Isle of Man - Republic of Ireland

Route Distance: ~48 nm / 88.9 km
Prevailing direction: ?
Record: 2023 - 12:19:40
Solo: 0
Team: 1


George Shaw
Daniel Shimmin


Situated in the centre of the Irish Sea the Isle of Man is a perfect draw for many a sea kayaker. It's positioning means it can often be seen from many places on the surrounding mainland on a clear day. It also means that the tidal flows from both north and south meet around the island, requiring some good planning to make the trip. The island also provides fantastic coastline, demanding tide races and plenty of wildlife, including Basking Sharks.
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Crossing: Isle of Man - Republic of Ireland


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0 solo paddlers


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1TeamGeorge Shaw
Daniel Shimmin
12:19:4025-Apr-23Port ErinBallagan PointRockpool Taran 18
Rockpool Taran 18

1 Team -- 2 Paddlers


George Shaw / Daniel Shimmin (25-Apr-23)
An impressive crossing of near 90 km of open water by Daniel and George, a first for this route we think.
From Daniel:
"The Ground track is will show that we found our selves quite a long way off course, not ideal! That said we made it to the intended destination.
Sub-optimal for sure but short of a bit of extra suffering and around 3.5nm extra it wasn’t really an issue. I think we’re the first to attempt this crossing? Ether way I’m proud of what was actually quite an enjoyable crossing."


Crossing: Isle of Man - Republic of Ireland

Solo paddlers: 0
Team paddlers: 2
Teams: 1

Recorded Start Points:
    • Port Erin (1)

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