Anglesey Masters - Three Mice

Course: Start and finish on the beach at Cemaes Bay (SH 374,938). Turn Points: West Mouse (SH 303,942) and East Mouse (SH 445,943) - pass once to the north of Middle Mouse (SH 382,959). Course can be run in either direction. (~17nm)   Part of Anglesey Masters series.)

Note: This area includes fast-moving flow, tideraces, cliffs and exposed and isolated coastline. Conditions here can be extremely challenging and conditions can change rapidly - do not underestimate them.

This Time Trial is an unsupervised standing challenge. Read The Safety Page

Snowdonia Watersports

Three Mice

Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 Norbert Ziobr K1M 03:10:00 13-Aug-17 Rockpool Taran GPS
1 John Willacy K1M Snowdonia Watersports 03:10:00 26-Sep-17
3 Steve Miles K1M Steve_Miles Seakayaking 03:27:22 02-Nov-17

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