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Lothian Loop / North Berwick Time Trials

Running along the coastline by North Berwick, the Lothian Loop TT takes in the spectacular Bass Rock along with the isles of Fidra and Craigleith. The layout of these 3 offshore islands gives a definite open water feel. With accommodating weather you may get a good down wind run between turn points, as you head to/from the impressive scenery of Bass Rock. Be careful though, you are exposed along this course; landing points are limited, even in an emergency.
Course: Brian Turnbull.

The North Berwick Time Trial is a shorter course, leaving out Bass Rock for those who would prefer to limit the exposure that rounding the rock entails.

Note: These are open water time-trials along an exposed stretch of tidal coastline - do not underestimate it.

Lothian Loop Route (Brian Turnbull):
Start and finish on the beach in Milsey Bay, go in either direction but must pass around the outside of Bass Rock and Fidra before returning to the beach. It's a loop, so don't finish short of your start-point! (Route Map: Show  Hide
Brian Turnbull's Route - Lothian Loop

North Berwick TT Route (Alan Hunter):
If you are not quite up to the Lothian Loop then this shorter route omits the commitment of Bass Rock. After the start in Milsey Bay, take in the gap at the Leithies and pass outside Craigleith. Stay outside The Lamb to turn around the Island of Fidra and return back inside to the start point. Can be run either clockwise or anticlockwise. (Route Map: Show  Hide )
Alan Hunter's Route - North Berwick TT

Lothian Loop

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Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 Brian Turnbull K1M Ski 01:49:03 05-Jul-15 Epic V10S
2 Brian Turnbull K1M 01:49:50 29-Jul-16 Rockpool Taran
3 Kev Locke K1M Ski 01:55:55 05-Jul-15 NK Storm
4 Kev Locke K1M Ski 01:56:40 14-Jun-14 NK Rapido
5 Neil Turnbull K1M 01:56:58 05-Jul-15 Rockpool Taran
6 Brian Turnbull K1M 01:57:00 31-Aug-14 Rockpool Taran
7 Brian Turnbull K1M 01:58:25 25-Jun-14 Rockpool Taran
8 Alan Hunter K1M 01:58:26 21-Apr-18 Rockpool Taran
9 Brian Turnbull K1M 02:01:58 30-May-14 Rockpool Taran
10(1) Lizelle Kemp K1W Ski 02:02:11 05-Jul-15 Think Evo II
11 Neil Turnbull K1M 02:03:00 18-Apr-15 Rockpool Taran
12 Alan Hunter K1M Ski 02:03:19 28-Jul-16 Epic V8 Pro
13 Neil Turnbull K1M 02:08:42 31-Aug-14 Rockpool GT
14(2) Lizelle Kemp K1W Ski 02:10:38 18-Apr-15 NK Squall
15 Alan Hunter K1M 02:12:58 05-Jul-15 Rockpool Taran
16 Alan Hunter K1M 02:18:51 18-May-17 Carbonology Zest Ski
17(3) Lizelle Kemp K1W Ski 02:20:37 14-Jun-14 NK Breeze
18(4) Roswitha Wagenknecht K1W 02:25:00 06-Jul-14 Valley Nordkapp LV
19 Alan Hunter K1M 02:31:28 18-Apr-15 SKUK Romany
20 Alan Hunter K1M 02:46:20 12-Jul-14 SKUK Romany Surf
Total Number of Runs: 20

Lothian Loop K2

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Pos. Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 Alan Hunter/
Neil Turnbull
K2 02:24:00 25-Jun-14 Prijon Excursion
Total Number of Runs: 1

Lothian Loop

North Berwick TT

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Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 Alan S Hunter K1M Ski 01:14:38 11-Jul-19 Revo R2
2 Brian Turnbull K1M 01:14:53 21-Jul-16 Rockpool Taran
3 Neil Turnbull K1M 01:16:20 29-Jul-16 Rockpool Taran
4 Alan Hunter K1M Ski 01:16:52 07-Sep-16 Epic V8 Pro
5 Kev Locke K1M Ski 01:16:59 23-Jul-16 NK Storm
6 Alan Hunter K1M Ski 01:17:07 29-Jul-16 Epic V8 Pro
7 Neil Turnbull K1M Ski 01:17:21 21-Jul-16 Epic V8 Pro
8(1) Lizelle Kemp K1W Ski 01:17:22 24-Jul-16 Think Evo II
9 Brian Turnbull K1M 01:18:12 13-Jul-16 Rockpool Taran
10 Alan Hunter K1Ski 01:19:17 05-Mar-20 Carbonology Boost
11 Neil Turnbull K1M Ski 01:21:31 13-Jul-16 Epic V8 Pro
12 Alan Hunter K1M 01:24:01 04-Jul-16 Rockpool Taran
13(2) Lizelle Kemp K1W Ski 01:24:33 13-Jul-16 Think Evo II
14 Alan Hunter K1M 01:34:06 03-Oct-15 SKUK Explorer
Total Number of Runs: 14

North Berwick TT K2

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Pos. Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 Alan Hunter/
Neil Turnbull
K2 01:13:22 23-Jul-16 Unknown
Total Number of Runs: 1

North Berwick TT

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