PSK Distance Challenge +

A multi-location, distance paddling challenge which aims to test knowledge and planning, along with the physicality of paddling.

*New 100k Day Challenge - Starts 1st Jan 2021 - click yellow button below.*

Paddle anywhere, any time - you choose where, when and how.

There are 3 timed legs, enter any or all.

Paddle as far as you can inside the time - 1 hr, 3hrs and 5 hrs.

Send in your GPS track file, we find the best distance for you from your GPS and add it to the table(s).
Use facebook 'Performance Sea Kayak' or email.

Take as many goes as you want

From 2021, there's the new super-bonus '100K Day' - if you are still looking for a real challenge.

** The PSK Distance Challenge + is an unsupervised standing challenge.   Please read Info / Safety **

Please send in the GPS track file in .gpx format (or .fit or .tcx).

The GPS file please - No links or screengrabs!

No GPS file, No Results - Sorry.

PSK Distance Challenge +

Combined Table

Cat Name Club  # 1 Hour 3 Hours 5 Hours 100k Total Dist
1K1MVolker GärtnerHeidelberg
414.0 km
(1x) (River)
37.7 km
(2x) (River)
65.2 km
(1x) (River)
--116.90 km
(63.1 nm)
2K1MJohn WillacyRockpool
1018.8 km
(5x) (Estuary)
44.6 km
(2x) (Sea)
52.6 km
(3x) (Sea)
--115.96 km
(62.6 nm)
3K1MSimon Augustin
912.7 km
(7x) (Sea)
38.3 km
(1x) (River)
59.9 km
(1x) (Estuary)
--110.96 km
(59.9 nm)
4Team_MxPascale Eichenmuller
John Willacy
316.1 km
(1x) (River)
40.9 km
(1x) (Sea)
49.1 km
(1x) (Sea)
--106.03 km
(57.3 nm)
5K1100k Test PaddlerPaddle-Far
1------103.5 km
(1x) (Sea)
103.46 km
(55.9 nm)
6K1MDavid Horkan
312.9 km
(1x) (Estuary)
34.5 km
(1x) (Sea)
53.1 km
(1x) (Sea)
--100.51 km
(54.3 nm)
7K1MEurion Brown
415.0 km
(2x) (Sea)
29.7 km
(1x) (Sea)
47.4 km
(1x) (Sea)
--92.05 km
(49.7 nm)
8K1MIan Cooke
613.5 km
(4x) (River)
35.8 km
(1x) (Estuary)
42.0 km
(1x) (Canal)
--91.31 km
(49.3 nm)
9K1MRichard Griffiths HughesMon
58.4 km
(3x) (Lake)
24.6 km
(1x) (Sea)
53.7 km
(1x) (Sea)
--86.70 km
(46.8 nm)
10K1MDave CuttsMôr
A Mynydd Adv.
410.6 km
(2x) (Sea)
23.7 km
(1x) (Lake)
49.8 km
(1x) (Sea)
--84.03 km
(45.4 nm)
11K1MSteven WhippBishops
Stortford C.C.
69.7 km
(3x) (Lake)
29.1 km
(2x) (Estuary)
41.6 km
(1x) (Lake)
--80.39 km
(43.4 nm)
12K1MNigel Warren
512.1 km
(3x) (Estuary)
25.7 km
(1x) (Estuary)
41.9 km
(1x) (Sea)
--79.68 km
(43.0 nm)
13K1MJames Doherty
49.5 km
(2x) (River)
22.9 km
(1x) (River)
45.2 km
(1x) (Sea)
--77.60 km
(41.9 nm)
14K1MFrank HarradenceBroadland
PaddleSport Club
69.0 km
(4x) (Estuary)
22.2 km
(1x) (River)
38.7 km
(1x) (River)
--69.82 km
(37.7 nm)
15K1MBrian Turnbull
318.2 km
(2x) (River)
47.7 km
(1x) (River)
----65.88 km
(35.6 nm)
16K1MSteve Miles
39.6 km
(2x) (Sea)
--48.4 km
(1x) (Sea)
--58.02 km
(31.3 nm)
17K1MElliot Goddard
Aaron White
1----53.5 km
(1x) (Sea)
--53.54 km
(28.9 nm)
18K1M_SkiAlan Cole
413.1 km
(2x) (Estuary)
30.1 km
(2x) (Estuary)
----43.19 km
(23.3 nm)
19K1MRussell WingfieldDyffryn
Conwy Paddlers
1----43.0 km
(1x) (Canal)
--43.03 km
(23.2 nm)
20K1WCatriona Woods
711.6 km
(6x) (Estuary)
31.1 km
(1x) (Estuary)
----42.64 km
(23.0 nm)
21K1WPascale EichenmullerPerformance
Sea Kayak
413.1 km
(3x) (Sea)
26.7 km
(1x) (Canal)
----39.77 km
(21.5 nm)
22K1MNeal Ricketts
49.5 km
(2x) (Estuary)
28.6 km
(2x) (River)
----38.09 km
(20.6 nm)
23SUP_MChris ThorneSnowdonia
2--31.7 km
(2x) (Sea)
----31.68 km
(17.1 nm)
24K1MDimitri VandepoeleNorth
Sea Kayak
1--30.1 km
(1x) (Sea)
----30.11 km
(16.3 nm)
25Team_MxDave Cutts
Kathy Webb
Gen X
38.2 km
(2x) (Sea)
20.1 km
(1x) (Sea)
----28.32 km
(15.3 nm)
26K1MDetlev Deninger
27.0 km
(1x) (Sea)
20.3 km
(1x) (Sea)
----27.20 km
(14.7 nm)
27TeamAnita Suter
Sarah Zurbrügg-Greenaway
1--27.0 km
(1x) (Lake)
----26.99 km
(14.6 nm)
28K1MJames Pigdon
214.7 km
(2x) (Sea)
------14.68 km
(7.9 nm)
29K1MMichal MaderaTower
Hamlets C.C.
414.4 km
(4x) (Estuary)
------14.37 km
(7.8 nm)
30K1MJeff ParkerTrentham
314.3 km
(3x) (River)
------14.26 km
(7.7 nm)
30K1M_SkiRalph Baker
114.3 km
(1x) (Estuary)
------14.25 km
(7.7 nm)
32K1MNeil Turnbull
114.2 km
(1x) (River)
------14.18 km
(7.7 nm)
33K1MOllie Jay
113.9 km
(1x) (River)
------13.90 km
(7.5 nm)
34K2_SkiTeam Simon
113.5 km
(1x) (Sea)
------13.52 km
(7.3 nm)
35K1WNatalie MaderovaTower
Hamlets C.C.
112.1 km
(1x) (Estuary)
------12.08 km
(6.5 nm)
36K1MJoe Leach
111.7 km
(1x) (Sea)
------11.65 km
(6.3 nm)
37Team_SUPSian Sykes
Aled Williams
111.5 km
(1x) (Sea)
------11.48 km
(6.2 nm)
38K1W_SkiAnita Suterseakayakcenter.ch
110.7 km
(1x) (Lake)
------10.65 km
(5.8 nm)
39K1MJames WingfieldDyffryn
Conwy Paddlers
310.4 km
(3x) (Estuary)
------10.38 km
(5.6 nm)
40K1MPaul Williams
19.5 km
(1x) (Lake)
------9.52 km
(5.1 nm)
40K1MChris Buckton
19.5 km
(1x) (Estuary)
------9.48 km
(5.1 nm)
42K1MJim Wallis
29.4 km
(2x) (Lake)
------9.39 km
(5.1 nm)
43K1MPeter EichenmullerW.S.C.
29.0 km
(2x) (Lake)
------9.03 km
(4.9 nm)
43K1MWilliam Stevenson
19.0 km
(1x) (Sea Loch)
------8.96 km
(4.8 nm)
45K1WPenny WingfieldDyffryn
Conwy Paddlers
18.6 km
(1x) (Estuary)
------8.59 km
(4.6 nm)
45SUP_MRichard G-Hughes_SUPMôn
18.6 km
(1x) (Sea)
------8.56 km
(4.6 nm)
47Team_MxJane Parker
Jeff Parker
18.2 km
(1x) (Lake)
------8.16 km
(4.4 nm)
48K1WJane ParkerTrentham
16.1 km
(1x) (Estuary)
------6.11 km
(3.3 nm)

PSK Distance Challenge +
54 paddlers total
42 solo paddlers
12 team paddlers in 6 teams
137 runs in total
Total distance = 2840.54 km

Files Searched: 1

PSK Distance Challenge +   Info

  • Open to solo paddlers, teams and K2/Doubles.
  • Distance to be recorded by GPS.
  • Distances displayed on individual leg tables (1, 3, 5 hrs and 100k Day)
  • The Combined Table displays the best distance from each of the 4 component legs.
  • Repeated attempts on same stretch of water are allowed.
  • Don't worry if you forget to stop your GPS. Just send it in, we'll find the best distance for you.
  • Enter as often as you like.
  • Send in your paddle via Facebook - Performance Sea Kayak
  • 100k Day Challenge - see the 100k Day page for details.

  • Craft
  • Any craft paddled should be specifically designed to be suitable for the chosen venue and conditions and should be in a seaworthy and safe condition.
  • Any suitable craft can now be used on any run.

  • Assistance
  • No sails, motors etc. - human paddle power only.
  • Wash-hanging only from other members within the paddling team.
  • No assistance from outside the paddling team.
  • No paddles from organised 3rd party events/commercial coaching or guiding.

  • Safety
  • The paddler(s) must undertake an assessment of risk, for their chosen route, venue and conditions.
  • The management of any risk is entirely the responsibility of the paddler(s).
  • Ensure you/your group is capable of handling any conditions or hazards possible on your chosen route.
  • Paddlers must wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) at all times whilst on the water.
  • Helmets and Leashes should be worn where appropriate (helmets on moving water - leashes on Skis, SUP's etc on open water).
  • All craft must be rendered unsinkable, either by manufacturer design (bulkheads etc.) or via extra buoyancy devices (fitted airbags etc.)
  • Safety equipment such as VHF radio, PLB, flares, mobile phone, map, compass, shelter etc. should be carried as deemed appropriate.
  • Leave details of your route and time of return with a shore party and inform HM Coastguard as appropriate.
  • If you choose to paddle solo be aware of the significant extra risks involved.
  • If you have any doubts - THEN DO NOT GO!

Submit a time here.

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