Circumnavigations: Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is another UK island that seems to have been created to give a perfect one day circumnavigation challenge. It also brings into play interesting tides and scenery, at the same time all this is complicated by some of the busiest waterways found along the UK coastline. A good combination of planning, stamina and paddling skills are required for this one but also an especial awareness for all those others afloat.

Isle of Wight

Route Distance: ~48 nm / 89 km
Prevailing direction: CCW


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1K1MJohn Willacy07:02:2409-Oct-21Rockpool Taran 189.7CCWYes
2K1MJohn Willacy07:19:4623-Mar-15Rockpool Taran 1810.0CCWYes
3K1MRhys Hunt07:20:5708-Oct-21Valley Nordkapp9.8CCWYes
4K1MRhys Hunt07:31:2530-Mar-21Valley Nordkapp10.0CCWYes
5K1MRhys Hunt07:31:5027-Apr-21Valley Nordkapp9.9CCWYes
6K1MGiles Hudson07:50:5708-Oct-21Rockpool Taran 189.8CCWYes
7K1MMichal Madera07:57:1027-May-21Tiderace Pace 17 Tour9.7CCWYes
8K1MBrendan Reese07:59:0028-Jul-11Nelo Inuk8.4CCWYesPhotos
9K1MMartin Scott08:21:0030-Aug-11Epic 18x9.8CCWYes
10K1MVictor Copeland08:22:1422-Sep-13P+H Bahiya9.4CCW--
11K1MMichal Madera08:25:5722-Jul-20Tiderace Pace 17 Tour9.2CCWYes
12K1MRhys Hunt08:30:5815-Jan-21Valley Nordkapp9.5CCWYes
13K1MJames Doherty08:56:3605-Nov-21Rockpool Taran 189.8CCWYes
14K1MVictor Copeland09:00:00Jul-13P+H BahiyaCCW--
15K1MJames Doherty09:02:0727-Apr-21Rockpool Taran 189.9CCWYes
16K1MJon Needham09:18:0921-Jul-22Rockpool Taran 188.2CCWYes
17K1MSimon Turnbull09:22:1016-Jul-22Tiderace Pace 17 Tour9.3CCWYesBlog
18K1MAndy Hiscock09:27:0013-Sep-14Epic 18CCWYes
19K1MMark Rainsley09:28:0031-May-14Zegul VelocityCCW--Blog
20K1MJohn Aberdein09:49:0009-Sep-80Valley Anas AcutaCCW--Article
21K1MJon Needham09:51:2310-Jun-20Rockpool Taran 18CCWYes
22K1MJames Doherty10:05:3916-Sep-20Cape Falcon F1CCWYesYouTube
23K1MGiles Hudson10:08:4706-Sep-20Rockpool Taran 18CCWYes
24(1)K1WSharon Miller10:20:0004-Jul-1987P+H UmnakCCW--
25K1M_SkiPetr Major10:58:5811-Aug-21Petr M F9 ski9.1CCWYes
26K1MJames Doherty11:02:1931-Aug-20Cape Falcon F1CWYesArticle
27K1MRob Tew11:03:2104-Sep-12Tiderace XciteCCWYes
28K1M_SkiRichi Oliver11:21:41 21-Sep-13Stealth Splash 550CCW--
29K1MMichal Madera11:55:0031-Dec-10Plastex Sea MasterCCWYesPhotos
30K1MGlyn Brackenbury12:03:1405-Jan-13Mega SovereignCCWSailYes
31K1MMichal Madera12:21:5428-May-21Tiderace Pace 17 Tour9.6CCWYes
32(2)K1WKate Duffus12:50:0017-Feb-10P+H Cetus LVCCW--Blog
33K1MChris Hitchings13:52:1815-Jul-22Scupper Pro9.3CCW--
34SUP_MPhilip Plume14:25:5213-Jul-1914' Fanatic BlitzCCWYesBlog
35K1MPeter Mansell23:00:0016-Apr-10CCW--Website

35 solo paddlers.
CW = clockwise, CCW = counter-clockwise
Tide = height at Liverpool (m)


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1TeamSimon Alderdice
Joe Langham
07:25:4118-Oct-20Rockpool Taran 18

2TeamRhys Hunt
Giles Hudson
07:39:3414-Jun-22Valley Nordkapp
Rockpool Taran 16
3TeamGiles Hudson
Matt Parton
08:22:5221-Sep-20Rockpool Taran 18

4Team_SkiChloe Bunnett
Ivan Lawler
Peter Molnar
08:36:24 18-Aug-10Epic V10L
Epic V10L

5TeamAndy Hiscock
Martin Scott
09:24:0014-Jun-10Valley Avocet RM

6TeamRich Holt
Matt Parton
09:42:4018-May-18SKUK Romany Surf

7TeamFred Curtin-Sewell
Phil Smith
10:25:3819-Apr-22Valley Nordkapp
Perception Essence 17
8TeamVictor Copeland
Vivien Nicholls
11:10:0013-Jul-13P+H Bahiya

9TeamRich Holt
Matt Parton
11:27:0002-Apr-17SKUK Romany Surf

10TeamPaul Barrett
Rhys Hunt
Valley Nordkapp
11TeamJames Forward
Julian Haines
11:42:1502-Apr-17Nordkapp Jubilee M

12TeamJon Needham
Dave Phillips
11:46:0027-Aug-16Valley Aquanaut RM

13K2Andy Morton /
Jane Morton

14TeamBen Cowans
Phil Smith
11:54:3902-May-22Perception Essence 17
Perception Essence 17
15TeamPaul Barrett
Rhys Hunt
Valley Nordkapp
16Team_SkiChris Buckton
Barry Robson
Ian Smith
12:22:45 16-May-14Stealth Splash 550
Epic V6

17TeamPhil Smith
Simon Waller
12:23:1311-Aug-21Perception Essence 17
Rockpool GT
18TeamClaire Cheong-Leen
Simon Edwards
13:50:0017-Apr-10Rockpool Alaw

19TeamRhys Hunt
Neil Lutas
14:59:4408-Apr-21Valley Nordkapp

20TeamGraham Beckram
Roger Hiley
Roger Wiltshire
M. Scott
17:30:0019-Jun-04P+H Bahiya

21TeamPhil Smith
Ben Cowans
20:57:5507-Aug-21Perception Essence 17


46 team paddlers in 21 teams


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TeamRoy Beal15:33:1224-Aug-21Fulmar (Ply)
K1MTim Wiggins11:53:0227-Jul-19Valley Etain RM
CWEscort--Local News
K2Richie Couzens /
Hari Budha Magar


4 paddlers in 3 teams

Notes: Various

Tim Wiggins : (27-Jul-19)

Richie Couzens : (11-Jun-16) / Hari Budha Magar et al.

Roy Beal : (24-Aug-21)
Paddled as a safety escort to a successful around the island swim.


John Aberdein : (09-Sep-80)
Though it was eventually overhauled, John's record should be noted for the its long standing reign. To this day, over 30 years later, it is still an impressively quick time.
Simon Alderdice / Joe Langham et al. (18-Oct-20)
The fastest Team time, 1hr clear of the next nearest.
Roy Beal : (24-Aug-21)
From Roy: "I did the Isle of Wight in August. It wasn't fast as I was escorting swimmer Oly Rush, but I did sit in my Fulmar for over 15 hours straight (the official time of the swim was 15hrs and 9 minutes). We left Seaview at just after 11 am on 23/08/21, made good use of the tides, finishing back at Seaview at about 02.15 on the 24th. Oly set a new world record with that time, smashing the existing record by over 9 hours. We had a safety boat and other kayakers helping out but, as a personal challenge and because Oly is my best mate, I didn't leave his side other than to use my wee bottle! The tides were great, we flew out of the Hurst race at about 12km/h - not bad considering we were at the swimmer's pace."
Glyn Brackenbury : (05-Jan-13)
From Glyn: "I hadn't considered entering a time as I was just trying out some stuff, I should of tried harder!"
Chloe Bunnett / Ivan Lawler et al. (18-Aug-10)
An excellent time from Chloe, Ivan and Peter. From Ivan: "We were very lucky with tides and weather but am pretty sure it could be done in around 7 hrs if you pushed on a bit." - bearing in mind that Ivan holds 6 World Championship titles this is not a suggestion to be taken lightly! Undertaken on skis.
Richie Couzens / Hari Budha Magar et al. (11-Jun-16)
Paddled as part of an escorted team K2 attempt. From the Pilgrim Bandits Blog: "The weather was perfect on Saturday. The record of 10 hours 25 mins was set by ex-Ghurkha Hari Budha Magar, a double leg amputee partnered in his kayak by veteran Richie Couzens. Jimmy (Wilson) and Tyler (Christopher) and their partners came close behind."
James Doherty : (27-Apr-21)
James' 3rd lap in 6 months, 1hr faster each time.
Andy Hiscock / Martin Scott et al. (14-Jun-10)
A fast time from Andy and Martin, though Martin thinks he can beat it with better weather.
Rhys Hunt : (27-Apr-21)
This is the 4th lap of the IOW for Rhys so far in 2021
Michal Madera : (31-Dec-10)
Michal's attempt was undertaken on the last day of the year; winter times are always hard to make quick - temperature, weather and short daylight hours make life more difficult.
Michal Madera : (27-May-21)
Lap 1 of 2 laps within 24 hrs.
Michal Madera : (28-May-21)
Michal completes 2 laps of the IOW within 24hrs with this one.
Petr Major : (11-Aug-21)
Petr paddled this lap of the IOW on a ski he designed and built himself.
Peter Mansell : (16-Apr-10)
From Peter: “This section was more mentally and physically demanding, trying to stay alert, avoid rocks and not drift too far out where the tide race might form. At 1am when I reached Sandown Bay I just wanted to land”. Peter also raised funds for the Martin Booth Memorial Fund, which aims to build a new clubhouse at Basingstoke and Deane Canoe Club.
Andy Morton / Jane Morton et al. (02-Mar-13)
Andy and Jane paddled this trip as part of their preparation for their 2013 UK Circumnavigation attempt.
Richi Oliver : (21-Sep-13)
This is Richi's 4th Circumnavigation of the I.O.W; using a new route and paddling his new Stealth Splash 550 he knocked 2 hrs off his previous best time. From Richi:" Having completed the IOW circumnavigation 3 times previously in a 15ft plastic fishing kayak and managed a quickest time of 13hrs 25 minutes the arrival of a new 5.5metre fibreglass boat and it's extra speed soon gave a new lease of life to my paddling and I felt I could better my time considerably. I didn't get the best build up to the challenge this year losing important training time through a back injury,to be honest I got more rest in than I did training. I had began all previous attempts from the mainland launching at Sowley,Lepe and Calshot but this time I wanted to try something very different and took the ferry from Southampton to Cowes and drove to Bembridge to launch at the lifeboat station. I called in my trip to Solent Coastguard and for once I was ready and prepped well before my set off time,the minutes were clicking away. 2330 and time to set off. I only saw two boats during my trip to Cowes,a small container ship and a small motor vessel. It was great paddling along in the twilight of the full moon with my points to head for easy to spot,as I approached Cowes the increase in tidal flow was noticeable and it seemed the Cowes Yarmouth stretch was soon over,in fact I got to the Needles before my expected time and suffered on the Needles to St.Catherines leg(I always find this stretch the hardest). As I approached St.Catherines so daylight approached and with it my second wind.I did from St.Catherines to Ventnor in an hour. And then from Ventnor back to Bembridge in an hour 40 I know I can take an hour of this and will be going again for sure,but I think my 5th time will be my last then I'll be looking at other challenges." We like that Richi reckons he still has an hour that he can shave off and that after his 5th circumavigation he'll be looking for new challenges - nice one.
Rob Tew : (04-Sep-12)
Rob is also planning a UK Circumnavigation attempt for 2013, paddling with Rachel Cooper.
Tim Wiggins : (27-Jul-19)
Escort Boat

Isle of Wight
59 completions -- 35 solo + 21 team + 3 escorted
85 paddlers in total (35 solo / 46 team / 4 escorted

Route Distance: ~48 nm / 89 km
Prevailing direction: CCW
Recorded Start Points:
    • Alum Bay (2)
    • Bembridge (4)
    • Brambles Chine (1)
    • Browndown Point (1)
    • Calshot Slip (1)
    • Calshot Spit (1)
    • Colwell Bay (3)
    • East Cowes (1)
    • East Haven (1)
    • Egypt Point (1)
    • Fishbourne (1)
    • Freshwater Bay (3)
    • Hurst Castle (3)
    • Hurst Point (4)
    • Keyhaven (2)
    • Lee-on-Solent (1)
    • Lepe Country Park (2)
    • Milford on Sea (5)
    • Milford-On-Sea (1)
    • Seaview (1)
    • Stansore Point (1)
    • Stokes Bay (2)
    • The Needles (15)
    • Totland (1)
    • xxx (1)

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