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PSK Distance Challenge +
The 100k Day

From: 1st Jan 2021

The 100k Day - it's simple: can you paddle 100km in 24 hours?

Paddle a minimum of 100km in a 24 hour period to add your name to the PSK Distance Challenge 100k Day.

Note: You MUST have 2 other entries in the PSK Distance Challenge (any category) to enter the 100k Day Challenge

Part of the PSK Distance Challenge +

** Make sure your GPS can handle the 100k too - Optimising Your GPS **

** Please read the Info / Safety **

The PSK Distance Challenge + is an unsupervised standing challenge.

Please send in the GPS track file in .gpx format (or .fit or .tcx).

The GPS file please - No links or screengrabs!

No GPS file, No Results - Sorry.

PSK Distance Challenge + -- 100k

Pos. K1W Cat Name Date Location Boat Avg Dist
1 K1M 100k Test Paddler 17-Aug-20 Really Long Name Place,
UK - (6 km)
Boat 1 20.7 kph
(11.17 kts)
103.46 km
(55.9 nm)

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1 paddler total.
1 solo paddler
0 team paddlers in 0 teams
100 KM Challenge total distance = 103.46 km

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PSK 100K Day Info

Info Updated: 11-Jan-21

  • You MUST have 2 other entries in the PSK Distance Challenge (any category) to enter the 100k Day Challenge
  • You must paddle a minimum of 100km in 24 hours to qualify. Distances of less than 100km are not eligible.
  • You have 24 hours to complete the 100 km distance.
  • Structure your paddle as you want - all in one go, in blocks with rest between or whatever. It's up to you.
  • The clock starts when you do, and ends when you call it a day (or reach 24 hours) - the clock continues to run during rest/breaks/stops etc.
  • Each paddling leg MUST be recorded on GPS. Plan your battery life or charge, memory use etc. to allow for this. (Optimising Your GPS)
  • Choice of venue is up to you - sea, river, lake, canal etc.
  • No boat change allowed during a 100k Day Challenge attempt. The boat you paddle at the start is the one you use throughout the 24 hrs.
  • 'Doubling-up' from/to other PSK pages is allowed.
  • No paddles from organised 3rd party events/commercial coaching or guiding ar eligible.
  • No external support or assistance allowed between clock start and finish.
  • Remaining rules/guidance as per PSK Distance Challenge +
  • Craft
  • Any craft paddled should be specifically designed to be suitable for the chosen venue and conditions. It must be in a seaworthy and safe condition.

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Read The Safety Page