Circumnavigations: Walney Island

Now the second shortest circumnavigation distance on the current PSK list (Scarba), Walney Island provides an ideal route for the budding circumnavigator or for those looking for one a little more 'fast and furious'. But once again, Walney Island should not be underestimated - good planning is required to ensure fast water, or in fact any water at all. Beware of the shallow waters that can provide lively conditions along the west shore too.
Walney is a regular paddling haunt and there are many who have completed this trip, we just need to hear more details...

Walney Island

Route Distance: ~17 nm / 31 km
Prevailing direction: CCW
Recorded Start Points:
  • Earnse Point (2)
  • Roa Island (2)
  • South End (1)
  • West Shore (1)


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1K1MJohn Willacy02:53:0923-Sep-20Rockpool TaranYes
2K1MIan Cooke03:05:1320-Sep-20Rockpool TaranYes
3K1MJohn Willacy03:10:0018-Dec-12Rockpool TaranYes

3 solo paddlers.


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1K2Peter Hart
Keith Longney
03:21:5819-Jul-13ELIO K2
2TeamChris Drew
Will Herman
03:57:4202-Feb-13North_Shore Atlantic
Rockpool GT

5 team paddlers in 3 teams

Walney Island
6 completions -- 3 solo + 3 teams
8 paddlers in total (3 solo / 5 team)

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