Tuskar Rock

Route Distance: ~11 nm / 20.4 km
Record: 2022 - 01:57:08
Solo: 1
Team: 2


Mick O_Meara
Carne Pier start/finish point

Image: Tuskar Rock, Jim Kehoe

Description by Mick O'Meara:
"Tuskar is about six miles offshore and features some of the strongest tides over this way. Hard to pin them down as they seem to be always moving in some shape or form. This is further complicated by the Bailies Rocks situated about halfway out which cause significant overfalls and confused conditions. Even on the calmest day you can see the breaking water here and it was hard to get the boat to run as there seemed to be waves coming from all directions over the duration of the paddle. This is a place to avoid in strong winds/ tides and good planning is recommended.

I started and finished at the end of Carne pier and you will see from Google earth that the tide goes out even further so the pier end is a good start/ finish point for consistency while keeping in line with the sand to sand policy. It’s a time trial that is very doable and could easily be completed as a team."

PSK Note: Mick's 'end of Carne pier' is the end of the dressed stone pier, not the rough stone breakwater that extends beyond the pier. See image left <<<

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Challenge: Tuskar Rock


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1K1MMick O'Meara01:57:0822-Jul-22Carne PierKirton Inuk Ultra 18

1 solo paddler


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1TeamLiam McCarthy
Michael O'Farrell
02:39:0805-Jul-24Carne PierKick the Waves Bora
Rockpool Taran 16
2TeamIan Kavanagh
Jim Kehoe
02:54:1220-Jul-23Carne PierPure Composites Garrarus
Pure Composites Garrarus

2 Teams -- 4 Paddlers


Challenge: Tuskar Rock

Solo paddlers: 1
Team paddlers: 4
Teams: 2

Recorded Start Points:
    • Carne Pier (3)

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