Circumnavigations: Portsea Island

Portsea Island, along with its close neighbour - Hayling Island, seems tailor made as an introduction to the world of island circumnavigations. A relatively short round trip, it still incorporates the necessity of tidal planning in order to set a good time - and to avoid a low bridge or a muddy walk!

For a real challenge try for the double - Portsea and Hayling combined!

Note: Portsmouth Harbour is a landlocked natural harbour with a narrow entrance. It contains a busy commercial port, ferry terminals, a military range and a Royal Navy Dockyard. Check for shipping movements and follow QHM Regulations:
QHM Portsmouth
Portsmouth Harbour Entrance (Royal Navy)

From the regs: " 3e. Small boats crossing the harbour entrance may only do so to the north of Ballast Pile and may not cross the main channel until south of 4 Bar Buoy."
i.e. No cutting corners.
We know this route is paddled regularly by local paddlers and just highlight that. We don't encourage or condone that you follow suit. It is entirely your call whether it is a good idea to paddle it.
If you do, then ensure you understand and follow the specific crossing point regs!

Though part of this trip is within the more sheltered waters of Portsmouth and Langstone Harbours, it is fully exposed along the south coast of the island, please read the thoughts on safety: Safety - Info Page

Portsea Island

Route Distance: ~11 nm / 20 km
Prevailing direction: CCW


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1K1M_SkiBrendan Reese01:58:0810-Nov-21Knysna GeniusCCWYes
2K1M_SkiRalph Baker01:59:4017-Oct-18Custom Kayaks IconCCWYes
3K1MJon Needham02:17:5213-Jul-22Rockpool Taran 18CWYes
4K1MJon Needham02:22:1308-Jul-22Rockpool Taran 18CWYes
5K1MBrendan Reese02:22:5705-Nov-21Rockpool Taran 18CCWYes
6K1MJon Needham02:41:2128-Feb-21Rockpool Taran 18CWYes
7K1MJon Needham02:43:5016-Jun-22Rockpool Taran 18CCWYes
8K1MFred Curtin-Sewell03:23:5224-Jan-21Perception Essence 16CCWYes
9K1MAndy Ironside03:31:3014-Jun-22CCWYes

9 solo paddlers.
CW = clockwise, CCW = counter-clockwise


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1TeamJon Needham
Dave Phillips
02:23:1416-Apr-22Rockpool Taran 18
Rockpool Taran
2TeamDavid Copp
Giles Hudson
02:31:5613-Sep-20Rockpool Taran 18

3TeamJon Needham
Dave Phillips

4TeamBen Cowans
Fred Curtin-Sewell
Phil Smith
03:43:3725-Apr-22Perception Essence 17
Valley Nordkapp
P+H Scorpio MV
5TeamPaul Barrett
Rhys Hunt

6TeamPeter Miller
Andy Ironside


13 team paddlers in 6 teams


Paul Barrett / Rhys Hunt et al. (02-Apr-21)
Yes, Cowes.
Ben Cowans / Fred Curtin-Sewell et al. (25-Apr-22)
Part of a double lap of Portsea and Hayling together

Portsea Island
15 completions -- 9 solo + 6 team + 0 escorted
22 paddlers in total (9 solo / 13 team / 0 escorted

Route Distance: ~11 nm / 20 km
Prevailing direction: CCW
Recorded Start Points: