Circumnavigations: Isle of Man

Positioned in the centre of the Irish Sea, and often viewed from the mainland, the Island has cast a spell over many a sea paddler. Whether a crossing to the island or a circumnavigation is the burning challenge, the island is a frequent goal. The Isle of Man is another island that sets a testing challenge to the paddler determined to complete a circumnavigation within a day; it also provides many good options for more leisurely multi-day adventures. Once again good planning is needed; the tides flow into the Irish Sea from both the north and the south to meet here along the coastline. The Isle of Man also provides fantastic scenery, challenging tide races and plenty of wildlife, including Basking Sharks.

Isle of Man

Route Distance: ~62 nm / 115 km
Prevailing direction: CCW


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1K1MJohn Willacy10:32:5824-Aug-16Rockpool Taran 18CCWYes
2K1MDaniel Shimmin11:36:1818-May-18Rockpool Taran 18CCWYes
3K1MGeorge Shaw11:43:3515-Jul-13SKUK CadenceCCWYesGPS
4K1MJohn Willacy12:16:0318-Sep-19Rockpool GTCCWYes
5K1MJohn Willacy12:38:0312-Jul-10Rockpool Taran 18CWYesArticle
6K1MKim Tastagh13:07:0010-Jul-13SKUK Explorer--
7K1MGeorge Shaw13:33:0027-Mar-12SKUK ExplorerCCW--Blog
8(1)K1WFreya Hoffmeister14:07:00?-Sep-06SKUK Explorer--Link1
9(2)K1WEila Wilkinson15:15:0026-Sep-10SKUK Pilgrim Expedition--
10K1MSteve Watt17:01:0510-May-17P+H Quest LVCCW--
11K1MIan Smith(?)2 days26-Mar-11SKUK Explorer--Blog
12K1MJoe Leach2006--

12 solo paddlers.
CW = clockwise, CCW = counter-clockwise


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K1MSteve Watt15:22:1724-Aug-21SKUK Pulse

1 paddlers in 1 teams

Notes: Various

Steve Watt : (24-Aug-21)
GPS failed at 13.5 hrs


Isle of Man
13 completions -- 12 solo + 0 team + 1 escorted
13 paddlers in total (12 solo / 0 team / 1 escorted

Route Distance: ~62 nm / 115 km
Prevailing direction: CCW
Recorded Start Points: