PSK Rules and Info

Escort Boats

  • Escort Boats may be used on attempts. There are exceptions however:

  • Single Day Attempts:
    Use of any powered, sail-driven or human powered escort will exclude that attempt from record status.
    The attempt will be classed as 'Supported'.
    Note: The English Channel - Dover Straits Crossing is exempt from this rule. An escort is actively encouraged, and may be required here.

  • Multi-Day Attempts:
    Use of any powered or sail-driven escort will exclude that attempt from record status.
    Use of human powered paddle-craft escort will see that attempt classed as 'Supported'.
    This includes any escort no matter how short the duration.

  • Team Attempts:
    Self-contained self-supported Team attempts, where all team members paddle the full distance, are not classed as supported.

  • Escort:
    Any escort is classed as such irrespective of shadowing distance from the paddler(s), irrespective of the accompanying duration (leg distance or time period), and irrespective of whether there is any paddler interaction with that craft or not.

  • Any use of an escort craft will be indicated on the relevant webpage entry and the attempt may be recorded separately.
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