PSK Rules and Info

Using GPS

  • You can use any form of GPS device - smartphone, GPS watch, handheld unit etc. We don't mind.
    If you can record your GPS track for your attempt that is all that matters.
    We just need the GPS file from you in .gpx or .tcx format.

  • Using a smartphone or other device to record your track:
    While people do successfully use smartphones to record their GPS tracks we strongly recommend you use a purpose-built GPS unit. Phone's have demonstrated many unreliabilities including problems with battery life, loss of signal, unreliable recording, unreliable downloading and so on.
    Please use a GPS specific device, or you are taking a significant risk being let down.
    And take spare batteries!

  • Backup devices:
    Recording devices can and do fail, relatively often.
    Don't jeopardise your record attempt, along with all that training and preparation. Take at least one backup recording device.
    Do not trust your attempt and all that work to only one device.
    Just don't.

  • Learn how to use your device. And use it a number of times before your attempt.

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