Crossings: The North Sea

There are a number of opinions on which route defines a North Sea Crossing. It has to be said that some routes seem to be nearer to the Straits of Dover than the North Sea on my map.
And so, the PSK definition is a route that launches/lands north of the French/Belgium border is classed as a North Sea Crossing, south of this border we view it as an English Channel Crossing. It also should be noted that there appear to be two different routings which vary the distances involved significantly, depending on a U.K. side start/finish either North or South of the Thames Estuary. Whatever the route it is still a major and committing undertaking and it has to be appreciated that a number of these crossings demand more than 24 hours in a boat.

Image: East Goodwin Lightship - D. Vandepoele

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North Sea


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UV=Unverified (no GPS)
Pos. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Finish Dist. Boat Note Links
1 K1M Dimitri Vandepoele 17:36:00 31-Jul-15 Nieuwpoort Ramsgate 50nm P+H Scorpio LV Article Youtube

1 paddlers.
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Pos. Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Finish Dist. Boat Note Links
1 K2 Ian Castro/
Simon Worsley
17:53:00 4-Jul-09 Southwold Zeebrugge 82nm
2 K2 Rod Cooke/
Simon Worsley
20:07:00 17-Aug-97 Southwold Harbour Zeebrugge Harbour 82nm Kirton Voyager2 Escort
3 Team Simon Hobert
Bart Pauwels
C. Pillen
T. Pillen
22:40:00 31-Aug-05 Ramsgate Nieuwpoort 50nm SKUK Explorer
SKUK Explorer
Klepper Double
4 Team Ian Castro
Rod Cooke
Simon Worsley
24:20:00 28-Aug-05 Aldeburgh Zeebrugge 77nm Kirton
5 K2 Kevin Danforth/
Franco Ferrero
27:10:00 1989 Valley Aleut II
6 Team Tom Caskey
Derek Hutchinson
Dave Hellawell?
31:00:00? 03-Jun-76 Felixstowe Ostend? 74nm? _ Baidarka?
_ Baidarka?
7 Team K2 Chiel van Bakel/
Ben Stoel/
Olly Hicks
40:00:00? 24-Aug-11 Katwijk, Holland Sizewell 100 nm Klepper Double
P+H Cetus
Escort FB

19 paddlers in 7 teams.
UV=Unverified (no GPS)

North Sea

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