PSK Lighthouse Challenge

New for 2024:
the PSK Lighthouse Challenge.

Paddle around a lighthouse.
Points for how far you paddle.
You choose the start and finish point.
Bonus points for new lighthouses, extra lighthouses and offshore lighthouses.

  • 1 pt per km
Bonus Points:
  • Offshore lighthouses - Trip distance multiplied by lighthouse offshore distance
  • Adding a new lighthouse to the challenge (+5%)
  • Multiple lighthouses in a trip (+5% per extra light)
  • Bonus points for a nice lighthouse photo from your trip (+5%)
  • Details Here
* updated 19-Jan-2024 *

100 Lighthouse Challenge Leaderboard

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11Julian Haines1163324
21Colin Orr1163324
33Mike Conroy1163133
44Séamas Kelly421796
55Charles Foster111152
66Michael O'Farrell65918
77Phil Smith64796
88Sue Honan64630
99Tash Ó Treasaigh65443
1010Emer O'Boyle42393
1110Ray O'Donnell42393
1212Ian Kavanagh43359
1313Neil Turnbull64345
1414Catriona Woods22303
1515Anthony Debesne44269
1616Marcus Francis31246
1716John Gray31246
1818Brian Turnbull11175
1919Simon Augustin11169
2020Paul Barrett11100
2120Rhys Hunt11100
2222Simon Margot11100
2323Neal Ricketts2274
2424Chris Wade1132
2525Pascale Eichenmuller2228
2625John Willacy2228
2727Mary Bekker1122
2827Scott Bekker1122
2929Simon Palmer1119
3030Matt Molloy1115
3131Tavi Murray114

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2024 - Lighthouses

LighthousesCountrylatlonBNGOffshoreFirst PaddledFirst PaddlerVisits
1Ailsa Craig LighthouseScotland55.251-5.107NX 025,9971422-Apr-24Phil Smith3
2Anacapa Island LighthouseU.S.A.34.015-119.359xxx19.512-May-24Charles Foster1
3Angus Rock LighthouseNorthern Ireland54.330-5.525xxx124-Feb-24Tash Ó Treasaigh1
4Aranmore LighthouseIreland55.015-8.560xxx129-Mar-24Catriona Woods1
5Ardmore Point LighthouseScotland56.655-6.129NM 470,591119-May-24Marcus Francis2
6Ballycotton LighthouseIreland51.825-7.984xxx120-Mar-24Anthony Debesne1
7Barra HeadScotland56.785-7.653NL 548,8021517-May-24Séamas Kelly3
8Barrack Point LighthouseIreland51.472-9.394xxx119-Mar-24Tash Ó Treasaigh1
9Bass Rock LighthouseScotland56.076-2.641NT 602,872231-Mar-24Neil Turnbull1
10Black Rock LighthouseWales51.589-2.694ST 519,880109-May-24Mike Conroy1
11Black_s Memorial TowerScotland56.447-6.646NM 753,343119-May-24Marcus Francis2
12Clare Island LighthouseIreland53.827-9.980xxx531-Mar-24Sue Honan1
13Copper Point LighthouseIreland51.504-9.534xxx131-Mar-24Anthony Debesne1
14Craighill Channel Lower Range Light Rear LighthouseU.S.A.39.228-76.394xxx126-May-24Scott Bekker2
15Earagh LighthouseIreland53.148-9.856xxx220-Apr-24Anthony Debesne1
16Eddystone LighthouseEngland50.180-4.265SX 383,3361526-Mar-24Mike Conroy1
17Farne Island LighthouseEngland55.615-1.655NU 217,3582.525-Feb-24Neil Turnbull1
18FastnetIreland51.3899.602xxx6.519-May-24Tash Ó Treasaigh1
19Fidra LighthouseScotland56.072-2.784NT 512,869131-Mar-24Neil Turnbull1
20Fladda LighthouseScotland56.248-5.680NM 720,1221.513-May-24Séamas Kelly3
21Flat HolmWales51.375-3.3118ST 222,647509-May-24Mike Conroy1
22GarvellachsScotland56.217-5.817NM 634,0939.513-May-24Séamas Kelly3
23Glencallum Bay LighthouseScotland55.729-5.004NS 114,525125-Apr-24Phil Smith1
24Godrevy LighthouseEngland50.242-5.400SW 576,435120-Mar-24Mike Conroy1
25Great SkelligIreland51.768-10.541xxx12.521-Apr-24Julian Haines2
26Holy Island (Inner)Scotland55.512-5.070NS 062,286124-Apr-24Phil Smith1
27Holy Island (Outer)Scotland55.517-5.060NS 068,291124-Apr-24Phil Smith1
28Inch Garvie LighthouseScotland56.000-3.386NT 136,795127-Apr-24Neil Turnbull1
29Inishtrahull LighthouseIreland55.430-7.243xxx7.529-Mar-24Catriona Woods1
30Kalkgrund lighthouseDenmark54.824-9.888xxx301-Jun-24Simon Augustin1
31Kish Bank LighthouseIreland53.310-5.925xxx1208-Apr-24Michael O'Farrell3
32L_Ost Pic lighthouseFrance48.779-2.940xxx130-May-24Simon Palmer1
33Lighthouse IslandNorthern Ireland54.695-5.523xxx3.507-Feb-24Tash Ó Treasaigh1
34Longships LighthouseEngland51.067-5.74SW 319,252220-Mar-24Mike Conroy2
35Longstone LighthouseEngland55.643-1.610NU 246,3896.505-May-24Neil Turnbull2
36Mew IslandNorthern Ireland54.698-5.5135xxx4.507-Feb-24Tash Ó Treasaigh1
37Monkstone LighthouseWales51.414-3.100ST 236,689509-May-24Mike Conroy1
38Muglins LighthouseIreland53.275-6.075xxx108-Apr-24Michael O'Farrell3
39Mumbles LighthouseWales51.566-3.971SS 634,871123-Apr-24Tavi Murray1
40Nab TowerEngland50.6670.952SZ 741,8588.517-May-24Mike Conroy1
41North Bank LighthouseIreland53.3446.176xxx127-Apr-24Ian Kavanagh1
42North Bull LighthouseIreland53.3446.149xxx127-Apr-24Ian Kavanagh1
43Oxcars LighthouseScotland56.022-3.279NT 203,8172.527-Apr-24Neil Turnbull1
44Pladda LighthouseScotland55.425-5.118NS 027,190124-Apr-24Phil Smith1
45Plymouth BreakwaterEngland50.334-4.159SX 464,505112-Jan-24Neal Ricketts1
46Portland Breakwater LighthouseEngland50.585-2.417SY 705,765311-May-24Neal Ricketts1
47Rathlin East LighthouseNorthern Ireland55.301-6.171xxx417-Mar-24Sue Honan5
48Rathlin Rue Point LighthouseNorthern Ireland55.258-6.190xxx417-Mar-24Sue Honan5
49Rathlin West LighthouseNorthern Ireland55.300-6.280xxx417-Mar-24Sue Honan5
50RoancarrigmoreIreland51.652-9.747xxx1.518-Jan-24Tash Ó Treasaigh1
51RockabillIreland53.597-6.004xxx6.507-Jan-24Ian Kavanagh4
52Rubha nan Gall LighthouseScotland56.638-6.066NM 507,570119-May-24Marcus Francis2
53Rubh’an FheurainScotland56.380-5.537NM 816,265113-May-24Séamas Kelly3
54Slyne Head LighthouseIreland53.399-10.234xxx305-May-24Sue Honan2
55Spit Bank LighthouseIreland51.845-8.274xxx131-May-24Michael O'Farrell1
56Spitbank FortEngland50.770-1.098SZ 636,971128-Jan-24Phil Smith1
57St Catherine_s LighthouseEngland50.572-1.298SZ 497,753111-May-24Simon Margot2
58The NeedlesEngland50.6621.591SZ 289,848113-Jan-24Rhys Hunt4
59Trwyn DuWales53.313-4.041SH 641,815101-Jan-24Pascale Eichenmuller2
60Tuskar RockIreland52.202-6.207xxx8.518-Apr-24Sue Honan4
61Tŵr MawrWales53.135-4.414SH 385,625124-Feb-24Pascale Eichenmuller2
62Walney LighthouseEngland54.048-3.177SD 230,620111-Mar-24Chris Wade1
63Wolf Rock LighthouseEngland49.945-5.809SW 267,11913.524-Apr-24Mike Conroy1
Total: 109

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PSK 100 Lighthouse Challenge - 2024

This Challenge is new for 2024 - Please Note The Rules Are Currently Provisional And May Change

  • Paddle around a lighthouse
  • Record it on GPS
  • Points for how far you paddle - plus bonus points!


This is a new challenge, there maybe significant changes until 1st Feb 2024. Please bear that in mind.
  • Paddle a trip that goes around a lighthouse, simple.
  • You get points for the distance covered during your trip - 1 pt per km.
  • Trip Points are multiplied by the lighthouse distance offshore.
  • You chose your start and finish point.
  • 2 day trip length limit for multi-day trips
  • Points for:
    • 1 pt per km trip length
    • Offshore lighthouse adjustment - Total Points = trip distance (km) multiplied by lighthouse distance offshore (km)
    • New lighthouse (new to the challenge): + 5%
    • Multiple lighthouses in a trip: +5% per extra light
    • A photo of the light as you paddle around it: +5%

Eligible Lighthouses

  • It must be marked on reputable map or chart.
  • It must be a building or tower designed and built for maritime navigation purposes and should have internal human access.
  • Operational light vessels count.
  • Nav or lighting marker posts etc. do not count.
  • The definition of a lighthouse for this challenge can be difficult with so many variations - please be reasonable. PSK make the final decision.


  • 1 pt per km of your trip length - as decided by PSK from your GPS Track.
  • Offshore Lighthouse: Total Points = trip length multiplied by lighthouse km distance offshore.
  • The Offshore Distance reflects the open water distance crossed to reach the landmass the light resides on.
  • The Offshore Distance is taken as the straight-line km distance between the landmass the light is on and the nearest landmass with a public highway marked as suitable for motorised traffic, or with a permanent inhabited settlement. Both as decided by PSK.
  • Offshore distance rounded to nearest 0.5 km, minimum of 1 km.
  • New lighthouse (new to the challenge): + 5% of total points
  • Multiple lighthouses in a trip: + 5% of total points per extra light
  • A photo of the light as you paddle around it: + 5% of total points
  • All distances are measured by PSK.


  • In order to count, any lighthouse is to be rounded with a distinct full-lap circumnavigation which completes at the start point for that lap.
  • For multiple lighthouses in one trip: each lighthouse must have a distinct full-lap circumnav before moving onto the next one in order to count. Please paddle all the way around the lighthouse before moving on to the next one!
  • If you can't paddle around them sequentially then only one will count.
  • No portages allowed. If you can't paddle around it you can't add it.
  • You have to paddle around it during your trip. If the lighthouse is dry when you get there, then you have to do it again when it isn't.
  • For multi-day trips there is a max trip length of 2 sequential calendar days. For trips longer than this the 2 days of/around your lighthouse day count for points.
  • Open to Solo paddlers, Teams and K2/Doubles. Paddlers are recorded individually.
  • Trips may be single or multi-day, but are to be undertaken within a 'continuous trip'.
  • All trips to be recorded on GPS.
  • No backdated trips - entries from 01-Jan-2024 onwards.
  • No entries from paddles within organised events
  • UK Mainland and Ireland circumnavs are excluded.
  • Lighthouse Challenge paddles are eligible to 'double-up' on other PSK pages i.e. 1000 Islands Challenge or Eddystone Rocks Challenge etc
  • Note: If your island lap is also eligible for other PSK pages (i.e. an island that is recorded on the Circumnav pages for example) then we expect to display it on all eligible pages.
  • Avoid disturbance to wildlife at all times.
  • This is a collaborative challenge for fun, please enter into the spirit of things.

Submit a lap


  • Kayak, Ski, SUP or Canoe - Any craft you choose must be specifically designed to be suitable for your chosen venue and conditions, and it must be in a seaworthy and safe condition.
  • All paddlers should be capable of paddling their chosen craft safely in all possible conditions for the chosen location.
  • All craft are to be rendered unsinkable, either by manufacturer design (bulkheads etc.) or via extra buoyancy devices (fitted airbags etc.)
  • We do not consider inflatable craft as suitable for this challenge.


  • No sails, motors, support craft etc. - human paddle power only.
  • No assistance from outside the paddling group.


  • All paddlers must undertake an assessment of risk - for their chosen route, venue, craft, personal ability and conditions.
  • Ensure you and your group are capable of handling any conditions or hazards possible on your chosen route.
  • The management of any risk is entirely the responsibility of the paddler(s).
  • Ensure your route avoids any exclusions or danger areas. Avoid shipping channels where possible and follow all local/national regulations as applicable.
  • We make no claim or assurance that any of the lighthouses listed are fully navigable. YOU need to research and plan to ensure your chosen route is a safe and realistic proposition.
  • Paddlers are to wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) at all times whilst on the water.
  • PFDs should meet ISO 12402 or be CE approved, and must be in good condition.
  • Helmets and leashes should be worn where applicable (helmets on moving/shallow water - quick-release leashes on Skis, SUP's etc where necessary).
  • All craft are to be rendered unsinkable, either by manufacturer design (bulkheads etc.) or via extra buoyancy devices (fitted airbags etc.)
  • Safety equipment such as VHF radio, PLB, flares, mobile phone, map, compass, shelter etc. should be carried as deemed appropriate in your risk assesment.
  • Leave details of your route and time of return with a shore party and inform HM Coastguard as necessary.
  • If you choose to paddle solo be aware of the significant extra risks involved.
  • If you have any doubts - THEN DO NOT GO!
* Info updated 15-Jan-2024 *
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