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Crossings: Lundy - England

Lundy lies about 10 nm off the Devon coast and around 25 nm from South Wales. The granite outcrop is a regular destination for tourist boats and helicopter rides as visitors are attracted by the scenery, wildlife and history.
The relatively short crossing from Devon is a sea kayaker favourite but should not be underestimated, Lundy is exposed to the Atlantic swells and constantly swept by fast tidal flows as the Bristol Channel fills and empties. This is a frequent sea kayaking destination, many others have paddled it.

Noteworthy is Nick Arding's time, which includes the return journey plus a lap of the island and a pint in the Marisco Tavern!

Image: Lundy from the cliff tops

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Isle of Lundy - England


Number of Records: 10
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Pos. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Finish Boat Note Links
1 K1M John Willacy 01:59:12 03-Sep-13 Hartland Quay Lundy Rockpool Taran
2 K1M John Willacy 02:29:19 04-Sep-13 Lundy Hartland Quay Rockpool Taran
3 K1M Glyn Brackenbury 02:44:00 02-Mar-13 Hartland Quay Lundy Mega Viking GPS
4 K1M Michal Madera 02:55:08 20-Jul-13 Lee Bay Lundy Tiderace Pace 17 Tour Blog GPS
5 K1M Joe Leach 03:40:00 05-May-12 Hartland Point? Lundy Rockpool Taran Blog
6(1) K1W Tavi Murray 04:09:25 02-Jul-15 Lundy Lee Bay Valley Avocet LV Blog
7 K1M Glyn Brackenbury 04:25:00 02-Mar-13 Lundy Hartland Quay Mega Viking
8 K1M John Willacy 05:13:00 17-Jun-12 Bude Lundy Rockpool Taran Blog Photos
9 K1M Olly Sanders ~05:00:00 May-2008 Woolacombe Lundy P+H Quest
10 K1M Nick Arding 08:25:34** 26-Jul-14 Hartland Quay Hartland Quay Rockpool Taran

10 paddlers.
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Pos. Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Finish Boat Note Links
1 Team Joe Leach
Jes Oughton
03:05:00 10-Jun-13 Hartland Quay Lundy Rockpool Taran
Rockpool Taran
2 Team Rupert Kirkwood
? Austen
03:45:00 2008 Hartland Quay Lundy Scupper Pro
Perception Freedom
3 Team A. Levick
Z. Newsam
H. Rainsley
M. Rainsley
04:00:00 25-Jun-05 Lee Lundy UKSKGB Photos
4 Team Rupert Kirkwood
? Austen
05:30:00 2008 Lundy Hartland Quay Scupper Pro
Perception Freedom
5 Team Natalie Maderova
Michal Madera
07-May-2012 Hartland Quay Lundy Tiderace Xplore
Tiderace Xplore

12 paddlers in 5 teams.
UV=Unverified (no GPS)

Isle of Lundy - England

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