Circumnavigations: Holy Island (Anglesey)

There are a number of 'Holy Islands' dotted around the country - this one (Ynys Gybi) is linked to the Isle of Anglesey. While Anglesey is a popular paddling destination itself, the Holy Island cicumnav condenses the best of Anglesey into a one day adventure. This popular trip involves a wide range of the sea paddling spectrum: tideraces and overfalls, sheer cliffs, caves and coves, along with inland paddling and sandy beaches. Tidal planning is crucial here as there are two tidal sluices through the embankments to negotiate - at Stanley and Four Mile Bridge.

BEWARE: To negotiate Stanley Embankment correct tidal timing is ESSENTIAL - this sluice is LETHALLY DANGEROUS at certain points of the tide.

Holy Island

Route Distance: ~18 nm / 33 km
Prevailing direction: CCW


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1K1MJohn Willacy02:55:4513-Jun-14Rockpool Taran 18CCWYes
2K1MJohn Willacy03:03:2014-Jul-21Rockpool Taran 18CCWYes
3K1MJohn Willacy03:18:3722-Jul-21Rockpool Taran 18CWYes
4K1MRichard Griffiths Hughes03:53:3322-Jul-21Rockpool Taran 18CCWYes
5K1MDavid Attenborough04:18:3904-Dec-13P+H QuestCCWYes
6K1MJohn Willacy04:28:0021-Nov-05Nelo InukCCWYes

6 solo paddlers.
CW = clockwise, CCW = counter-clockwise


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1TeamPascale Eichenmuller
John Willacy
03:29:5726-Aug-19Rockpool Taran 18
Rockpool Taran
2TeamPascale Eichenmuller
John Willacy
03:50:5407-May-21Rockpool Taran 18
Rockpool Taran 16
3TeamNick Cunliffe
Kamala Sen
04:50:0610-Sep-15Valley Avocet
Valley Nordkapp LV
4TeamPete Evans
Steve Miles
05:00:0012-Feb-13SKUK Explorer
Rockpool GT
5TeamBryan Dickinson
Jenny Wong
05:03:5210-Jul-21Rockpool Taran 18
Rockpool Taran 16
6TeamSteve Miles
? ?

7TeamSteve Ahearne
John Willacy
07:05:0015-Sep-07Rockpool Alaw Bach
P+H Quest

14 team paddlers in 7 teams


David Attenborough : (04-Dec-13)
David set the standard for a Holy Island Circumnav. He had a 13 min wait at Stanley Embankment for the flow to ease off enough for a safe passage through. From David:" I learnt a lot on this trip, which means I should be able to beat my time in the future. The reasons I believe this record could be beaten: As I said I had to stop for 13 minutes at Stanley Embankment to wait for the speed on water to slow so I could paddle up it; I was paddling with a force 4-5 NW wind that slowed my progress on my Northward and Westward legs of the trip and made the seas north of Holyhead 'Interesting' and those around North Stack 'Very Interesting' (and Exhausting!); This trip was done on a spring tide (Liverpool 9.9m)"
Pete Evans / Steve Miles et al. (12-Feb-13)
From Steve: "We had to wait on Stanley for half an hour and could not resist ten minutes playing on the South Stack wave,it was just perfect. And, 10 mins out of my boat at Penryn Mawr, which wasn't running (but don't ask)."

Holy Island
13 completions -- 6 solo + 7 team + 0 escorted
20 paddlers in total (6 solo / 14 team / 0 escorted

Route Distance: ~18 nm / 33 km
Prevailing direction: CCW
Recorded Start Points: