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Crossings: Isles of Scilly

A little warmer than the Irish Sea, the crossing to the Isles of Scilly may not be the longest but it takes the sea paddler away from the psychological comfort of the UK coastline to venture tentatively 22 nm out into the rolling Atlantic. The destination is a beautiful one and definitely worth the trip, just pick the best of the weather.
If you are aiming for a fast time on this one then please time to a beach where you can step out and walk to your destination - timing to the first rock you see is not a full crossing in our book - More Info

Image: Isles of Scilly, Richard Sims

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Isle of Scilly


Number of Records: 4
Pos. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Finish Dist. Boat Note Links
1 K1M Richard Sims 04:03:07 02-Jul-11 Sennen Cove Hanjaque Rock* Kirton Inuk Link1
2 K1M Richard Sims 04:31:00 2008 ? ? Valley Rapier ? Link1
3 K1M Andy Morton 04:45:00 May-12 Sennen Cove Eastern Rocks ? Valley Nordkapp LV
4 K1M Steve Porter 06:00:00 06-Sep-12 Sennen Cove Great Ganilly 42 km SKUK Explorer

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Number of Records: 5
Pos. Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Finish Dist. Boat Note Links
1 K2 SKI Guy Blackford/
Glenn Eldridge
03:41:46 01-Oct-09 Sennen Cove St Mary's Fenn Mako Millenium Link1
2 Team Rob Feloy
Sean Morley
John Tipping
04:36:00 09-Jul-99 Sennen Cove St Martins Kirton Inuk
Voyager Double
? Link1
3 Team Phil Butler
Dillon Hughes
Steve Miles
05:30:00 08-Aug-05 Sennen Cove St Agnes ~24 nm Valley Skerray
? Double
4 Team Phil Butler
Dillon Hughes
Steve Miles
08:33:00 10-Aug-05 Bar Point Sennen Cove ~24 nm Valley Skerray
? Double
5 Team Aaron Buckingham
Aisling Ni Chuinn
Richard Harpham
Ollie Jay
Geoff Tilford
10:00:00 02-May-09 Lamorna Cove Hugh Town, St Mary’s ~24 n Escort

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Isle of Scilly

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