Brain Fanning Mick O'Meara Crossing 2012

Crossings: Irish Sea - Anglesey / Dublin

The crossing of the Irish Sea by sea kayak is an impressive undertaking by whichever route; however the line between Dublin and Anglesey is seen as the the Blue Riband route, viewed by many as the ultimate of UK-based crossings.

This is a long crossing with ferry lanes to avoid and significant tidal flows along the coastline at either end, which challenge the best of planning and fitness at the close of a long day.

However it is the sheer distance (over 53 nm) which is the most dominating factor on this one. This route demands good planning, good navigation, determination and a fair dose of self reliance.

Image: Brian Fanning + Mick O'Meara (and Team) 2012 Crossing

Irish Sea - Anglesey / Dublin


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Posn. K1W Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Finish Boat Verified Links
1 K1M John Willacy 11:19:59 01-Oct-11 Soldiers' Point Howth Rockpool Taran Yes
2 K1M John Willacy 13:45:00 24-Aug-07 Dun Laoghaire Porth Dafarch Nelo Inuk Yes Photos Vid
3 K1M Jim Savege 17:00:00 22-Jul-06 Holyhead Dun Laoghaire Nelo Inuk Yes
4 K1M Harry Whelan ? 2008 Holyhead Dun Laoghaire --

4 solo paddlers


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Pos. Cat Paddler Elapsed Date Start Finish Boat Verified Links
1 Team Brian Fanning
Mick O'Meara
10:22:00 28-Jul-12 Bray Porth Dafarch Rockpool Taran
Rockpool Taran
2 Team Nick Cunliffe
Justine Curgenven
11:45:00 13-May-09 Soldiers' Point Coliemore Hbr. Valley Nordkapp LV
SKUK Explorer
-- Blog
3 Team Sean Cahill
Ciaran Cooke
Don O Brien
13:10:00 15-Jul-13 Bullock Harbour Port Dafarch Rockpool Taran
Sipre ?
Kayak Pro Nemo
4 Team Barry Shaw
Harry Whelan
14:34:00 25-Aug-03 Porth Dafarch Dun Laoghaire SKUK Explorer
SKUK Explorer
-- Link1
5 Team Jonny Eldridge
Dan McGonigle
15:48:16 10-Aug-20 Porth Dafarch Bullock Harbour Rockpool Taran
Rockpool Taran 16
6 Team John Chamberlin
Tim Oldrini
16:13:00 14-Jun-96 Soldiers' Point Dun Laoghaire P+H Outlander
P+H Capella
7 K2 Ray Goodwin /
  Terry Storrey
16:30:00 ?-?-1996 Holyhead Dun Laoghaire
Error: on line 216
8 K2 Leo Hoare /
  Olly Sanders
~16:00:00 May-2001 Holyhead Dublin SKUK Triton
Error: on line 216
9 K2 Martin Bell /
  Adam Waller
~18:00:00 11-Apr-94 Soldier's Point? Howth Aleut 2
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10 Team David Attenborough
Roger Chandler
Steve Miles
James Stevenson
~19:00:00 13-Mar-14 Rhoscolyn Dun Laoghaire P+H Quest
SKUK Explorer
Rockpool Taran 16
P+H Cetus
Yes Blog
11 Team Dave Bland
Nick Gough
Derek Mayes
20:15:00 29-Jun-69 Dun Laoghaire Holyhead Streamlyte KW7
Streamlyte KW7
Klepper SL5
-- Article
12 K2 Mike Alexander
Alan Creedon
~22:00:00 15-May-16 Porth Dafarch Dun Laoghaire Perception Horizon
-- Blog
13 Team George Arnison
Rob Cunliffe
5/6-Aug-02 Porth Dafarch Dun Laoghaire Valley Nordkapp HM
P+H Sirius
-- Link1

27 team paddlers in 13 teams

Irish Sea - Anglesey / Dublin
17 completions -- 4 solo + 13 teams -- 31 paddlers in total (4 solo / 27 team)
Verified = GPS record

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