Richard Sims Scillies Crossing

Crossings: Isles of Scilly

A little warmer than the Irish Sea, the crossing to the Isles of Scilly may not be the longest but it takes the sea paddler away from the psychological comfort of the UK coastline to venture tentatively 22 nm out into the rolling Atlantic. The destination is a beautiful one and definitely worth the trip, just pick the best of the weather.

Image: Isles of Scilly, Richard Sims

** NOTE: For crossings we've used the 'walkaway rule' since 2014. This is doubly relevant on the Scillies Crossing. If you are aiming for a time on this one then you must time to a beach where you can step out and walk away to your destination. This likely means timing to a beach on St Martin's.
Times taken from any point other than a beach start and landing will only show on the 'Escorted / Various' table. **

Legacy times (pre-2014) stand as shown. See - Submitting A Time


Isle of Scilly

Route Distance: ~23 nm / 43 km
Prevailing direction: NE >> SW


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1K1MRichard Sims04:03:0702-Jul-11Sennen CoveHanjaque Rock*Kirton Inuk--Hanjaque RockLink1
2K1MAndy Morton04:45:00May-12Sennen CoveEastern Rocks*Valley Nordkapp LV--Eastern Rocks
3K1MJoe Leach05:56:1024-Aug-21Sennen CoveHugh Town
St Mary's
Rockpool Taran--
4K1MSteve Porter06:01:0006-Sep-12Sennen CoveGreat GanillySKUK Explorer--Sail
5K1MRichard Sims?03-Jul-11Hanjaque Rock*Sennen CoveKirton Inuk--Hanjaque RockLink1

5 solo paddlers.
CW = clockwise, CCW = counter-clockwise


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1K2_SkiGuy Blackford /
Glenn Eldridge
03:41:4601-Oct-09Sennen CoveSt Mary's

2TeamRichard Sims
JP ?

3TeamRob Feloy
Sean Morley
John Tipping
04:36:0009-Jul-99Sennen CoveSt MartinsKirton Inuk
Voyager Double

4TeamPhil Butler
Dillon Hughes
Steve Miles
05:30:0008-Aug-05Sennen CoveSt AgnesValley Skerray
? Double

5TeamKevin Francis
Mark Rainsley
06:01:0016-Jul-05Sennen CoveGreat GanillyValley Nordkapp
5TeamJen Clough
Mark Rainsley
06:01:0025-Aug-17Sennen CoveGreat Ganilly

7TeamMichal Madera
Natalie Maderova
06:13:0011-Apr-17Sennen CoveInnisidgen
St Mary's
Tiderace Extra HV
Tiderace Extra HV
8TeamKevin Francis
Mark Rainsley
06:41:0017-Jul-05Great GanillySenne CoveValley Nordkapp
9TeamJohn Chamberlin
Ian Copestake
Steve Nelson
Tim Oldrini
07:50:0030-Apr-93Sennen CovePorth Cressa
via Menawethan
P+H Iona (x2)
P+H Baidarka (x2)

10TeamPhil Butler
Dillon Hughes
Steve Miles
08:33:0010-Aug-05Bar PointSennen CoveValley Skerray
? Double


25 team paddlers in 10 teams


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TeamAaron Buckingham
Aisling Ni Chuinn
Richard Harpham
Ollie Jay
Geoff Tilford
10:00:0002-May-09Lamorna CoveHugh Town, St Mary’s


5 paddlers in 1 teams

Notes: Various


Aaron Buckingham / Aisling Ni Chuinn et al. (02-May-09)
At the age of 14, Aaron is possibly the youngest to have made this crossing.
Andy Morton : (May-12)
Timed between Sennen and Eastern Rocks.
Steve Porter : (06-Sep-12)
From Steve: "I made the classic mistake of not checking my skeg was working after launching and was already a good mile offshore before realising it was stuck ! Then rigged a home-made skeg out of my spare paddle and deck elastic.....hmmm...silly."
Richard Sims : (02-Jul-11)
Timed between Sennen and Hanjaque Rock. Please read PSK Info pages for timing of crossings. Future crossings to be timed to a landing point iaw the 'Walkaway Rule'.
Richard Sims : (03-Jul-11)
Timed between Sennen and Hanjaque Rock.

Isle of Scilly
16 completions -- 5 solo + 10 team + 1 escorted
35 paddlers in total (5 solo / 25 team / 5 escorted

Route Distance: ~23 nm / 43 km
Prevailing direction: NE >> SW
Recorded Start Points: