Scotland North Coast

Circumnavigations - Roof Of Britain

The Roof of Britain route takes in the rugged coastlines of the West and North of Scotland, closing the loop via the Caledonian Canal. At over 400 nm this is a significant but realistic venture. This trip nicely combines the relative shelter of the Caledonian Canal and Loch Ness with some of the most spectacular and exposed stretches of the UK coastline, including Cape Wrath and the infamous Pentland Firth.

Image: Point of Ardnamurchan

Roof of Britain

Route Distance: ~? nm / 0 km
Prevailing direction: ?


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0 solo paddlers.
CW = clockwise, CCW = counter-clockwise


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1TeamSean Morley
Ian Wilson
1424-Jun-99Fort WilliamKirton Inuk

2TeamGavin Gerrard
Tony Page
2313-Jun-09MorarSKUK Explorer HV

3TeamSteve Miles
Zoe Robinson

4TeamNick Blowfield
Duncan Johnston
2719-Jun-15InvernessSKUK Explorer

4TeamRoger Chandler
Alan Riggott
Craig Young
Gerry McGarvey

6TeamTavi Murray
Anita Suter
Sarah Zurbrugg-Greenaway
Roger Chandler
2815-May-15Skye Bridge
Valley Advocet LV
P+H Cetus MV
P+H Cetus MV


16 team paddlers in 6 teams


Roger Chandler / Alan Riggott et al. (11-May-17)
Guided trip (RogerChandler).
Tavi Murray / Anita Suter et al. (15-May-15)
Guided trip (RogerChandler).

Roof of Britain
6 completions -- 0 solo + 6 team + 0 escorted
16 paddlers in total (0 solo / 16 team / 0 escorted

Route Distance: ~? nm / 0 km
Prevailing direction: ?
Recorded Start Points: