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GB Circumnavigation - Notes: Ongoing/Future Attempts

Some of the attempts detailed below are in the planning and preparation stages with an aim to start this season or maybe next. Others are ongoing attempts that are already under way and may stretch over more than one season, in some cases maybe even over a number of years.

There are as many different approaches to this trip as different paddlers who leave the beach to start. However you set out to complete the GB Circumnavigation it should be taken seriously and on completion should be savoured for years to come.

Image: Andy + Jane Morton, training for 2013 (Alan Morton)

Notes: Circumnavigation: GB Ongoing

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Mark Rainsley
Team: K1M


Start Point: Bournemouth
Finish Point: 
Elapsed Time:  
Start Date: 1997
Finish Date: Ongoing
Boats:  various      
Links:  Savage Shores    

Mark is heading to outdo Stuart Fisher for the record for the longest attempt. Mark started in Bournemouth in 1997 and has been chipping away ever since. His career as a school teacher means that long sections have to take place in the August holidays when he seems to suffer at the hands of the GB weather. He also spends much of his time away on whitewater expeditions in foreign lands or writing paddling guide books.

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Circumnavigation: GB Ongoing
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