Brain Fanning Mick O'Meara Crossing 2012

Crossings: Irish Sea - Anglesey / Dublin

The crossing of the Irish Sea by sea kayak is an impressive undertaking by whichever route; however the line between Dublin and Anglesey is seen as the the Blue Riband route, viewed by many as the ultimate of UK-based crossings.
While this route is reasonably straightforward though long, there are still ferry lanes to avoid and significant tidal flows along the coastline at either end to challenge the best of planning at the close of a long day.
But it is the sheer distance (over 55 nm) which is the most dominating factor on this one. This trip demands good planning, good navigation, determination and a fair dose of self reliance.

Image: Brian Fanning + Mick O'Meara (and Team) 2012 Crossing

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Irish Sea - Anglesey / Dublin


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Posn. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Finish Boat Note Links
1 K1M John Willacy 11:19:59 01-Oct-11 Soldiers' Point Howth Rockpool Taran
2 K1M John Willacy 13:45:00 24-Aug-07 Dun Laoghaire Porth Dafarch Nelo Inuk Photos Vid
3 K1M Jim Savege 17:00:00 22-Jul-06 Holyhead Dun Laoghaire Nelo Inuk
4 K1M Harry Whelan ? 2008 Holyhead Dun Laoghaire

4 paddlers.


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Pos. Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Finish Boat Note Links
1 Team Brian Fanning
Mick O'Meara
10:22:00 28-Jul-12 Bray Porth Dafarch Rockpool Taran
Rockpool Taran
2 Team Nick Cunliffe
Justine Curgenven
11:45:00 13-May-09 Soldiers' Point Coliemore Hbr. Valley Nordkapp LV
SKUK Explorer
3 Team Barry Shaw
Harry Whelan
14:34:00 25-Aug-03 Porth Dafarch Dun Laoghaire SKUK Explorer
SKUK Explorer
4 Team John Chamberlin
Tim Oldrini
16:13:00 14-Jun-96 Soldiers' Point Dun Laoghaire P+H Outlander
P+H Capella
5 K2 Ray Goodwin/
Terry Storrey
16:30:00 ?-?-1996 Holyhead Dun Laoghaire
6 K2 Leo Hoare/
Olly Sanders
~16:00:00 May-2001 Holyhead Dublin SKUK Triton
7 Team David Attenborough
Roger Chandler
Steve Miles
James Stevenson
~19:00:00 13-Mar-14 Rhoscolyn Dun Laoghaire P+H Quest
SKUK Explorer
Rockpool Taran 16
P+H Cetus
8 Team Dave Bland
Nick Gough
Derek Mayes
20:15:00 29-Jun-69 Dun Laoghaire Holyhead Streamlyte KW7
Streamlyte KW7
Klepper SL5
9 K2 Alan Creedon/
Mike Alexander
~22:00:00 15-May-16 Porth Dafarch Dun Laoghaire Perception Horizon UV Blog
10 Team George Arnison
Rob Cunliffe
5/6-Aug-02 Porth Dafarch Dun Laoghaire Valley Nordkapp HM
P+H Sirius

23 paddlers in 10 teams.

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Irish Sea - Anglesey / Dublin

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