Anglesey Masters - Ynys Dulas

Course: Start at the end of the Moelfre Lifeboat Station ramp (SH 515,865). Round Ynys Dulas (SH 502,901) and return to the lifeboat station ramp. (~5 nm)   (Part of Anglesey Masters series.)

Note: There is a seal colony on Ynys Dulas, leave enough room to prevent disturbance to the seals.

Note: This area includes fast-moving flow, tideraces, cliffs and open water paddling. Conditions can change rapidly here - do not underestimate them.

This Time Trial is an unsupervised standing challenge. Read The Safety Page

Snowdonia Watersports

Pos. K1W Name Cat Time Date Club Boat
1 John Willacy K1M 00:53:36 06-Jul-17 Rockpool Kayaks Rockpool Taran
2 Steve Miles K1M 01:00:01 05-Sep-17 Steve_Miles Seakayaking Rockpool Taran
3 Bryan Dickinson K1M 01:00:10 10-Aug-17 Snowdonia CC Rockpool Tarantella
4 Pascale Eichenmuller
John Willacy
Team_Mx 01:01:42 26-Jun-17 Rockpool Kayaks Rockpool Taran
Rockpool Taran
5 Richard Griffiths Hughes K1M 01:04:41 17-Jul-17 Môn Active Rockpool GT
6 Chris Thorne SUP_M 01:17:37 28-Sep-17 Snowdonia Watersports Starboard 14' Allstar GPS
7 Robert Townsend SUP_M 01:19:33 07-May-18 Starboard Allstar 14'

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Total Number of Runs: 7

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