PSK Rules and Info


  • All paddlers must undertake an assessment of risk - for their chosen route, venue, craft, personal ability and conditions.

  • Ensure you and your group are capable of handling any conditions or hazards possible on your chosen route.

  • Ensure your route avoids any exclusions or danger areas. Avoid shipping channels where possible and follow all local/national regulations as applicable.

  • Paddlers are to wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) at all times whilst on the water.

  • Helmets and leashes should be worn where applicable (helmets on moving/shallow water - quick-release leashes on Skis, SUP's etc where deemed necessary).

  • Kayak, Ski, SUP or Canoe - Any craft you choose must be designed for and suitable for the specific conditions and venue on the day.
    It must be rendered unsinkable, and in a seaworthy and safe condition.

  • All craft are to be rendered unsinkable, either by manufacturer design (bulkheads etc.) or via extra buoyancy devices (fitted airbags etc.)

  • You must be able to self-rescue / re-enter your chosen craft in open water.

  • Safety equipment such as VHF radio, PLB, flares, mobile phone, map, compass, shelter etc. should be carried as deemed appropriate in your risk assesment.
    You should know how to correctly use all equipment.

  • Leave details of your route and time of return with a shore party and inform HM Coastguard before and after your trip as necessary.

  • If you choose to paddle solo be aware of the significant extra risks involved.

  • The management of any risk is entirely the responsibility of the paddler(s).

  • If you have any doubts - THEN DO NOT GO!

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