PSK Rules and Info

Supported / Unsupported Attempts

  • Support - On the water escort
    Pre-arranged on-the-water accompaniment of any form of support craft (powered, sail powered, human powered or unpowered), that is deemed as being there to facillitate, aid or enable that paddling section in any way, and accompanying at any distance will mean that the entire attempt will be categorised as 'Supported'.

    This applies for support over any part of the attempt (multi-day or single day) no matter how short.

    This applies to the entirety of a multi-day or single-day attempt.

    Any aid includes physical, technical, navigation, psychological, moral, logisitcs or other support.

  • Exceptions:
    This does not apply to accompaniment of 'Day Paddlers' who join the attempt for a short section without pre-arrangement, unless it is deemed they join to facillitate or aid the paddle of a significant section such as a specific headland, crossing or poor weather or conditions.

    For single day attempts, human-powered accompaniment means that the single-day attempt will be categorised as a 'Team' attempt.

  • On the water support may mean the attempt is recorded separately.

  • Support - Off the water
    It is difficult to quantify off the water support used during attempts.

    If an attempt uses pre-arranged on-site shore support for more than 25% of the elapsed time we class that as a supported attempt: i.e. for more than 25 days in a 100 day attempt.
    We may indicate the levels of support used in the records, depending on the circumstances.

  • Off the water support may mean the attempt is recorded separately.

  • On some routes or challenges any form of support is specifically excluded. This will be indicated on the relevant webpage.

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