Perch Rock with Winter Snowdonia in the background

Penmaenmawr to Puffin Island Time Trial

This Time Trial is an unsupervised standing challenge. Safety - Info Page

Simple course: Start on the beach at Penmaenmawr, to the East of the sailing club. Round Puffin Island and return to the beach at Pen. Clock starts and stops when boat and sand part/meet.

Beware of the tide races at the East end of the island. With any wind (especially E or N) these can get lumpy and give little warning.

Note: This is an open water time-trial, with a crossing of open, tidal and fairly shallow water. Puffin Island is exposed and conditions can be surprisingly uncomfortable at times. Especially with any component of N wind - now, due or recent - you can find lumpy or unpleasant conditions on the N side of the island with little warning. Conditions change rapidly on this course - be prepared to turn back.


Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 John Willacy K1M 01:46:15 07-May-17 Rockpool Taran 18
2 John Willacy K1M 01:50:29 13-Jun-16 Rockpool Taran 18
3 John Willacy K1M 01:55:24 03-Dec-16 Rockpool Taran 18
4 John Willacy K1M 01:56:32 01-Jul-18 Rockpool Taran 18
5 John Willacy K1M 01:56:49 11-Jul-20 Rockpool Taran 18
6 Dave Cutts K1M Snowdonia C.C. 02:04:52 25-Feb-19 Rockpool Taran 16
7(1) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 02:05:44 07-May-17 Rockpool Taran 18
8(2) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 02:07:28 13-Jun-16 Rockpool Taran 18
9 John Willacy K1M 02:11:00 09-Oct-12 Rockpool Taran 18
10 Jonny Eldridge K1M 02:13:00 10-Apr-17 Rockpool GT?
11(3) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 02:14:46 11-Jul-20 Rockpool Taran 18
12 Dave Cutts K1M Snowdonia CC 02:18:23 14-May-18 P+H Cetus MV
13 Bryan Dickinson, Jenny Wong Team Snowdonia CC 02:18:49 20-Sep-16 Rockpool Alaw Bach, Rockpool Tarantella
14 Dave Cutts K1M Snowdonia C.C. 02:23:37 28-Sep-18 P+H Cetus MV
15 Dave Cutts K1M Snowdonia C.C. 02:27:44 19-Mar-21 Rockpool Taran 16
16 Colin Cartwright, John Willacy Team 02:44:00 12-Mar-11 Nelo Inuk, Rockpool Taran 18
17 Dave Cutts, Kathy Webb Team Team Gen X 03:04:57 24-Aug-19 P+H Cetus MV, Valley Avocet
18 Dave Cutts, Kathy Webb Team Snowdonia CC 03:05:00 May-16 P+H Cetus MV, Valley Avocet
19 Dave Cutts, Kathy Webb Team Team Gen X 03:11:54 09-Jun-20 P+H Cetus MV, P+H Scorpio LV

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Safety - Info Page