Ian Tordoff Channel Crossing

Crossings: Dover Strait

The media often informs us of people who cross the Straits of Dover by all sorts of means, from swimming to an eclectic variety of craft. Whilst this is far from the longest of crossings, the crossing by kayak should not be underestimated. Ignoring the matter of 20 miles of open water, the combination of the busiest of shipping lanes, impressive bureaucracy and not least of all the cost can make this a challenging undertaking. An obvious goal for many a UK paddler looking to make a crossing.

Image: Ian Tordoff, Dover Straits Crossing


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English Channel - Dover Strait


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1K1M_SkiPaul Wycherley02:28:0002-Oct-11?Cape Gris NezEpic V12EscortLink1
2K1M_SkiIan Wynne02:59:0605-Oct-07Shakespeare BeachCape Gris NezFenn Mako 6EscortLink1
3K1MIan Tordoff03:21:0018-May-05FolkestoneWisnantValley Rapier 20EscortLink1
4K1MDrew Samuel?1976--

4 solo paddlers.

Line 1: Paul Wycherley
Paul's time is impressive, maintaining an average speed of well over 7 kts. However BBC video footage has caused some debate. It appears to show Paul wash-hanging the support boat. We don't know if this is footage from the actual event, or from a separate training paddle. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/canoeing/15160182


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1K2 SkiDylan Barber-May /
  Maia Wallace-Loizou
04:15:0019-Feb-13Folkestone?Epic V10 DoubleEscortNewsLink
2TeamRob Bates
Richard Harpham
Dave McCarthy
Aisling Ni Chuinn
Geoff Tilford
05:11:0018-Apr-09Dover HarbourCape Gris Nez
3TeamCharlie Brett
Stuart Littler
Jon Turner
06:10:0001-Sep-12Dover HarbourCape Gris NezVenture_Kayaks
4TeamWelsh Guards
Olly Sanders
~07:00:002008Dover HarbourCape Gris Nez
P+H Capella
5K2John Anderson /
  Drew Samuel

12 team paddlers in 5 teams

English Channel - Dover Strait
9 completions -- 4 solo + 5 teams -- 16 paddlers in total (4 solo / 12 team)
Verified = GPS record

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