Mick O'Meara crosses the line

Circumnavigations: Ireland

Back in 1990 Dermot Blount, Brian Fanning, Karl Heery and Mick O'Meara set the record for the fastest circumnavigation of Ireland, the record was to stand for over 20 years. The distance may not be as great as for the UK Circumnavigation but the remote coastline and exposure to the full force of Atlantic swells means that this is no easy trip to complete - and especially so in a record time.

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Image: Mick O'Meara crosses the line

Snowdonia Watersports


Route Distance: ~755 nm / 1398 km
Prevailing direction: CW


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1K1MMick O'Meara2303-Jul-15Garrarus Beach
Rockpool Taran--BlogCW
2K1MTom Thorpe2623-Aug-19PortpatrickSKUK Quantum--CCW
3K1MJoe Leach3421-Jun-15Bray
Rockpool Taran--BlogCW
3K1MJonny Eldridge3426-Aug-17Bulloch HarbourRockpool GT--MapCW
5(1)K1WEila Wilkinson3824-Jul-10Bulloch HarbourSKUK Pilgrim Expedition--BlogCW
5K1MJim Swift3827-Jul-19TramorePaddleboard--RTECW
7K1MAndy Fleck4023-Aug-84Dun LaoghaireValley Nordkapp--ArticleCW
7K1MMike Jones40?2012DublinSipre Murano Evo--CW
9K1MMarcus Demuth42?2007?Valley Nordkapp--WebsiteCW
9K1MRob Coffey42?06-Aug-14P+H Scorpio--CW
11(2)K1WFreya Hoffmeister4314-Aug-16Graigue LittleLettmann Speedliner--fbCW
12K1MPetr Major4514-Jul-18Bulloch HarbourSKUK Quantum--BlogCW
13(3)K1WNiamh Grimmer5316-Aug-16Dunmanus?--CW
14(4)K1WEileen Murphy5508-Aug-05HowthSKUK Explorer HV--WebsiteCW
15K1MJulian Haines5904-Jul-17Bulloch Harbour
Valley Nordkapp Forti--BlogCW
16K1MPaul Alexander62?2014Kilmore QuayDagger Charleston--CW
17K1MRobert Henshall6626-Sep-81Whiteabbey
Valley Nordkapp HM--CW
18K1MPat Rodgers6821-Aug-97Toe HeadNordkapp--CW
19K1MHamish Wilkinson7005-Sep-14Portrush_ Selkie--BlogCW
20K1MMichael O'Farrell7110-Jul-17Bulloch Harbour
NDK Explorer--fbCCW
21(5)K1WElaine Alexander72?13-Jul-11Whitehead
Co. Antrim
Valley Etain--WebsiteCW
22K1MSam Crowley8220-Aug-07Coliemore HarborNDK Explorer--WebsiteCW
23K1MChris Duff90?1996DublinValley Nordkapp--CW
24K1MJasper Winn9713-Sep-07??--BlogCW
25K1MKevin O Sullivan91510-Dec-19Skerries Co DublinRockpool Taran--CW
26K1MTom Daly?1979Kerry?--TNAD 29CW
26K1MTom O'Neill?1991?--
26K1MSean Pierce?1999??--CW

28 solo paddlers.
CW = clockwise, CCW = counter-clockwise


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1TeamJeff Allen
Harry Whelan
2516-May-11ArdmoreRockpool Taran

--Blog CW
2TeamDermot Blount
Brian Fanning
Karl Heery
Mick O'Meara
33Jun-90Valley Nordkapp
Valley Nordkapp
Valley Nordkapp

3TeamDan McGonigle
Steve Miles
3425-Sep-15Dun LaoghaireSKUK Explorer

4TeamDanny Egan
Paddy McGovern
nr Dublin
North_Shore Polar HV

5TeamGadi Goldfab
Misha Hoichman
Alon Ohad
3705-Aug-06Dun LaoghaireSKUK Explorer
SKUK Explorer

5TeamBrian Fahy
Derek Lyons
Tony O'Mahony
37?2007Kirton C-Trek

7TeamMike Barton
Stephen Campbell
Bobby Graham
3807-Aug-99KilkeelNordkapp Jubilee
Nordkapp Jubilee

8TeamSean Cahill
Jon Hynes
3924-Jul-15Old Head of KinsaleRockpool Taran

9TeamGeoff Cater
Andy Mullins
4012-Jul-15Rosslare HarbourKirton C-Trek

10TeamJohn Bolton
Diane Cooper
4202-Aug-14KinsaleValley Aleut II

11TeamPaul De Haas
Marian Makelaar
43?2009SKUK Romany

11TeamRoger Chandler
Justine Curgenven
Barry Shaw

13TeamSonja Ewen
Sue Honan
4622-Jul-15WexfordSKUK Pilgrim Expedition

13TeamTavi Murray
Elan Winter
4624-May-17Baltimore HarbourValley Etain 17.1

15TeamEoin FitzGibbon
Lee Taylor
Ireland 360
51 tbc25-Jul-17Garretstown Beach

16TeamRob Burgess
Ritchie Diaper
David Simpson

17TeamChristian Dingenotto
Mirco Goldhausen

18TeamLindsey Harris
Natalie Maderova
Zoe Robinson
5528-Jul-19HowthTiderace Pace 17
Tiderace Pace 17

19TeamLeon Harris
Cathal McCosker

20TeamFranco Ferrero
Derek Hairon
John Bouteloup
?1978Valley Nordkapp

20TeamDonal Dowd
Tim Flavin

20TeamEugene Burns
Mick Murphy

20TeamSuzanne Kennedy
Suzanne Weekes

20TeamRuairi Leddy
Pearse O'Toole


58 team paddlers in 24 teams


Jeff Allen / Harry Whelan et al. (16-May-11)
Harry and Jeff worked against poor weather most of the way and with some incredible daily distances to finally break the long standing record.
Dermot Blount / Brian Fanning et al. (Jun-90)
From Mick O'Meara: "I’m sure this time is well beatable but it depends on how hard you want to push and how long you want to stay on the water each day. One regret I have is that I didn’t take longer to go round and explore the coast a little more. When you’re setting fast times you only tend to see headland after headland etc..." This impressive time for such an extensive journey stood for over 20 years but as Mick hints, it is often difficult to set the balance between mileage and exploring.
Tom Daly : (1979)
Understood to be the first solo circumnavigation of Ireland. Tom's exploits were published in the Irish Sea Kayaking Association Newsletter, Treasna na dTonnta - Issue 29.
Christian Dingenotto / Mirco Goldhausen et al. (25-Jun-15)
From Mirco: "54 days on the trip, 44 days traveled, 7 full days off, weather bound, 1 rest day because we could, 2 rest days because we were to early, 1 day with an extra 14k, being lost in an estuary. 1 day of 10k extra, but turning around cause of wind"
Danny Egan / Paddy McGovern et al. (01-Jul-11)
Danny and Paddy point out that neither come from a sea paddling background, before the Ireland Circumnavigation their previous longest trip away was over 2 nights. As part of the trip, their fundraising efforts have raised over €4000 for the Irish Hospice. They were supported by Kokatat, North Shore Kayaks and I-Canoe.
Eoin FitzGibbon / Lee Taylor et al. (25-Jul-17)
Originally a 4-man team: Nick Blowfield, Eoin FitzGibbon, Lee Taylor,Gudni Pall Viktorsson. Nick retired 26-June, Gudni Pall retired 10-July.
Lindsey Harris / Natalie Maderova et al. (28-Jul-19)
Zoe returned to the UK for 36 hrs for an urgent medical appointment. She continued her journey with the team on her return.
Robert Henshall : (26-Sep-81)
Rob's claim to fame involves a total of 4 Irish Circumnavigations - including: 1990 Laser dinghy, 1992 Windsurfer and 2005 Drascombe sailboat.
Eileen Murphy : (08-Aug-05)
Eileen paddled to complete the first "jacuzzi tour of Ireland", also claiming the first female solo circumnavigation.
Michael O'Farrell : (10-Jul-17)
From Michael: "Solo circumnavigation with a pause of 16 days off to take (pre-booked holidays in Portugal)." Start: Bulloch Harbour, Dublin, Finish: Dun Laoghaire Harbour, Dublin
Pat Rodgers : (21-Aug-97)
From Pat: "Just thought I'd help correct your records. I paddled around Ireland in 1997. It took me 68 days from start to finish but 38 days on the water. It was a clockwise trip, starting at Toe Head, West Cork. I was with Jimmy O'Toole from my start to Killary Harbour so not entirely solo. Also had company across Donegal Bay and a couple of other days. Jimmy could also be added to your list as he completed the circumnavigation over two summers... had started summer 96. My Kayak was a copy of a Nordkap built by Mark Downey.
Eila Wilkinson : (24-Jul-10)
Initially Eila set out to undertake the circumnavigation with Sonja Ewen; unfortunately Sonja became ill during the trip and so Eila completed the journey solo.

52 completions -- 28 solo + 24 team + 0 escorted
86 paddlers in total (28 solo / 58 team / 0 escorted

Route Distance: ~755 nm / 1398 km
Prevailing direction: CW
Recorded Start Points:
    • ?? (11)
    • ?? (4)
    • Ardmore (1)
    • Baltimore Harbour (1)
    • Bray, Co.Wicklow (1)
    • Bulloch Harbour (3)
    • Bulloch Harbour, Dublin (2)
    • Coliemore Harbor (1)
    • Dublin (2)
    • Dun Laoghaire (3)
    • Dunmanus? (1)
    • Garrarus Beach, Tramore (1)
    • Garretstown Beach, Kinsale? (1)
    • Graigue Little (1)
    • Howth (2)
    • Howth, nr Dublin (1)
    • Kerry (1)
    • Kilkeel (1)
    • Kilmore Quay (1)
    • Kinsale (1)
    • Larne (1)
    • Old Head of Kinsale (1)
    • Portpatrick (1)
    • Portrush (1)
    • Rosslare Harbour (1)
    • Skerries Co Dublin (1)
    • Toe Head (1)
    • Tramore (1)
    • Wexford (1)
    • Whiteabbey, Belfast (1)
    • Whitehead, Co. Antrim (1)
    • Wicklow (1)

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