:332022-11-20gd
516gdpr reqd.K1WJ32:582016-11-19gd
527Jenny WongK1WSnowdonia C.C.33:05Rockpool Tarantellarace_12021-09-19
53gdpr reqd.K1M33:132021-12-19gd
54gdpr reqd.K1M33:232017-11-19gd
55gdpr reqd.K233:282023-03-19gd
56Kevin Coleman
/Kamala Sen
K2MxD.C.P.33:40Inter. K2race_72019-03-17
578Kamala SenK1WD.C.P.33:46Trimmer?race_52019-01-20
589Jane ParkerK1WTrentham CC34:07Neumann Spiritrace_32017-11-19
59gdpr reqd.K1M34:402016-11-19gd
60gdpr reqd.K1M34:422022-11-20gd
6110gdpr reqd.K1WJ35:112016-11-19gd
6211gdpr reqd.K1W35:392017-12-17gd
63gdpr reqd.SUP_M36:012019-01-20gd
6412Kathy WebbK1WSnowdonia C.C.36:05Sea Kayakrace_52019-01-20
65Harry MarshallK1M36:56Sea Kayakrace_22018-10-21
66gdpr reqd.K1M37:002021-09-19gd
6713gdpr reqd.K1W37:252017-11-19gd
67gdpr reqd.K1M37:252019-01-20gd
69Jason PottsK1MD.C.P.38:40Seakayakrace_22022-10-16
70gdpr reqd.SUP_M39:022022-10-16gd
7114gdpr reqd.K1W39:302016-11-19gd
7215gdpr reqd.K1W39:572018-12-16gd
7316gdpr reqd.K1W40:342017-01-21gd
74Kamala Sen
/Jenny Wong
7517gdpr reqd.K1W42:022022-02-27gd
76gdpr reqd.K1M43:092016-03-19gd
77Daniel Van NiekerkK1M_SUP45:58SUPrace_52022-01-16
7818Mali HughesK1W48:13Talismanrace_52022-01-16
7919gdpr reqd.K1W50:302022-01-16gd

Total Runs: 28

Llyn Padarn TT v2 - Course - Information


Start close in the corner by the Slate Museum, paddle down the lake, following the N/E shore to turn around the large rock at the approx 15 min mark, take the same route back following the shore.

  • Start and Finish
    • The start is in the corner by the Slate Museum (SH 583, 603) just to the north of where the river comes in.
    • There is a tiny beach in the trees, 3 boat lengths NW of there, there is a low branch protruding out of the water.
    • That's the start/finish line.
  • Turn Point
    • The turn point is a large rock 15 min down the lake on the N/E shore (SH 565,619).
    • It is a large (car sized) smooth, low-lying rock immediately after the large smooth rock outcrop that slopes into the water (obvious).
    • Turn CCW around the rock.
  • Course:
    • The course is slightly unconventional in that you need to follow the bank out and back (originally a safety measure from the DCP club for the safety of junior paddlers)
    • You have to complete at least 5km for your time to be valid.
    • Follow the shore approx. 50 m out and you should be ok.
    • Cut across the 'bays' too much and you'll go under 5 km - naughty!
    • Finish under 5km and your time won't count.
    • It may take a few runs to get the hang of it...
  • Timing:
    • Clock starts/stops body level with the start-line branch (not at an arbitrary 5km point.)
    • The organised Winter Series races are 3rd Sunday of each month from September to March, run by Dyffryn Conwy Paddlers.
    • There is usually a time-keeper for the winter-series races, though it's always good practice to time yourself.
    • You can run the course any other time and self-time for an 'Open Run'.
    • PSK publish times for both Open Runs and the Winter Series here on the PSK website.
  • Submit a time


    • Kayak, Ski, SUP or Canoe - Any craft you choose must be specifically designed to be suitable for your chosen venue and conditions, it must be in a lake-worthy and safe condition.
    • All paddlers should be capable of paddling their chosen craft safely in all possible conditions for the chosen location.
    • All craft are to be rendered unsinkable, either by manufacturer design (bulkheads etc.) or via extra buoyancy devices (fitted airbags etc.)
    • We do not consider inflatable kayaks/canoes as suitable for this challenge.


    • All paddlers must undertake an assessment of risk - for their chosen route, venue, craft, personal ability and conditions before paddling.
    • Ensure you and your group are capable of handling any conditions or hazards possible on your chosen route.
    • Check the weather forecast.
    • Be aware the conditions on this lake can change quickly and significantly. If in doubt don't go. If you are unhappy on the water, paddle to the side, get off and walk home.
    • The management of any risk is entirely the responsibility of the paddler(s).
    • Paddlers are to wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) at all times whilst on the water.
    • PFDs should meet ISO 12402 or be CE approved, and must be in good condition.
    • Safe quick-release leashes should be worn where applicable (Skis and or SUPs) as deemed necessary by the paddler's own risk assessment.
    • All craft are to be rendered unsinkable, either by manufacturer design (bulkheads etc.) or via extra buoyancy devices (fitted airbags etc.)
    • Safety equipment should be carried as deemed appropriate in your risk assesment.
    • If you choose to paddle solo be aware of the significant extra risks involved.
    • If you have any doubts - THEN DO NOT GO!

LlynP TT Course
Llyn Padar TT - The Course

Start Line
The Start

Start Area
Squeezed into the corner, the Start Area

Start Line
The person on the bank in the red jacket is the timekeeper standing on the start/finish line

On the Start Line
On the Start Line (winter) - start line is just ahead of the blue/white boat in the background.

Follow the bank
Follow the bank.

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