Circumnavigations: Wales

The circumnavigation of Wales is an interesting paddle that takes in both fresh and saltwater. It includes stretches on the Rivers Dee and Severn. The River Dee stretch is memorable for those who get their timings right and are able to surf the Bore up to Chester; the Severn returns the paddler to saltwater. The river stretches are separated with a number of days cruising on peaceful canals.
Following this of course is the multi-day coastal trip along the Welsh coastline to wrap things up.
This trip makes a good intro into multi-day paddling with a purpose.

Image: In search of the Bore, Dee Estuary

Snowdonia Watersports

Wales Circumnav

Route Distance: ~425 nm / 787 km
Prevailing direction: CW


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1K1MGlyn Brackenbury1206-Jun-21SlimbridgeMega Velocity--BlogCW
2K1MSteve Porter1515-Jun-03LlandudnoSKUK Romany Explorer--CW
2K1MJohn Willacy1526-May-19RhossiliRockpool Taran--ArticleCW
4K1MJohn Willacy2928-Jun-03LlandudnoP+H Quest--CW
5K1MFinn Burnham4313-Oct-18LlandudnoSKUK Explorer--Video

5 solo paddlers.
CW = clockwise, CCW = counter-clockwise


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1TeamJustine Curgenven
Fiona Whitehead

2TeamRay Goodwin
Hefin Peregrine
Arwel Phillips
Alun Pugh

2TeamPaul Barrett
Roger Chandler
Di Lee

4TeamPenelope Goodber
+ various '
110118-Mar-22LlangedwynRockpool Isel
--See notes

11 team paddlers in 4 teams


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K1MRoger Pyves3612-Aug-12LlandudnoP+H Cetus HV

1 paddlers in 1 teams

Notes: Various

Roger Pyves : (12-Aug-12)
Bypass of flooded area by motor transport.


Penelope Goodber / + various _ et al. (18-Mar-22)
This was an unusual route in that Pen completed it paddling in 2 directions, though of course she started each leg from the end of the previous one. She was accompanied by various friends along the way. From Pen: "Start: Llangedwyn Mill Bridge, N Powys 13th March 2019 -- End: The Anglesey Arms, Caernarfon, 18th March 2022 -- Inland section: Going south: Rivers Tanat, Vyrnwy, Severn, Gloucestershire Ship Canal, Severn Estuary, Going north: Montgomeryshire Canal, Ellesmere Canal, River Dee, Dee Estuary -- Outland section: The whole fabulous coastline of Wales Boats used: Diesel 65 for the white water, ancient plastic Avocet for camping sections, beautiful carbon Rockpool Isel for the rest."
Steve Porter : (15-Jun-03)
Steve also raised £3500 for an AIDS-orphans charity - 14 days 6 hrs 30 min claimed.

Wales Circumnav
10 completions -- 5 solo + 4 team + 1 escorted
17 paddlers in total (5 solo / 11 team / 1 escorted

Route Distance: ~425 nm / 787 km
Prevailing direction: CW
Recorded Start Points: