Swellies SUP Challenge

Test your moving water skills, technical prowess, water reading skills, strength, speed, balance and determination against one of the UK’s most demanding and technical tidal flows.

“one of the most treacherous stretches of sea in the world.” - Admiral Lord Nelson

The SUP Challenge makes the best use of the Swellies rapids, situated in the Menai Straits, North Wales. Not for the feint hearted – this is potentially a highly dangerous undertaking (at your own risk – use your own judgement)

Twice daily an enormous volume of water squeezes through the narrow passage. It flows over convoluted rock formations on the sea bed caused by a major geological fault resulting in dramatic overfalls and swirling whirlpools know as The Swellies.

Swellies SUP Challenge organised by: Aled Williams -- Results hosted by PSK

Swellies SUP Challenge


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1SUP_MChris Thorne14-May-2100:42:15Menai BridgeStarboard AllstarYes
2SUP_WCaroline Dawson12-May-2101:32:11Menai BridgeFanatic Diamond iSUPYes

2 solo paddlers.

Swellies SUP Challenge
2 completions -- 2 solo + 0 teams
2 paddlers in total (2 solo / 0 team)

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