Menai Challenge:
Full Course - All Times

The Menai Challenge is a self-timed time-trial where paddlers can test planning, strategy, skill and fitness over a Time Trial course within the Menai Straits.

The Full course is a loop starting at Menai Bridge slipway, with turn points at Brittania Bridge and Bangor Pier Buoy, before returning to finish at the slipway.


  • Start and Finish
    • At the Menai Bridge slipway. Start/finish as close as possible to the centreline end of the slipway.
  • Route:
    • Start MB slipway.
    • 2 turn points: Briattania Bridge central pillar and Bangor Pier red can buoy.
    • Return to Menai Bridge slipway.
    • Direction and turn point order is down to you.
  • Timing:
    • Time yourself.
    • Clock starts/stops as you cross the slipway centreline.
  • This is a self-timed TT. Record it on GPS and send us the .gpx or .tcx file. Please no screen grabs.
  • The Menai Challenge is open to any craft suitable and safe to paddle through the Swellies.
  • Be aware the Menai Strait, and especially the Swellies, is an area of fast moving and shallow water at times, with numerous rocks.
  • Avoid disturbance to any wildlife. Birds may roost and seals may haul out on the islands at times.
  • Note: We consider the Menai Challenge series of TT courses as moving water sea paddling: treat any attempt as a sea paddling trip - choose your craft, prepare and paddle accordingly.
  • Read and apply the safety notes at the bottom of the page.
  • Details below

Course design by John Willacy. Contact PSK for further details.

The Menai Challenge is an Unsupervised Standing Challenge

Menai Challenge: Full Course - All Times

Route Distance: ~5.7 nm / 10.6 km
Prevailing direction: N/A

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1K2_SkiIsaac Pipe/ Al Pipe00:47:3520-Sep-21Carbonology Sport Blast
2K1MJohn Willacy00:53:2024-Dec-18Rockpool Taran 18
3K1M_SkiAl Pipe00:53:2211-Jul-20Knysna G40 Ski
4K1MJohn Willacy00:54:1519-Dec-16Rockpool Taran 18
5K1MJohn Willacy00:54:2301-May-23Rockpool Taran 18
6K1MJohn Willacy00:54:4525-Dec-14Rockpool Taran 18
7K1M_SkiJohn Willacy00:54:5125-Sep-21Epic V11
8K1MJohn Willacy00:55:0129-Aug-16Rockpool Taran 18
9K1MJonny Eldridge00:55:2029-Jun-18Rockpool Taran 18
10K1MIsaac Pipe00:55:3511-Jul-20Valley Rapier 20
11K1MJohn Willacy00:55:3828-Jul-16Rockpool Taran 18
12K1M_SkiJohn Willacy00:55:4416-Jun-22Epic V11
13K1MJohn Willacy00:56:0016-Jun-14Rockpool Taran 18
14K1MJohn Willacy00:56:0321-Aug-18Rockpool Taran 18
15K1MAled Williams00:56:2530-Apr-14Tiderace Pace 18
16K1MJohn Willacy00:56:2903-Mar-17Epic V10 Sport
16K1MJohn Willacy00:56:2918-Apr-17Rockpool Taran 18
18K1MJohn Willacy00:56:3017-Jul-17Rockpool Taran 18
19K1MJohn Willacy00:56:3919-May-16Rockpool Taran 18
20K1MDan McGonigle00:56:4630-Apr-18Rockpool Taran 16
21K1MJohn Willacy00:57:0105-Oct-18Rockpool Taran 18
22K1MJohn Willacy00:57:0706-Oct-15Rockpool Taran 18
23K1MJohn Willacy00:57:1930-Jan-19Rockpool GT
24K1MJohn Willacy00:57:2426-Nov-16Rockpool Taran 18
24K1MDan McGonigle00:57:2422-Mar-17Rockpool Taran 16
26K1MJohn Willacy00:57:4213-Sep-15Rockpool Taran 18
27K1MDan McGonigle00:57:4407-Apr-16Rockpool Taran 16
28K1MJohn Willacy00:57:4614-Sep-17Rockpool Taran 18
29K1MJohn Willacy00:57:5705-May-16Rockpool Taran 18
30K1MJohn Willacy00:57:5902-Apr-14Rockpool Taran 18
31K1MJohn Willacy00:58:0207-Apr-16Rockpool Taran 18
32K1MJohn Willacy00:58:0516-Jul-14Rockpool Taran 18
33K1MJohn Willacy00:58:0819-May-15Rockpool Taran 18
34K1MJohn Willacy00:58:1513-Feb-15Rockpool Taran 18
35K1MJohn Willacy00:58:1701-Nov-15Rockpool Taran 18
36K1MDavid Horkan00:58:2022-Mar-16Rockpool Taran 18
36(1)K1WPascale Eichenmuller00:58:2020-Apr-19Rockpool Taran 18
38K1MAled Williams00:58:4509-Jul-14Tiderace Pace 18
39K1MDan McGonigle00:58:5516-Sep-17Rockpool Taran 16
40K1MJonny Eldridge00:58:5611-Jan-19Rockpool Taran 18
41K1MJohn Willacy00:59:1619-Feb-18Rockpool Taran 18
42K1MJohn Willacy00:59:2517-Feb-16Rockpool Taran 18
43K1MJohn Willacy00:59:2705-Jul-22Rockpool Taran 18
44(2)K1WPascale Eichenmuller00:59:3116-Aug-16Rockpool Taran 18
45K1MJohn Willacy00:59:3308-May-15Rockpool Taran 18
46K1MJeff Parker00:59:3827-Sep-14Rockpool Taran 18
47K1MPaul Krysik00:59:4009-Nov-14Rockpool Taran 18
48K1MJohn Willacy00:59:4408-Feb-18Rockpool Taran 18
49K1MJohn Willacy00:59:5624-Jan-14Rockpool Taran 18
50K1MJohn Willacy01:00:0611-Dec-19Rockpool Taran 18
51K1MJohn Willacy01:00:0718-May-17Rockpool Taran 18
52K1MRichard Griffiths Hughes01:00:2124-Dec-18SKUK Quantum
52K1MJohn Willacy01:00:2113-Jun-20Rockpool Taran 18
54K1MAl Pipe01:00:4329-Apr-14Valley Rapier
55K1MJonny Eldridge01:00:5126-May-18Rockpool Taran 18
56K1MJohn Willacy01:00:5419-Dec-17Rockpool Taran 18
57K1MJohn Willacy01:01:0029-Apr-15Rockpool Taran 18
58K1MAled Williams01:01:0608-Jan-14Tiderace Pace 18
59(3)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:01:1316-Jul-21Rockpool Taran 18
60K1MAled Williams01:01:1510-Mar-14Tiderace Pace 18
61K1MJohn Willacy01:01:1620-Feb-17Rockpool Taran 18
62K1MJohn Willacy01:01:1805-Oct-23Rockpool Taran 16
63K1MDan McGonigle01:01:2101-May-17Rockpool Taran 16
64K1MAled Williams01:01:46*02-Apr-14Tiderace Pace 18
65SUP_MChris Thorne01:01:4927-May-21Starboard Sprint
66K1MJohn Willacy01:01:5217-Apr-15Rockpool Taran 18
67K1MJohn Willacy01:02:0002-Sep-20Rockpool Taran 18
68K1MJohn Willacy01:02:0120-Feb-17Rockpool Taran 18
69K1MJohn Willacy01:02:1317-Feb-22Rockpool Taran 18
70(4)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:02:1417-Jul-17Rockpool Taran 18
71K1MDave Cutts01:02:2028-Jan-19Rockpool Taran 16
72(5)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:02:3024-Dec-18Rockpool Taran 18
73K1MJohn Willacy01:02:3418-Apr-16Rockpool Taran 18
74K1MDavid Horkan01:02:3618-Feb-16Rockpool Taran 18
75K1MBryan Dickinson01:02:4411-Feb-16Rockpool Tarantella
76K1MJohn Willacy01:02:4608-Mar-19Rockpool Taran 18
77K1MJohn Willacy01:02:5808-Mar-19Rockpool Taran 18
78K1MSteve Miles01:03:0007-Apr-16Rockpool Taran 18
79K1MJohn Willacy01:03:0423-May-14Rockpool Taran 18
80K1M_SkiPaul Gallagher01:03:0714-Apr-23Stellar SR G2
81(6)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:03:1222-Oct-20Rockpool Taran 18
82K1MJoe Leach01:03:2418-Feb-16Rockpool Taran 18
83K1MDave Cutts01:03:2611-Feb-19Rockpool Taran 16
84K1MRichard Griffiths Hughes01:03:2705-Jul-18Rockpool Taran 18
85K1MJonny Eldridge01:03:3802-Nov-17Rockpool GT
86(7)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:03:4319-Dec-16Rockpool Taran 18
87K1MSteve Miles01:04:0010-Feb-14Rockpool Taran 16
87K1MDan McGonigle~01:04:0007-Feb-17Rockpool Taran 16
89K1MJohn Willacy01:04:0219-Jan-16Rockpool Taran 18
90(8)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:04:0314-Sep-17Rockpool Taran 18
91K1MBryan Dickinson01:04:1216-Jan-16Rockpool Tarantella
92K1MJohn Willacy01:04:1304-Sep-20Rockpool Taran 18
93(9)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:04:1605-Oct-18Rockpool Taran 18
94(10)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:04:2008-Sep-18Rockpool Taran 18
95K1MBryan Dickinson01:04:2304-Nov-15Rockpool Tarantella
96K1MDave Cutts01:04:3514-Jan-19Rockpool Taran 16
97K1MJohn Willacy01:04:3921-Nov-22Rockpool Taran 18
98K1MRichard Peevor01:04:4613-Mar-16Rockpool Taran 18
99K1MRichard Griffiths Hughes01:04:5109-Jun-18Rockpool Taran 18
100(11)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:04:5528-Dec-14Rockpool Taran 18
101K1MBryan Dickinson01:04:5802-Apr-17Rockpool Tarantella
102K1MDave Cutts01:04:5927-Mar-19Rockpool Taran 16
103K1MDan McGonigle~01:05:0007-Feb-17Rockpool Taran 16
104K1MDave Cutts01:05:1002-May-19Rockpool Taran 16
105(12)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:05:1203-Mar-17Rockpool Taran 18
106K1MDave Cutts01:05:1902-Jan-19P+H Cetus
107K1MDave Cutts01:05:3510-Sep-20Rockpool Taran 16
108(13)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:05:3725-Dec-14Rockpool Taran 18
109K1MNorbert Ziober01:05:3826-Nov-16Rockpool Taran 18
110(14)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:05:4106-Oct-15Rockpool Taran 18
111(15)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:05:4218-May-17Rockpool Taran 18
111K1MJohn Willacy01:05:4216-Jan-20Rockpool Taran 18
113(16)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:05:4425-Sep-21Rockpool Taran 18
114K1MSteve Miles01:05:4903-Jan-19Rockpool Taran 18
115K1MNorbert Ziober01:05:5210-Jun-16Rockpool Taran 18
116K1MJames Wingfield01:05:5626-Nov-16Nigel Foster Vyneck
116K1MRichard Griffiths Hughes01:05:5617-May-17Rockpool Taran 16
118(17)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:05:5719-May-16Rockpool Taran 18
119(18)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:05:5909-Nov-14Rockpool Taran 18
120(19)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:06:0207-Apr-16Rockpool Taran 18
121(20)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:06:0928-Jul-16Rockpool Taran 18
122K1MSteve Miles01:06:1029-Jul-17Rockpool Taran 18
122K1MBryan Dickinson01:06:1022-Sep-18Rockpool Taran 16
124K1MRich Griffiths Hughes01:06:1815-Aug-20Rockpool Taran 18
125K1MRichard Peevor01:06:1926-Nov-16Rockpool Taran 18
126K1MJohn Willacy01:06:2220-Feb-17Rockpool Taran 18
127K1MJohn Willacy01:06:3017-Feb-15Rockpool Taran 18
127K1MJohn Willacy01:06:3029-Sep-17Rockpool Taran 18
129K1M_SkiPaul Gallagher01:06:3716-May-23Stellar SR G2
130(21)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:06:4216-Jun-22Rockpool Taran 18
131K1MJonny Eldridge01:06:5519-Jan-16Rockpool GT
132(22)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:06:5726-Nov-16Rockpool Taran 18
133(23)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:07:0208-Feb-18Rockpool Taran 18
134(24)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:07:1301-May-23Rockpool Taran 18
135K1MDave Cutts01:07:1412-Jan-18P+H Cetus
136K1MJohn Willacy01:07:1717-Feb-15Rockpool Taran 18
137SUP_MChris Thorne01:07:1802-Jan-19Starboard Sprint
138K1MDave Cutts01:07:3006-Aug-20P+H Cetus MV
139K1M_SkiPaul Gallagher01:07:3201-Apr-23Stellar SR G2
140K1MRichard Peevor01:07:4531-Jul-15SKUK Explorer HV
141K1MSteve Miles01:07:5229-Jan-14Rockpool Taran 16
142K1MDavid Attenborough01:07:5329-Jan-14P+H Quest
142K1MRichard Peevor01:07:5308-Jan-17Rockpool Taran 18
144K1MJohn Willacy01:07:5901-Mar-15Rockpool Taran 18
145K1MJohn Willacy01:08:1601-Mar-15Rockpool Taran 18
146K1MDave Cutts01:09:0225-Jan-19Rockpool Taran 16
147K1MBryan Dickinson01:09:1028-Aug-23Rockpool Taran 16
148(25)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:09:1108-Jan-17Rockpool Taran 18
149SUP_MChris Thorne01:09:1815-Mar-1814ft Starboard Allstar
150K1MRichard Peevor01:09:2207-Apr-16SKUK Explorer HV
150K1MSteve Miles01:09:2223-Jan-19Rockpool Taran 18
152K1MDave Cutts01:09:2821-Nov-18P+H Cetus
153K1MMark'Baggy' Richards01:09:3420-Sep-14Islander Expedition
154K1MDave Cutts01:09:3612-Sep-18P+H Cetus MV
155(26)K1WJenny Wong01:09:3809-Jan-19Rockpool Tarantella
156K1MJohn Willacy01:09:4409-Dec-16Rockpool Taran 18
157K1MRichard Griffiths Hughes01:09:4707-May-17Rockpool GT
158K1MRichard Peevor01:09:4828-Dec-14SKUK Explorer HV
159(27)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:10:0419-Feb-18Rockpool Taran 18
160(28)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:10:4405-Jul-22Rockpool Taran 18
161K1MRichard Griffiths Hughes01:10:4726-May-16Rockpool GT
162K1MNick Cunliffe01:10:4809-Jun-14Valley Nordkapp LV
162(29)K1WKamala Sen01:10:4809-Jun-14Valley Nordkapp LV
164(30)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:10:5519-Feb-18Rockpool Taran 18
165K1MJonny Eldridge01:10:5828-May-15Rockpool GT
166(31)K1WJenny Wong01:11:4322-Sep-18Rockpool Tarantella
167K1MDave Cutts01:11:0022-May-15P+H Cetus MV
167K1MSteve Miles01:11:0021-Nov-18Rockpool Taran 18
169K1MDave Cutts01:11:2908-Apr-19Rockpool Taran 16
169K1MDave Cutts01:11:2918-Jul-20P+H Cetus MV
171K1MRichard Peevor01:11:3309-Nov-14SKUK Explorer HV
172K1MDave Cutts01:11:3921-Feb-18P+H Cetus
173K1MDave Cutts01:11:4910-Oct-18P+H Cetus MV
174K1MMark'Baggy' Richards01:12:1531-Aug-14SKUK Explorer HV
175K1MNorbert Ziober01:12:4202-Apr-16Rockpool Taran 18
176K1MDave Cutts01:13:0428-Apr-22Rockpool Taran 16
177K1MMark'Baggy' Richards01:13:0830-Mar-15Islander Expedition
178K1MJames Stevenson01:13:1622-Jan-14P+H Cetus MV
179(32)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:13:3008-Mar-19Rockpool Taran 18
180(33)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:13:3102-Apr-14Rockpool Taran 16 LV
181K1MJohn Willacy01:14:4217-Feb-15Rockpool Taran 18
182K1MRich Griffiths Hughes01:14:5711-Oct-20Rockpool Taran 18
183SUP_MChris Thorne01:15:0606-Mar-1814ft Starboard Allstar
184SUP MChris Thorne01:15:4616-Sep-1714ft Starboard Allstar
185K1MDan McGonigle01:15:59?28-Jan-16SKUK Explorer
186K1MSteve Miles01:16:0002-Jan-18Rockpool Taran 18
187K1MMark'Baggy' Richards01:17:3012-Mar-16North_Shore Atlantic RPM
188(34)K1WJenny Wong01:17:4116-Jan-16SKUK Explorer LV
189K1MSteve Miles01:17:5928-Jan-16Rockpool Taran 18
190K1MMark Eldridge01:18:0029-Jun-18Rockpool Alaw Bach
191SUP_MRich Griffiths Hughes01:18:3118-Jul-20O'Shea GTE 13'0
192(35)K1WKathy Webb01:20:0022-May-15P+H Scorpio LV
193K1MDavid Round01:20:0522-May-15SKUK Romany Excel
194K1MMark'Baggy' Richards01:20:5211-Jan-15Islander Expedition
195K1MRichard Griffiths Hughes01:20:5928-Jan-16Rockpool GT
196K1MSteffan Griffiths01:21:0022-May-15P+H Capella
197K1MJoseff Round01:23:0022-May-15Yostwerks Sea Rider
198K1MDave Cutts01:24:3522-May-17P+H Cetus MV
198(36)K1WKathy Webb01:24:3522-May-17P+H Scorpio LV
200K1MDave Cutts01:25:5905-Sep-16P+H Cetus MV
201(37)K1WKathy Webb01:29:5905-Sep-16Valley Avocet
202NewYear .Paddle01:37:2801-Jan-16
202K1MDave Cutts01:37:2801-Jan-16P+H Cetus MV
202K1MBryan Dickinson01:37:2801-Jan-16Rockpool Alaw Bach
202(38)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:37:2801-Jan-16Rockpool Taran 18
202K1MHuw Jones01:37:2801-Jan-16SKUK Pilgrim
202K1MMark'Baggy' Richards01:37:2801-Jan-16North_Shore Atlantic
202(38)K1WKathy Webb01:37:2801-Jan-16Valley Avocet
202(38)K1WJenny Wong01:37:2801-Jan-16Rockpool Tarantella
210K1MJohn Willacy01:37:2901-Jan-16Rockpool Taran 18
211K1MPeter Eichenmuller01:39:1523-May-17Rockpool Taran 18
211(41)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:39:1523-May-17Rockpool Taran 18
213K1MJohn Willacy01:39:1623-May-17Rockpool Taran 18
214SUP MChris Thorne01:45:0030-Nov-16Red Sport 11' Inflatable
215NewYear .Paddle01:50:0002-Jan-17
216K1MDave Cutts01:50:0002-Jan-17P+H Cetus MV
216K1MBryan Dickinson01:50:0002-Jan-17Rockpool Alaw Bach
216K1MRob Evans01:50:0002-Jan-17SKUK Explorer
216K1MChris Gash01:50:0002-Jan-17Valley Nordkapp
216K1MRichard Peevor01:50:0002-Jan-17Rockpool Taran 18
216(42)K1WKamala Sen01:50:0002-Jan-17Rockpool Tarantella
216(42)K1WKathy Webb01:50:0002-Jan-17Valley Avocet
216(42)K1WJenny Wong01:50:0002-Jan-17Rockpool Alaw Bach
216K1MNorbert Ziober01:50:0002-Jan-17Rockpool Taran 18
225K1MJohn Willacy01:50:0102-Jan-17Rockpool Taran 18
226Christmas .Paddle01:52:0028-Dec-14
226K1MJonny Eldridge01:52:0028-Dec-14Rockpool Alaw
226(45)K1WRosie Frankland01:52:0028-Dec-14SKUK Romany
226K1MJim Krawiecki01:52:0028-Dec-14P+H Cetus MV
226(45)K1WJennie Richardson01:52:0028-Dec-14SKUK Romany
226K1MAled Williams01:52:0028-Dec-14Tiderace Pace 18
232K1MJohn Willacy01:52:0128-Dec-14Rockpool Taran 18
233K1MDave Cutts01:59:0001-Jan-19P+H Cetus
233(47)K1WAlison Davies01:59:0001-Jan-19Rockpool Alaw Bach
233K1MBryan Dickinson01:59:0001-Jan-19Rockpool Taran 16
233(47)K1WPascale Eichenmuller01:59:0001-Jan-19Rockpool Taran 18
233K1MRichard Griffiths Hughes01:59:0001-Jan-19Rockpool GT
233(47)K1WKamala Sen01:59:0001-Jan-19Valley Rapier 18
233(47)K1WKathy Webb01:59:0001-Jan-19Valley Avocet
233K1MJames Wingfield01:59:0001-Jan-19N.Foster Vynek
233(47)K1WPenny Wingfield01:59:0001-Jan-19Valley Nordkapp
233(47)K1WJenny Wong01:59:0001-Jan-19Rockpool Tarantella
233(47)K1WJackie Wynne-Freer01:59:0001-Jan-19P+H Capella
244K1MJohn Willacy02:01:0001-Jan-19Rockpool Taran 18


Menai Challenge: Full Course
Route Distance: ~5.7 nm / 10.6 km
Prevailing direction: N/A

Total runs: 0

Menai Challenge Time Trial - Full Course - Information


  • Start and Finish
    • At the Menai Bridge slipway. Start/finish as close as possible to the end of the slipway.
  • Route:
    • Start MB slipway.
    • 2 turn points: Briattania Bridge central pillar and Bangor Pier red can buoy.
    • Return to Menai Bridge slipway.
    • Direction and turn point order is down to you.
  • Timing:
    • Time yourself.
    • Clock starts/stops as you cross the slipway centreline.

  • This is a self-timed TT. Record it on GPS and send us the .gpx or .tcx file. Please no screen grabs.
  • Avoid disturbance to any wildlife. Birds may roost on Ynys Welltog and seals may haul out on Ynys Benlas at times.
  • Be aware the Menai Strait, and especially the Swellies, is an area of fast moving and shallow water at times, with numerous rocks.

Submit a lap


  • Kayak, Ski, SUP or Canoe - Any craft you choose must be designed for and suitable for dynamic open water conditions. It must be rendered unsinkable, and in a seaworthy and safe condition.
  • All paddlers should be capable of paddling their chosen craft safely in all possible conditions for the chosen location.
  • All craft are to be rendered unsinkable, either by manufacturer design (bulkheads etc.) or via extra buoyancy devices (fitted airbags etc.)
  • Skis: The Menai Strait can be shallow and rocky in places, especially in The Swellies. Bear this in mind if you are paddling with an understern rudder!
  • Leashes: If you use a leash be aware that the Menai Strait has numerous fixed obstacles and fast moving water at times. You MUST be able to release your leash in a moving water entrapment situation.
  • We do not consider inflatable kayaks/canoes as suitable for this challenge.


  • No sails, motors, support craft etc. - human paddle power only.


  • Note: We consider the Menai Challenge series of TT courses as moving water sea paddling: treat any attempt as a sea paddling trip - choose your craft, prepare and paddle accordingly.
  • All paddlers must undertake an assessment of risk - for their chosen route, venue, activity, craft, personal ability and conditions.
  • Ensure you and your group are capable of handling any conditions or hazards possible on your chosen route.
  • The management of any risk is entirely the responsibility of the paddler(s).
  • Avoid boat/shipping channels where possible and follow all local/national regulations as applicable.
  • Paddlers are to wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) at all times whilst on the water.
  • PFDs should meet ISO 12402 or be CE approved, and must be in good condition.
  • Helmets and quick-release leashes should be worn where applicable as deemed necessary by the paddler's own risk assessment.
  • ALL paddlers (inc. SUPS) are strongly advised to wear a helmet. This course is likely to involve shallow and moving water.
  • All craft are to be rendered unsinkable, either by manufacturer design (bulkheads etc.) or via extra buoyancy devices (fitted airbags etc.)
  • You must be able to self-rescue / re-enter your chosen craft in open water.

  • Safety equipment such as VHF radio, PLB, flares, mobile phone, map, compass, shelter etc. should be carried as deemed appropriate in your risk assesment.
  • Leave details of your route and time of return with a shore party and inform HM Coastguard as necessary.
  • We make no claim or assurance that any of the islands listed are fully navigable. YOU need to research and plan to ensure they are a safe and realistic proposition.
  • If you choose to paddle solo be aware of the significant extra risks involved.
  • If you have any doubts - THEN DO NOT GO!

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