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Crossings: Irish Sea - North Channel

This route is the shortest crossing of the Irish Sea, on a clear day the destination can be seen for the whole trip. But don't take this route for granted, the complicated tidal flows around the Copeland Islands can make for a few nervous moments, as can the the shipping traffic transiting in or out of the Irish Sea.

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Irish Sea - North Channel


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Posn. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Finish Boat Note Links
1 K1M John Willacy 03:25:28 26-Mar-11 Portpatrick Donaghadee Rockpool Taran Photos
2 K1M Brian Turnbull 03:40:25 07-Aug-15 Portpatrick Donaghadee Rockpool Taran GPS
3 K1M Brian Turnbull 03:49:15 08-Aug-15 Donaghadee Portpatrick Rockpool Taran Sail GPS
4 K1M David Horkan 03:51:43 30-Aug-15 Donaghadee Portpatrick Zegul Sea Rocket Blog
5 K1M Tadhg De Barra 04:09:00 16-Jul-10 Donaghadee Portpatrick Kirton C-Trek
6 K1M John Willacy 04:29:54 26-Mar-11 Donaghadee Portpatrick Rockpool Taran Photos
7(1) K1W Catriona Woods 04:36:04 19-Sep-15 Donaghadee Portpatrick Valley Nordkapp LV
8(2) K1W Catriona Woods 04:42:04 30-Aug-15 Donaghadee Portpatrick Valley Nordkapp LV
9(3) K1W Catriona Woods 04:53:00 05-Jun-13 Donaghadee Portpatrick Valley Nordkapp LV
10 K1M Barry Shaw 05:40:00 02-Apr-05 Portpatrick Larne SKUK Romany Link1
11 K1M John Willacy 07:52:59 17-Apr-12 Larne Dunaverty Bay Rockpool Taran Blog

11 paddlers.


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Pos. Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Finish Boat Note Links
1 K2 Jessie Brown/
Will Brown
03:54:29 30-Aug-17 Donaghadee Portpatrick Sipre Svalbard K2 UV
2 Team Will Brown
Gary McClure
04:25:02 04-Jun-17 Ballywalter Portpatrick Rockpool Taran
Rockpool Taran
3 Team Catriona Woods
Patrick Woods
Elaine Alexander/
Desi Law
05:04:00 04-Jun-17 Ballywalter Portpatrick Rockpool Tarantella
Rockpool Tarantella
4 Team Cathal Bagnall
Catriona Woods
05:30:32 18-Jun-16 Donaghadee Portpatrick Mega?
Rockpool Tarantella
5 Team John Chamberlin
Robin Rhodes
06:36:07 19-Aug-86 Larne Portpatrick P+H Iceflow
Trylon Sea Hawk
6 Team Jonny Eldridge
Chris Withers
07:32:00 23-May-12 Portpatrick Larne Rockpool Alaw
Valley Nordkapp
7 Team Richard Harpham
Ollie Jay
07:45:00 09-Sep-10 Port Ellen, Islay Bull Bay, Rathlin Island Prijon
8 Team Martin McClenaghan
Francie Ross
Stephen Smith
John Vance
10:00:00 27-Sep-13 Ballintoy Harbour Porth Ellen, Islay Valley Avocet RM
Valley Avocet RM
P+H Capella RM
Valley Aquanaut
Escort Blog
9 Team Phil Clegg
Barry Shaw
Harry Whelan
2005 Mull of Kintyre? SKUK Explorer
SKUK Explorer
SKUK Explorer

23 paddlers in 9 teams.

uv = Unverified (no GPS)
Irish Sea - North Channel

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