Crossings: Isle of Man / Northern Ireland

Situated in the centre of the Irish Sea the Isle of Man is a perfect draw for many a sea kayaker. It's positioning means it can often be seen from many places on the surrounding mainland on a clear day. It also means that the tidal flows from both north and south meet around the island, requiring some good planning to make the trip. The island also provides fantastic coastline, demanding tide races and plenty of wildlife, including Basking Sharks.
In recent times this has become an increasingly popular crossing as paddlers use this route as a crossing to Northern Ireland as part of their UK Circumnavigation route.

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Isle of Man - Northern Ireland


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1K1MGeorge Shaw06:35:0003-Jun-13PeelKearney PointSKUK Explorer--
2K1MJohn Willacy07:26:0015-Apr-12NiarbylKearneyRockpool TaranYesBlogPhotos
3K1MGeorge Shaw07:53:0004-Jun-13Kearney PointPeelSKUK Explorer--
4K1MPaddy O'Donovan08:10:0001-Jun-10ArdglassPeelSipre Tintorera--
5(1)K1WCatriona Woods08:55:0020-Jun-2013Knockinelder BayPeelValley Nordkapp LV--
6K1MSean Morley~09:30:0002-May-04PeelArdglassKirton C-Trek--Link1
7K1MJoe Leach?15-May-2012Port St MaryArdglassRockpool Taran--Blog

7 solo paddlers.


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1TeamNatalie Maderova
Michal Madera
11:00:00May-2012Port ErinBallyquintin PointTiderace Xplore
Tiderace Xplore
2TeamClaire Hughes
Conor Murray
11:30:0022-May-2010KearneyPeelValley Nordkapp
SKUK Explorer
3TeamClaire Hughes
Conor Murray
14:25:0023-May-2010PeelKearneyValley Nordkapp
SKUK Explorer
4TeamPhil Clegg
Barry Shaw
Harry Whelan
?2005??SKUK Explorer
SKUK Explorer
SKUK Explorer

9 team paddlers in 4 teams

Isle of Man - Northern Ireland
11 completions -- 7 solo + 4 teams -- 16 paddlers in total (7 solo / 9 team)
Verified = GPS record

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