Crossings: Isle of Man / Wales

Situated in the centre of the Irish Sea the Isle of Man is a perfect draw for many a sea kayaker. It's positioning means it can often be seen from many places on the surrounding mainland on a clear day. It also means that the tidal flows from both north and south meet around the island, requiring some good planning to make the trip. The island also provides fantastic coastline, demanding tide races and plenty of wildlife, including Basking Sharks.
The route from Wales is usually started from Anglesey on the North Wales coast.

Image: Heading Out

Snowdonia Watersports

Isle of Man - Wales

Route Distance: ~40 nm / 74 km
Prevailing direction: S >> N


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1K1MJohn Willacy08:21:1223-Apr-10Cemlyn BayScarlett PointRockpool TaranYesArticle
2K1MGeorge Shaw08:24:0011-Jul-14??SKUK Cadence--
3K1MJohn Willacy10:48:0013-Apr-12Cemlyn BayPort St MaryRockpool TaranYes
4K1MOlly Sanders~12:00:00Apr-2003Cemaes BayPort St MaryP+H Capella--
5K1MKeirron Tastagh14:00:0030-Aug-01Porth DafarchPort St MarySKUK Explorer--
6K1MKeirron Tastagh?2002SKUK Explorer--
6K1MJoe Leach?14-May-12Cemlyn BayPort St MaryRockpool Taran--

7 solo paddlers.
CW = clockwise, CCW = counter-clockwise


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1K2Justine Curgenven /
Barry Shaw
10:01:002007Bull Bay?

2TeamPhil Clegg
Barry Shaw
Harry Whelan
11:20:002004?Cemaes BaySKUK Explorer
SKUK Explorer

3TeamJonny Eldridge
Chris Withers
12:18:0015-Aug-16Bull BayPort St MaryRockpool GT
Valley Nordkapp LV
4TeamBarry Shaw
Harry Whelan
13:10:002004Cemaes Bay?SKUK Explorer
SKUK Explorer
5TeamPhil Clegg
Barry Shaw
Harry Whelan
14:30:002005Cemaes Bay?SKUK Explorer
SKUK Explorer

6TeamNatalie Maderova
Michal Madera
14:55:0026-May-12Bull BayPort St MaryTiderace Xplore
Tiderace Xplore
7TeamKatie Ellis
Lee Taylor
15:08:0004-May-15AmlwchDerby HavenRockpool Taran 16
Rockpool Taran
--Katie Blog
8TeamArthur Clark
Nick Gough
Steve Farrow
19:30:0003-Jun-74Cemaes BayPort GreenaughValley Anas Acuta
Valley Anas Acuta


19 team paddlers in 8 teams


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Team K2Nick Beighton /
Ian O'Grady
Adam Harmer /
Tori James
15:25:00*31-May-14Porth DafarchPort St MaryValley Aleut II

Valley Aleut II


4 paddlers in 1 teams

Notes: Various


Nick Beighton / Ian O'Grady et al. (31-May-14)
The Beeline Team completed this crossing in double kayaks as part of an ambitous journey taking a straightline from Land's End to John O'Groats.
Arthur Clark / Nick Gough et al. (03-Jun-74)
From Nick:" Yes, I still have a few cuttings of the Anglsey/ I.O.M. trip. Date of crossing, 3 June 1974. Overall time, approx 19.5 hrs Start time, Cemaes Bay, 04.25 hrs. Finish time.Port Greenaugh, (east of Castletown) 23.55 hrs. Craft, Valley Canoe Products, Anas Acuta. Hard chined sea kayaks. We experimented with a Seafix Direction Finder for plots, but the process was so long-winded, it was consigned to history for later trips. The trip was done ostensibly to see some motor cycle racing, it being T.T. week. We returned to Llandudno via ferry, I think it was the last season of regular ferries on the Douglas/Llandudno route. There was no sense of "record attempts", just a carefully planned day out. At that time, we felt that three was the optimum number for long trips offshore. As the Celtic name of both islands is Mona, the trip became known as the "Mona to Mona" trip.
Katie Ellis / Lee Taylor et al. (04-May-15)
Part of GB Circumnavigation
Joe Leach : (14-May-12)
Day 15 of GB Circumnavigation.
Natalie Maderova / Michal Madera et al. (26-May-12)
Part of GB Circumnavigation
Keirron Tastagh : (30-Aug-01)
Keirron's claims to be the youngest paddler to have completed this route solo (age 22).
John Willacy : (13-Apr-12)
Day 1 of GB Circumnavigation.

Isle of Man - Wales
16 completions -- 7 solo + 8 team + 1 escorted
30 paddlers in total (7 solo / 19 team / 4 escorted

Route Distance: ~40 nm / 74 km
Prevailing direction: S >> N
Recorded Start Points: