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The spectrum of challenges represented on this website is wide and varied. These challenges appeal to individuals for many reasons, not least is the one of pushing the limits of knowledge, skill and stamina. In this modern world it is a draw for many to add serious challenge and adventure to life and to find where such limits lie.

We display the details, for all to see, of those who have undertaken such ventures - but no more than that.

We do not endorse, condone or encourage the undertaking of any of the records, challenges, time-trials, events or other activities you may find on the Performance Sea Kayak website.

It should be perfectly obvious that such endeavours bring with them risk and at times a not inconsiderable risk. The ocean can very rapidly become a dangerous, life-threatening place. It has no sentimentality, conscience or respect for reputation.

If you consider undertaking such a paddle then you must ensure that you fully understand, appreciate and accept the risks involved. You need to take entire responsibility for your actions and for the safety of yourself and any others involved.

The sea is no place for the ill-prepared, the complacent or those with limited knowledge.

If you are not FULLY confident in your abilities and preparation then do not go!

If you have ANY doubts whatsoever about your trip then do not go!



Crossings are committing activites that by definition take you away from safety. Any paddler undertaking such an activity has to be fully self sufficient in all areas, but especially in the area of safety. Any assistance may be a considerable time away. The open sea has significant tidal flows and conditions are greatly affected by wind and weather - what you see from the beach is likely to be significantly different from what you find further offshore. Any paddler undertaking any crossing needs to have an extensive amount of skill, knowledge and experience of open water paddling.

If you are considering a solo crossing of any sort then you should not even need to consider reading a page on safety...


While Circumnavigations may not seem as exposed or seem to carry the same element of risk as a crossing, do not underestimate coastal paddling. Many and prolonged stretches of the UK + Irish coastlines are remote and a long way from assistance. Tidal flows can be significant and can seriously affect conditions very close to the shore. Conditions can change very quickly: headland conditions, tide races, overfalls and wind-over-tide can all occur close to shore.

Menai Challenge:

This a local time-trial which takes place on the Menai Straits. While we record paddlers times for their MC attempts, the Menai Challenge (MC) is an unsupervised standing challenge. Any paddler who undertakes the MC needs to take full and entire responsibility for their personal safety and conduct whilst preparing for or whilst undertaking the MC. We strongly suggest a site specific risk assemssment is carried out by each individual before getting on the water; an ongoing dynamic assessment should be undertaken whilst paddling - conditions can and do change quickly. Again we do not condone or recommend this paddling activity in any way.

Time Trials:

PSK also records times for various Time-Trials (TT) undertaken in a number of locations around the UK - such as the Falmouth Triangle, the Lothian Loop etc. These are used as training devices by individual paddlers and have been designed as such by those individuals. They are no more than that, paddling sessions set locally by sea paddlers. They are NOT endorsed, vetted or checked in any way by National Governing Bodies, HM Coastguard or any other authority, or indeed Performance Sea Kayak - not at all. We record the paddler times and no more. In many cases we have not paddled these TT courses ourselves and make no claim at all for the safety or suitability of any of them. Before you attempt them you should contact the local paddlers involved for further information.
NOTE: Some of these TTs also carry an element of open water paddling and challenging conditions.


We may display details of various organised events also. Once again we make no claim to the safety or suitability of these events. It is down to the individual to make an assessment of the suitablity and competence of the organisation of these events. Any paddler should take time to read and understand any safety notices and rules given by the organiser and abide by them.


Military Ranges

Info Page: Safety - Military Ranges

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