Circumnavigations: Hayling Island

Hayling Island, along with its close neighbour - Portsea Island, seems tailor made as an introduction to the world of island circumnavigations. A relatively short round trip, it still incorporates the necessity of tidal planning in order to set a good time, or to avoid a muddy walk! For a real challenge try for the double - Portsea and Hayling combined!

Though part of this trip is within the more sheltered waters of Langstone and Chichester Harbours, it is also fully exposed along the south coast of the island, please read the thoughts on safety: Safety - Info Page

Note: If you stop short, your time will be adjusted accordingly.

Please send your GPS track file in .gpx format (or .fit or .tcx)

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Hayling Island

Route Distance: ~11 nm / 20 km
Prevailing direction: CW


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1K1M_SkiBrendan Reese01:57:5017-Sep-21Knysna G40YesCCW
2K1MAde Butt02:00:4531-May-17Fenn Ski?YesCW
3K1MJohn Willacy02:00:5612-Sep-21Rockpool TaranYesCW
4K1MGiles Hudson02:01:0318-Oct-20Rockpool TaranYesCCW
5K1MRichard Kent02:01:3031-May-17Fenn Ski?--?
6K1MPaul Krysik02:01:3324-Nov-14Rockpool TaranYesCCW
7K1MGuy Holmes02:03:2031-May-17Fenn Ski?--CW
8K1MBrendan Reese02:05:5321-Apr-11Nelo InukYesCW
9K1MMatt Parton02:06:1718-Oct-20Tiderace Pace 17 TourYesCCW
10K1M_SkiPaul Krysik02:06:38 08-Jun-14Epic V10 Sport--CCW
11K1MMark Spruce02:09:1808-Jun-20Rockpool TaranYesCCW
12K1MTom Turcan02:12:2120-Sep-20Rockpool Taran 16YesCCW
13K1M_SkiSimon Waller02:16:4831-Mar-21Pyranha Octane RMYesCW
14K1MPaul Krysik02:21:5607-Jul-13Eclipse CirrusYesCCW
15K1MFred Curtin-Sewell02:47:0824-Aug-21Perception Essence 16YesCW

15 solo paddlers.
CW = clockwise, CCW = counter-clockwise


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1K2 SkiMark Spruce /
Fred Taylor

2TeamFred Curtin-Sewell
Phil Smith
02:30:2318-Nov-21Valley Nordkapp
Rockpool GT
3TeamPhil Smith
Simon Waller
04:00:0402-Jan-21Perception Essence 17

4TeamPhil Smith
(+ group) _
04:21:0606-Sep-21Perception Essence 16
YesLeading groupCW
5TeamFred Curtin-Sewell
Ben Cowans
04:41:4022-Aug-21Perception Essence 16
Perception Essence 16
6TeamFred Curtin-Sewell
(+ various) _
05:02:1315-Sep-19Perception Essence 16

12 team paddlers in 6 teams


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TeamFred Curtin-Sewell
Ben Cowans
Phil Smith
04:30:0018-Oct-21P+H Delphin


4 paddlers in 1 teams


Fred Curtin-Sewell : (18-Oct-21) / Ben Cowans et al.


Fred Curtin-Sewell / (+ various) _ et al. (15-Sep-19)
Leading a guided trip.
Fred Curtin-Sewell / Ben Cowans et al. (22-Aug-21)
Leading a guided trip.
Fred Curtin-Sewell / Ben Cowans et al. (18-Oct-21)
Leading a guided trip.
Brendan Reese : (21-Apr-11)
This time was set during a training run by Brendan during his preparation for a successful attempt on the Isle of Wight record later in the year.
Phil Smith / (+ group) _ et al. (06-Sep-21)
Leading a guided trip.

Hayling Island
22 completions -- 15 solo + 6 team + 1 escorted
31 paddlers in total (15 solo / 12 team / 4 escorted

Route Distance: ~11 nm / 20 km
Prevailing direction: CW
Recorded Start Points: