Bardsey Island

Time Trial Islands

These island Time Trials are shorter than those detailed on the Circumnavigation pages and are for those looking for something fast and furious - or just something shorter and easier, depending on your outlook.

So, just what is the difference between a Circumnavigation and a Time-Trial Island? Well, we don't rightly know to be honest, but we have come up with a totally arbritrary cut-off figure of 2 hours (or so).

As Brian Turnbull points out: "Never the less they are challenges, that can be completed in a shorter time and will suit the paddler who perhaps doesn't have the time to take a bite at something bigger." Let us know if you have a local challenge you would like to add.

Image: Bardsey Island
Note: These time-trials contain stretches of open-water paddling and exposed stretches of tidal coastline - do not underestimate them.


Ailsa Craig

Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 Brian Turnbull K1M 00:26:43 08-Sep-13 Rockpool Taran
2 John Willacy K1M 00:47:00 27-Mar-11 Rockpool Taran

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Total Number of Runs: 2

Ailsa Craig
Route Description:

Puffin Island Loop

Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 John Willacy K1M 00:20:02 12-Jan-18 Rockpool Taran
2 John Willacy K1M 00:20:19 07-Mar-17 Rockpool Taran
3 John Willacy K1M 00:20:27 06-Jul-19 Rockpool Taran
4 John Willacy K1M 00:20:33 06-Jul-19 Rockpool Taran
5 John Willacy K1M 00:20:44 18-Jun-14 Rockpool Taran
6 John Willacy K1M 00:20:47 07-Jul-13 Rockpool Taran
7 John Willacy K1M 00:20:51 12-Jan-18 Rockpool Taran
8 John Willacy K1M 00:20:52 07-Mar-17 Rockpool Taran
8 Dan McGonigle K1M 00:20:52 04-Dec-17 Rockpool Taran 16
8 John Willacy K1M 00:20:52 04-Dec-17 Rockpool Taran
11 John Willacy K1M 00:21:06 16-Jan-13 Rockpool Taran
12 John Willacy K1M 00:21:11 19-Jul-16 Rockpool Taran
13 John Willacy K1M 00:21:12 16-Jan-13 Rockpool Taran
14 John Willacy K1M 00:21:13 16-Jan-13 Rockpool Taran
15 John Willacy K1M 00:21:16 19-Jul-18 Rockpool Taran
16 John Willacy K1M 00:21:17 04-Jan-19 Rockpool Taran
17 John Willacy K1M 00:21:24 22-Sep-14 Rockpool Taran
18 Aled Williams K1M 00:21:25 10-Aug-12 Tiderace Pace 18
19 John Willacy K1M 00:21:30 16-Apr-17 Rockpool Taran
20 John Willacy K1M 00:21:31 07-Mar-17 Rockpool Taran
21 John Willacy K1M 00:21:35 04-Jan-19 Rockpool Taran
21 John Willacy K1M 00:22:56 12-Mar-19 Rockpool Taran
23 John Willacy K1M 00:21:41 19-Jul-16 Rockpool Taran
24 John Willacy K1M 00:21:43 05-Nov-12 Rockpool Taran
25 Aled Williams K1M 00:22:08 22-Sep-12 Tiderace Pace 18
26 John Willacy K1M 00:22:10 07-Jul-13 Rockpool Taran
27 Dan McGonigle K1M 00:22:15 04-Dec-17 Rockpool Taran 16
28 John Willacy K1M 00:22:16 18-Aug-16 Rockpool Taran
29 John Willacy K1M 00:22:27 02-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran
30 John Willacy K1M 00:22:36 04-Dec-17 Rockpool Taran
31 John Willacy K1M 00:22:39 16-May-16 Rockpool Taran
32 John Willacy K1M 00:22:44 05-Nov-12 Rockpool Taran
33 John Willacy K1M 00:22:48 14-Jul-17 Rockpool Taran
34 John Willacy K1M 00:23:03 02-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran
35 John Willacy K1M 00:23:07 25-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran
36 John Willacy K1M 00:23:10 16-May-16 Rockpool Taran
37 John Willacy K1M 00:23:17 25-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran
38 John Willacy K1M 00:23:33 02-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran
39 John Willacy K1M 00:23:40 02-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran
40(1) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:23:44 06-Jul-19 Rockpool Taran
41(2) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:23:55 12-Jan-18 Rockpool Taran
42 John Willacy K1M 00:24:03 04-Dec-12 Rockpool Taran
43(3) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:24:12 06-Jul-19 Rockpool Taran
44 John Willacy K1M 00:24:17 04-Dec-12 Rockpool Taran
45(4) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:24:20 19-Jul-16 Rockpool Taran
46 John Willacy K1M 00:24:32 25-Feb-13 Rockpool Taran
47(5) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:24:42 12-Jan-18 Rockpool Taran
48(6) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:24:55 04-Jan-19 Rockpool Taran
49(7) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:25:05 04-Jan-19 Rockpool Taran
50 Mark Richards K1M 00:25:08 25-May-15 P+H Cetus X
51 Richard Peevor K1M 00:25:22 19-Jul-16 SKUK Explorer HV
52(8) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:25:37 19-Jul-18 Rockpool Taran
53 John Willacy K1M 00:25:41 12-Mar-19 Rockpool Taran
54 John Willacy K1M 00:25:47 04-Dec-12 Rockpool Taran
55 Mark Richards K1M 00:26:03 11-Oct-14 Islander Expedition
56(9) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:26:22 16-May-16 Rockpool Taran
57(10) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:26:27 04-Dec-17 Rockpool Taran
58(11) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:26:55 16-May-16 Rockpool Taran
59 Mark Richards K1M 00:27:11 05-Oct-14 Islander Expedition
60(12) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:29:42 04-Dec-17 Rockpool Taran

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Total Number of Runs: 60

Puffin Island Loop
Route: Start and finish next to (within 1 boat length) Trwyn Du Lighthouse (S side). You can go in either direction, but you must pass outside of (to the South side of) Perch Rock Beacon (large and red!) Show  Hide )
Aled's Route - Puffin Loop

Bardsey Island

Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 John Willacy K1M 00:38:59 30-Jun-14 Rockpool Taran
2 Steve Porter K1M 00:40:00 SKUK Cadence

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Total Number of Runs: 2

Bardsey Island
Route Description:


Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 John Willacy K1M 00:10:43 16-Oct-15 Rockpool Taran
2 John Willacy K1M 00:10:54 16-Oct-15 Rockpool Taran
3(1) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:12:20 16-Oct-15 Rockpool Taran
4 Simon Crabtree K1M 00:12:41 07-Jun-14 Rockpool Taran 16
5(2) Pascale Eichenmuller K1W 00:13:02 16-Oct-15 Rockpool Taran

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Total Number of Runs: 5

Route Description:

Files Searched: 4

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