St Georges Crossing Paddlers

Crossings: Irish Sea - St George's Channel

For those looking for a southern crossing of the Irish Sea then the St George's Channel route between Rosslare and St David's is the one. Once again the significant tidal flows at start and finish demand good planning, with the possibility of drifting into the grip of Ramsey Sound for the unwary or fatigued.

Image: Horkan, Donald and Young complete the crossiing

Irish Sea - St George's Channel

Route Distance: ~44 nm / 81 km
Prevailing direction: E >> W


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1K1MJohn Willacy09:57:4927-Sep-10RosslareWhitesands BayRockpool TaranYesPhotos

1 solo paddlers.
CW = clockwise, CCW = counter-clockwise


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1TeamBrian Fanning
Mick O'Meara
09:39:0003-Jun-10CarnaWhitesands BayNigel_Forster Legend
Nigel_Forster Legend
2TeamBrian Fanning
Mick O'Meara
10:17:002002RosslareWhitesands Bay?
3TeamAli Donald
David Horkan
Shane Young
10:50:4425-Jun-18Rosslare BeachSt Justinian'sKazyak Raider
Rockpool Taran

4TeamSean Morley
Jim Morrissey
Ian Wilson
11:06:0001-Aug-08Whitesands BayRosslare HarbourKirton Inuk
Kirton Inuk

5TeamG. Dore
H. Lane
B. Jags
M. Stocker
A. Worth
12:45:0027-Jun-09Whitesands BayRosslare HarbourValley Nordkapp
Valley Nordkapp
P+H Quest
P+H Quest

6TeamEurion Brown
Mike Mayberry
Stuart Yendle
13:39:0003-Jun-13Rosslare BeachWhitesands BayP+H Cetus HV
SKUK Greenlander

YesBlog (MM)
7TeamOwen Gabb
Mike Mayberry
15:00:0001-Jul-11Rosslare HarbourWhitesands Bay
SKUK Explorer
8TeamM. Elesmore
B. Evans
B. Hawkes
K. Hawkes
P. Kirkpatrick
R. Woollven
16:05:0015-Jun-96Whitesands BayRosslare HarbourValley Aleut
Valley Aleut

9Teamtbc ?
Ben Rudder
16:15:0608-Sep-2007Whitesands BayRosslare BeachValley Aquanaught HV

10TeamGeorge Bazeley
John Chamberlin
Ian Tatam
17:00:0023/24-Jul-1972Whitesands BayRosslareP+H Swift
P+H Swift

11TeamBarry Shaw
Harry Whelan
2004Whitesands BayRosslare


33 team paddlers in 11 teams


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TeamP. Ashmore
M. Pollock
R. Kilfeather
L. Harding
J. Fitgerald
R. Willis
13:45:0014-Jul-06St David's BayCarnsore Point

TeamW. Murphy
J. Fitzpatrick
T. Kennedy
W. Ennis
J. Ryan
13:45:0014-Jul-06St David's BayCarnsore Point


11 paddlers in 2 teams

Notes: Various


P. Ashmore / M. Pollock et al. (14-Jul-06)
Possibly a record for the largest group to cross the Irish Sea? 5 x K2 and 1 K1. Also notable from the point of view of Mark Pollock and Tom Kennedy, both visually impaired sportsmen/adventurers. Unsure of exact K2 partnerships. Entry split into two for formatting reasons as such large group.
George Bazeley / John Chamberlin et al. (23/24-Jul-1972)
Believed the first, single-seat kayak crossing of the St George's Channel.
Eurion Brown / Mike Mayberry et al. (03-Jun-13)
From Eurion:"Couldn't have asked for better conditions - the Whitesands finish was a bit hard from the Bishops back in - never thought the beach would arrive! Can't believe how much time is lost in those breaks and Coastguard updates - must be over one and a half hours of not paddling - there you go - next time eat on the hoof!"
Brian Fanning / Mick O'Meara et al. (03-Jun-10)
Brian and Mick previously set the record for this crossing in July 2001, this is Mick's 3rd crossing via this route. Brian and Mick also used the crossing as an opportunity to raise over €10,000 for the South Eastern Cancer Foundation.
W. Murphy / J. Fitzpatrick et al. (14-Jul-06)
Part of the P.Ashmore et al. attempt shown above

Irish Sea - St George's Channel
14 completions -- 1 solo + 11 team + 2 escorted
45 paddlers in total (1 solo / 33 team / 11 escorted

Route Distance: ~44 nm / 81 km
Prevailing direction: E >> W
Recorded Start Points: