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Please complete the remainder of the form if you would like to let us know the details of a trip, time-trial or record attempt etc.

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If you have uploaded files, please be patient while the files are transferred - it may take some time.

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Contact FAQ's

Please read these FAQs and the PSK Info Page; it saves disappointment later!

I want to put a time onto PSK, how do I do it?

  • Get hold of a GPS.
  • Paddle your trip - use the GPS to record it.
  • Send us the details, and include your GPS file.
  • We’ll do the rest.

Can anyone submit a time to PSK?

Yes.  If you have completed a trip and want to see your name on the PSK website, then send in the details and we’ll add them. It doesn’t have to set a record, just send the details in...

We've set a time for a trip that’s not on PSK. Will you include it?

We’ll try our best. Send the details and we’ll squeeze it in. It may go on the Uniques page until it has been repeated. If it's a 'PSK First' then you must have a time posted on an existing PSK route previously for us to accept it.

What info do I need to send?

Take a look at the corresponding trip/TT page to see what boxes need filling out - Generally:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Elapsed time
  • Start & Finish Point
  • Boat model
  • GPS Track file
  • Additional info such as photos, blog links, any comments etc.

How do I send the info?

Please use the Contact Form (look left <<<<<<<) - just complete the relevant boxes, including your upload of GPS track files.

Do I need to send a GPS track file with my time?

Yes, except for multi-day trips. GPS is the easiest way for us to validate your claim.

Do you really need it?


Really? Really?


Can I send a link to my route from a webpage, such as Garmin Connect instead?

You can send it... but we still NEED the original GPS file to validate your claim. It’s on your computer somewhere – track it down and send it in. People do like to see routes on sites such as Garmin Connect, Strava, etc. so we’ll display links to those pages. However, we don't have time to read through them all to find the details we need - if you don't send the GPS file you may be marked as 'UNVERIFIED'.

All the info is on my Blog instead, will that do?

No. No. No. Much as we’d like too, we don’t really have the time to read all the way through your blog to find all the info we need. We’ve got to say that your blog really is wonderful though.

I don’t have a GPS...

Buy one, borrow one, beg one. If it ain't on GPS, it didn't happen.

Honestly, I did the trip, but my dog ate the GPS. What can I do?

Poo happens of course, so send in the details of your trip and we’ll see what we can do – we are nice people really. In future, feed the dog better though.

What about Multi-day trips then?

We like GPS tracks for Multi-Day trips too, but we appreciate keeping all those GPS tracks is not always practicable. Keep a brief diary/log instead,and send that in.

I sent my time in, but it’s not up on the site?

Remind us, we’ll take a look - we do make mistakes now and then.
Of course, when we asked you to send the info you didn't just send a link to a Blog or Garmin Connect did you? No, of course not. And the GPS track file, you did send it in? Yes, of course you did...

Do I have to go all the way around the island to get my time on the Circumnavigation page?

Yes, strange that. Make the start and finish points overlap, even by just a little bit - you don't cross the line, you don't get a time. Doh...

I'm making a record attempt on a crossing, can I start the clock a mile offshore?

Why of course. In fact, don't waste your time paddling all that way, why not just make up a time and send it in instead? ...Don't waste our time either.

Can I use ‘txt-speak’ to contact PSK?

If you want to then crack on, but then we’ll almost certainly ignore you. Please don’t expect a reply.

Do I have to use punctuation when I contact PSK?

No, but then if you don't you’ll probably get the same reaction as above.
We don’t ask much; just the basic stuff – you know the odd capital letter, full stop or even a comma. You learnt it all at Primary School, remember? If you use a little Grammar it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside too.

Why didn’t PSK reply to me?

Read the previous two.
Perhaps you didn’t use ‘Hello’, ‘Please’ or ‘Thankyou’ either.

Should I read the PSK Info pages?

You may find something useful...

I would like to see my name at the top of a list but can’t be arsed to paddle hard. Do you take bribes?

Yes, most certainly.

I've read all the way through to the end of the FAQ's - do I deserve a medal?

Oh yes...