Bardsey Island

Time Trial Islands

These island Time Trials are shorter than those detailed on the Circumnavigation pages and are for those looking for something fast and furious - or just something shorter and easier, depending on your outlook.

So, just what is the difference between a Circumnavigation and a Time-Trial Island? Well, we don't rightly know to be honest, but we have come up with a totally arbritrary cut-off figure of 2 hours (or so).

As Brian Turnbull points out: "Never the less they are challenges, that can be completed in a shorter time and will suit the paddler who perhaps doesn't have the time to take a bite at something bigger." Let us know if you have a local challenge you would like to add.

Image: Bardsey Island
Note: These time-trials contain stretches of open-water paddling and exposed stretches of tidal coastline - do not underestimate them.

Snowdonia Watersports

Ailsa Craig

Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 Brian Turnbull K1M 00:26:43 08-Sep-13 Rockpool Taran
2 John Willacy K1M 00:47:00 27-Mar-11 Rockpool Taran

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Total Number of Runs: 2

Ailsa Craig
Route Description:

Puffin Island Loop

Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 John Willacy K1M 00:20:02 12-Jan-18 Rockpool Taran
2 John Willacy K1M 00:20:19 07-Mar-17 Rockpool Taran
3 John Willacy K1M 00:20:44 18-Jun-14 Rockpool Taran
4 John Willacy K1M 00:20:47 07-Jul-13 Rockpool Taran
5 John Willacy K1M 00:20:51 12-Jan-18 Rockpool Taran
6 John Willacy K1M 00:20:52 07-Mar-17 Rockpool Taran
6 Dan McGonigle K1M 00:20:52 04-Dec-17 Rockpool Taran 16
6 John Willacy K1M 00:20:52 04-Dec-17 Rockpool Taran
9 John Willacy K1M 00:21:06 16-Jan-13 Rockpool Taran
10 John Willacy K1M 00:21:11 19-Jul-16 Rockpool Taran
11 John Willacy K1M 00:21:12 16-Jan-13 Rockpool Taran
12 John Willacy K1M 00:21:13 16-Jan-13 Rockpool Taran
13 John Willacy K1M 00:21:16 19-Jul-18 Rockpool Taran
14 John Willacy K1M 00:21:17 04-Jan-19 Rockpool Taran
15 John Willacy K1M 00:21:24 22-Sep-14 Rockpool Taran
16 Aled Williams K1M 00:21:25 10-Aug-12 Tiderace Pace 18
17 John Willacy K1M 00:21:30 16-Apr-17 Rockpool Taran
18 John Willacy K1M 00:21:31 07-Mar-17 Rockpool Taran
19 John Willacy K1M 00:21:35 04-Jan-19 Rockpool Taran
20 John Willacy K1M 00:21:41 19-Jul-16 Rockpool Taran
21 John Willacy K1M 00:21:43 05-Nov-12 Rockpool Taran
22 Aled Williams K1M 00:22:08 22-Sep-12 Tiderace Pace 18
23 John Willacy K1M 00:22:10 07-Jul-13 Rockpool Taran
24 Dan McGonigle K1M 00:22:15 04-Dec-17 Rockpool Taran 16
25 John Willacy K1M 00:22:16 18-Aug-16 Rockpool Taran
26 John Willacy K1M 00:22:27 02-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran
27 John Willacy K1M 00:22:36 04-Dec-17 Rockpool Taran
28 John Willacy K1M 00:22:39 16-May-16 Rockpool Taran
29 John Willacy K1M 00:22:44 05-Nov-12 Rockpool Taran
30 John Willacy K1M 00:22:48 14-Jul-17 Rockpool Taran
31 John Willacy K1M 00:23:03 02-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran
32 John Willacy K1M 00:23:07 25-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran
33 John Willacy K1M 00:23:10 16-May-16 Rockpool Taran
34 John Willacy K1M 00:23:17 25-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran
35 John Willacy K1M 00:23:33 02-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran
36 John Willacy K1M 00:23:40 02-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran
37(1) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:23:55 12-Jan-18 Rockpool Taran
38 John Willacy K1M 00:24:03 04-Dec-12 Rockpool Taran
39 John Willacy K1M 00:24:17 04-Dec-12 Rockpool Taran
40(2) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:24:20 19-Jul-16 Rockpool Taran
41 John Willacy K1M 00:24:32 25-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran
42(3) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:24:42 12-Jan-18 Rockpool Taran
43(4) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:24:55 04-Jan-19 Rockpool Taran
44(5) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:25:05 04-Jan-19 Rockpool Taran
45 Mark Richards K1M 00:25:08 25-May-15 P+H Cetus X
46 Richard Peevor K1M 00:25:22 19-Jul-16 SKUK Explorer HV
47(6) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:25:37 19-Jul-18 Rockpool Taran
48 John Willacy K1M 00:25:47 04-Dec-12 Rockpool Taran
49 Mark Richards K1M 00:26:03 11-Oct-14 Islander Expedition
50(7) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:26:22 16-May-16 Rockpool Taran
51(8) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:26:27 04-Dec-17 Rockpool Taran
52(9) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:26:55 16-May-16 Rockpool Taran
53 Mark Richards K1M 00:27:11 05-Oct-14 Islander Expedition
54(10) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:29:42 04-Dec-17 Rockpool Taran

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Total Number of Runs: 54

Puffin Island Loop
Route: Start and finish next to (within 1 boat length) Trwyn Du Lighthouse, go in either direction, but must pass outside of (to the South side of) Perch Rock Beacon (large and red!). (Aled's Route: Show  Hide )
Aled's Route - Puffin Loop

Bardsey Island

Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 John Willacy K1M 00:38:59 30-Jun-14 Rockpool Taran
2 Steve Porter K1M 00:40:00 SKUK Cadence

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Total Number of Runs: 2

Bardsey Island
Route Description:


Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 John Willacy K1M 00:10:43 16-Oct-15 Rockpool Taran
2 John Willacy K1M 00:10:54 16-Oct-15 Rockpool Taran
3(1) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:12:20 16-Oct-15 Rockpool Taran
4 Simon Crabtree K1M 00:12:41 07-Jun-14 Rockpool Taran 16
5(2) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:13:02 16-Oct-15 Rockpool Taran

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Total Number of Runs: 5

Route Description:

Files Searched: 4

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