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It's not about being the best; it's about being the best you can be...

The Performance Sea Kayak web site details various UK + Ireland based trips, records, challenges and paddling events completed by sea kayakers. While we aim to record those who are currently pushing the hardest, those paddlers who are stretching the boundaries and throwing down the gauntlet for others to follow;'s not all about records.

We also want to recognise the achievements of paddlers who are out to challenge themselves and their paddling abilities. These paddlers are doing it for the personal challenge, for no other reason 'than because it's there' or even just for a bit of a laugh. Hopefully some of what you find here may spark new ideas and sow seeds of inspiration for your paddling dreams.

Planning, preparing and training for these events can be a journey in itself, with paddlers improving fitness and technique as well as learning new skills and gaining knowledge along the way. Such a paddler will almost certainly learn as much about themselves as they will about the trip they undertake.

Whilst you may well be impressed by the fitness, endurance and down right doggedness of some the feats undertaken here, don't feel they are not for you. You don't have to set a record in order to make it worthwhile; the sense of achievement in just overcoming the challenge can remain with you for a long, long time.

Just about anyone can do it; with a little realism, dedication, drive and the will to finish. There are many spaces to be filled, so go on - set yourself a challenge.

Note: The sea is not a forgiving environment, before you set out you need to make a realistic assessment of your skills and abilities. Do not go if you have any doubts whether you can complete in safety. Read the safety page.



Is paramount obviously...

Please read the thoughts on safety here: Safety - Info Page

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The PSK Trip Directory aims to provide info and ideas for various sea kayak trips. The listings are searchable to help tailor things towards your paddling needs. Take a look.

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The new PSK Trip Calculator -- A simple utility for converting distance and speed units and also calculating average speeds.



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