Barrry Shaw Irish Sea Crossing

Crossings: Irish Sea / Llyn Peninsula

While the Anglesey/Dublin route is the 'usual' route between Dublin and North Wales, the Llyn Peninsula makes a good launch point as it juts out into the Irish Sea.
Though the route is a little shorter at around 45 nm this is still a serious challenge, the impressive scenery of the Llyn Peninsula being tempered by the challenging tidal flows around the end of the Peninsula and Bardsey Island.

Image: Barry Shaw, Irish Sea Crossing (Justine Curgenven)

Irish Sea - Llyn Peninsula


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1K1MSteve Porter14:00:00Sep-10Bardsey IslandBrittas Bay--

1 solo paddlers.


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1K2Justine Curgenven
Barry Shaw
11:56:0001-Jan-09Whistling SandsWicklowSKUK Triton

2 team paddlers in 1 teams

Irish Sea - Llyn Peninsula
2 completions -- 1 solo + 1 teams -- 3 paddlers in total (1 solo / 2 team)
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