Circumnavigations: Isle of Islay

The circumnavigation of Islay is a serious challenge, especially so as a single-day solo. The island lies on the west coast of Scotland, guarding the northern entrance to the Irish Sea. It has exacting tidal flows, extensive overfalls, remote coastline and the sheer scale of a 60+ nm of paddling lap.

The challenge is further compunded by the logistics involved, the travel arrangements required and the judging of conditions from affar - unless you live local of course. However the paddler who completes will be rewarded by rewarding paddling, spectacular views of the Jura mountains and beyond, and by the true sense of achievemnet this lap brings. Put it on your list.

Isle of Islay

Route Distance: ~63 nm / 117 km
Prevailing direction: CW


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1K1MJohn Willacy12:40:3622-Jul-22Rockpool Taran 18CWYes
2K1MNorbert Ziober18:54:0205-Jul-17Rockpool Taran 18CWYes

2 solo paddlers.
CW = clockwise, CCW = counter-clockwise
Tide = height at Liverpool (m)


Isle of Islay
2 completions -- 2 solo + 0 team + 0 escorted
2 paddlers in total (2 solo / 0 team / 0 escorted

Route Distance: ~63 nm / 117 km
Prevailing direction: CW
Recorded Start Points: