Perch Rock with Winter Snowdonia in the background

Puffin Island Time Trial

My pet Time Trial - this one is as hard as you make it. Planning is fairly straightforward but for a good time you will need to choose tidy lines; take things more leisurely and you can admire spectacular views of the Snowdonia Mountains which border the route.

Start/finish in line with the Menai Bridge Slipway (SH 558, 718). Time your start to arrive at Puffin Sound around LWS and then just paddle around Puffin Island and back to Menai Bridge - simple...

Though much of the course is within the shelter of the Menai Straits don't get complacent around the island - the North side especially is often exposed to surprisingly demanding conditions. Some sample times below:

Image:Perch Rock, Puffin Sound with a Snowdonia winter behind
Note: These are open water time-trials along an exposed stretch of tidal coastline - do not underestimate them.

Snowdonia Watersports

Puffin TT

Pos. K1W Name Cat Club Time Date Boat
1 John Willacy K1M 02:45:07 25-Aug-13 Rockpool Taran PM
2 John Willacy K1M 02:48:33 27-Aug-10 Rockpool Taran
3 John Willacy K1M 02:48:42 15-Jan-12 Rockpool Taran
4 John Willacy K1M 02:48:46 07-Sep-09 Rockpool Taran Prototype TP
5 John Willacy K1M 02:49:05 06-Oct-12 ?
6 John Willacy K1M 02:49:30 28-Feb-14 Rockpool Taran PM
7 John Willacy K1M 02:50:23 25-Jun-10 Rockpool Taran
8 John Willacy K1M 02:50:26 07-Aug-10 Rockpool Taran
9 John Willacy K1M 02:51:12 27-Jul-12 Rockpool Taran
10 John Willacy K1M 02:51:15 05-Jan-17 Rockpool Taran P
11 John Willacy K1M 02:51:26 27-May-16 Rockpool Taran PM
12 John Willacy K1M 02:52:08 29-Oct-09 Rockpool Taran Prototype TP
13 John Willacy K1M 02:52:27 04-Aug-11 Rockpool Taran
14 John Willacy K1M 02:52:29 28-Mar-10 Rockpool Taran Prototype 2 TP
15 John Willacy K1M 02:52:33 18-Aug-11 Rockpool Taran 16
16 John Willacy K1M 02:52:59 28-Sep-15 Rockpool Taran
17 John Willacy K1M 02:53:02 20-Aug-11 Rockpool Taran
18 John Willacy K1M 02:53:23 07-Feb-17 Rockpool Taran P
19 John Willacy K1M 02:54:08 07-Apr-14 Rockpool Taran P
20 John Willacy K1M 02:55:47 08-Nov-12 Rockpool Taran
21 John Willacy K1M 02:58:07 18-Jul-13 Rockpool Taran PM
22 Pete Wood K1M 02:58:23 29-Oct-09 Vampyre
23 John Willacy K1M 02:58:52 18-Feb-08 Nelo Inuk I
24 Dan McGonigle K1M 02:58:56 14-May-18 Rockpool Taran 16
25 John Willacy K1M 02:59:45 02-Nov-17 Rockpool Taran P
26 John Willacy K1M 02:59:53 28-Jul-11 Rockpool Taran 16 Prototype
27 John Willacy K1M 03:00:00 11-Sep-05 Nelo Inuk I
28 John Willacy K1M 03:01:47 18-Feb-11 Rockpool Taran
29 John Willacy K1M 03:02:35 30-May-08 Nelo Inuk I
30 John Willacy K1M 03:03:39 05-Dec-14 Rockpool Taran P
31 John Willacy K1M 03:03:59 02-Apr-09 Rockpool GT
32 Pete Wood K1M 03:05:00 13-Oct-10 Rockpool Taran
33 John Willacy K1M 03:07:00 30-Aug-05 Nelo Inuk I
34 John Willacy K1M 03:08:00 11-Dec-08 Rockpool Menai 18
35 John Willacy K1M 03:09:36 08-Jan-09 Rockpool GT Prototype
36 John Willacy K1M 03:10:00 21-Jan-06 Valley Rapier 20
37 John Willacy K1M 03:11:50 21-Jun-07 Nelo Inuk I
38 John Willacy K1M 03:17:33 31-Jul-09 Rockpool GT
39 John Willacy K1M 03:24:00 30-Dec-14 Rockpool Taran P
40 Dave Cutts K1M 03:32:57 20-Apr-18 P+H Cetus?
41 John Willacy K1M 03:33:00 23-Apr-07 Nelo Inuk I
42 John Willacy K1M 03:33:55 02-Dec-10 Rockpool Taran
43 Peter Keron K1M 03:51:00 23-Oct-15 WWR
44 Dave Cutts / Cathy Webb Team 04:12:59 21-Jul-18 P+H Cetus MV Valley Avocet LV
45 Chris Thorne SUP_M 05:00:01 17-Feb-18 14' Starboard Allstar (SUP) P
46 Nick Arding K1M ?

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Total Number of Runs: 46

Puffin TT

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